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Sky Mouse

December 26, 2010

Wingless, round objects that I have seen flying independently also appear to be part of a computer program.  The software looks like a synchronized navigation system for unmanned drones.  They appear to be held aloft and propelled by nuclear energy.  Reactors must be getting smaller.

Between 9:00pm and midnight, before they lock into their nightly constellations, they fidget about the sky in perfect unison.  It appears that they are being moved by a single hand from a computer mouse.  If you can imagine the night sky as a computer screen, that is what it looks like.  They move in concert against an artificial canopy of atmospheric gossamer.  This aerosol veil is part of the backdrop sprayed by tanker jets.

To the naked eye below, it gives a near-perfect illusion of a starry night.  A telescope, however, reveals that there is no clarity beyond a low ceiling against which these stellar imposters take up their positions.  One may think that he sees a Nevada sky until all the stars jerk an inch to the left or right.

Observing artificial weather, fabricated clouds, fake lightning and counterfeit stars, I deduce that the government is testing a new warfare and surveillance system.  Man-made clouds hang in the firmament like asphalt camouflage.  They serve as places to hide for the drones during daylight hours and cover for unnatural star movement at night.

It is an optical illusion to think that these “stars” are higher than a mile or two.  Window pane parallax will tell you that.  They hover even below the lowest puff of heavy metal clouds dispersed by nightly tankers.

Driving around with the top down, I got a broad scope on where these drones are hovering and why.  North of the area one encounters heavy air traffic that flies into and out of the international airport.  Big jets would crash into this operation, hence they needed to make it happen at land’s end where there is no risk of such air traffic.  They chose the southern tip of the peninsula for obvious reasons.  Their base of operations is nearby.

Military bases, police and Coast Guard have all been told to deflect questions of public curiosity.  So they post low-echelon civilians and low-ranking enlisted military on the phones.  That way if you call them, you can’t quiz them.  They don’t know anything.  The small private airport managers, I discovered, have been told to steer incoming private pilots north of the drone zone.

You will note that knowledge is tiered and highly-classified.  It is given out only on a “need-to-know basis.”  They want to keep as many people in the dark as possible.  Useful knowledge is kept in the hands of the few.  You need to start asking why.  Because the same ploy is used across the board (in bureaucracy, medicine, engineering and exquisitely in the computer industry because computers fly, navigate and control just about everything).

I observed a large cluster of drones over poor neighborhoods.  It makes sense to think that such an area is ideal because people are less likely to own telescopes or binoculars with which to see what I have seen — an apparent test flight of new computer software and laser weapon systems that strike from the sky.  These drones are flown by remote control to a position and then synced-up to computer software that arranges them in precise constellations.

Each morning at 0400 they put up a “big dipper” to distract unlikely star-gazers.  It is a brilliant visual feast along with other fake-but-familiar star arrangements.  The give-away, if you are using telescopic lenses, is how some of the stars in these constellations will blink four or five different colors at you, like scintillator crystals used at CERN’s hadron collider, the nuclear physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland.  Scintillators are used to measure radiation.  They exhibit brilliant pulses of colour in response to ionizing radiation.  The medical industry uses them to measure doses of x-radiation delivered to a patient from x-ray machines.

When I saw all the stars move at once in the same manner it was clear that they had to be linked to a remote navigation system.  There were no stars that did not move, which indicates that you cannot see past an obscuring canopy.  There is a visual barrier to “true space” as the telescope attests.

Due to the vast multitude of smaller stars in the background, one is compelled to ask if some of them are holograms shot against an aerosolized sky.  Clearly some of them are individual aircraft as can be seen by their separate arrivals and departures.  Perhaps the galaxy of stars in the backdrop is part of the computer program and offered as camouflage for the “operative stars” to hide in.  Among the “artificial galaxy,” drones will be larger and always brighter, closer to earth and exhibiting prismatic flashes of light.

Given this artificial night sky driven by artificial intelligence, it follows that such a tool could be used in making war.  One could secretly watch his enemies from a night sky and kill them in their sleep via laser strikes.  A formidable weapon indeed.  Perhaps this is where our missing money goes.

From what I see it looks like a large-scale surveillance, laser-pointer and targeting system.  I have observed varying drone altitudes.  Their operations may include both endo and exo-atmospheric zones.  For now, they are testing the few miles below the stratosphere (6-15 miles high, varying with terrain).

Some of the laser-stabbing drones have hovered less than a mile above the roof-tops.  The beams and rays emanating downward from this fleet of wingless flying spheres is presently a mystery.

I encourage anyone who reads this to invest in a good binocular with 10x or higher magnification.  I notice how Walmart and Best Buy stores do not stock binoculars worth having — yet they carry all manner of mindless TV’s and computer games to discourage reading and independent thought.  For some reason they don’t want America to see what’s in the night sky.  All the more reason for you to invest in binoculars.

Get your binoculars from a reputable sporting goods store.  There is a fine line between hunting men and hunting animals.  So you will find surveillance and reconnaissance equipment under the same glass panel next to hunting accessories.  What is used to track down deer is used by police and military to track down human beings.  Same tools, different prey.  What works for them will work for you.


Terrorism Defined

December 12, 2010

Terrorism is violence and intimidation used to get people to do what you want.  For example, if you want college students to go along with invasive video cameras placed everywhere on campus, just get “a crazy gunman” to shoot a few of them.  Like the man wrote in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, all you have to do is show people some blood and they will do anything you want.

After the Virginia Tech “gunman” sprayed bullets into a classroom, suddenly our campus turned into a video surveillance police state.  It was like they were at the ready to slap everything into place as soon as young Mr. Cho shot his classmates.  My campus changed over night.  To me there seemed a strong correlation between the Cho killings at Virginia Tech and sudden video surveillance at college campuses.

Who can believe that corny media package that Cho supposedly sent to the news hounds for posthumous release?  Who can believe Cho’s lame, half-baked motivations for what he supposedly did?  Who can believe that a second “crazy gunman” would follow in his footsteps not long afterwards?  Where was the video coverage on that one?  How untenable was the whole show?  How gullible would we have to be to believe it without proof?  Without hard scientific evidence that it occurred in the way that it was reported?

Even now as I write they are dive-bombing me with remote desktop foils and tampering.  They have written code to block photo publishing and other editing software. If my questions were not “tenable” ones, they could care less what I was writing on this blog.  Tenable, no?

Without a body on a slab and dental records proving that it is Mr. Cho, how would you ever know?  Without ballistics, you have nothing.  You can’t prove who shot whom.  Now can you…

Nope.  All you got is the word of your trust-worthy Jewish media.  Whose people have been “persecuted” and expelled from countries since 740 Anno Domini —  for some reason.  What do you think it might be?  I’m full of tenable questions today.

Notice how they never seem to interview coroners on the news.  Why is that do you suppose?  Coroners are scientists and medical doctors.  Their findings are the brass tacks.  Who was the coroner on the Cho case?

Notice how rapidly a similar thing occurred after 9/11.  A sudden upsurge of surround-sound surveillance of every technology.  Video, audio, vehicular telemetrics & travel tracking (GPS my *ss, they don’t care if you get lost), satellite, biometrics, database, cyber-space, in-your-face…  Everywhere at every turn.  Surveillance.  And of course the panted-after wars for Israel.

This was further proven by how corporate wage-slaves were herded into briefings about how to only “give out” their first names.  No more proper identification required from those who are supposed to serve you, but they now demand a dossier on every Joe Citizen.

Speaking of Joe’s — Joe McCarthy was right.  Get up the guts to look around.  Who can deny it?  Terrorism, usury, 360-degree surveillance, torture, Guantanamo Bay Gulags — that’s Trotskyite communism.  And we got it, Daddio, like a case of lice.

Remember Point Lookout, Maryland?  How different is that from the prison on Key West?  Only one road in and out of the place.  A tight bottleneck of control.  In Maryland it was a freezing, burning spit of land that jutted into the water.  Chesapeake Bay on one side and Potomac River’s wide mouth on the other.  A place where they tortured Confederate prisoners of war by exposure to the elements, disease and deprivation.  Key West is surrounded by bull-sharks just like Cuba.  Their potential for hell on earth is staggering.  Don’t let your government get too big.  If they can pull a Point Lookout in the 1860’s, what can they pull today?  And yes, “honest” Abe Lincoln was no such thing.  That’s why his statue is the biggest one in Washington DC, the City of Truth.

Terrorism is a tool of politics.   Politics is power.  A nation/country/state has power only so long as it is able to wage war against other powers. War is when two opposing forces set about killing each other.  The winner then takes from the loser whatever he wants.  One of the papers from the war department stated casually, “There will always be war as long as one guy wants another guy’s stuff.”

Once a State loses the ability to wage war, it is usurped and dominated by another State who can.  Case in Point.  Germany.  Since Germany’s defeat by the allied forces of WWII, it has been occupied, enslaved, slandered, lampooned and calumniated.  It’s culture and people have been under siege since 1945.

What’s going on in the Middle East is very much similar.  Israel, backed by world Jewry and their money-power, uses the armies of other nations as their attack dogs.  The counterfeit State of Israel whose plinth is a lie, wages unprovoked wars against weaker States like a school-yard bully.  The bully extracts money from other States via usury, “hollow-cost” reparations and taxes, taxes, taxes.  Their financial rape of the world is almost as bad as their terrorism.

The “War on Terrorism” is yet another elaborate Jewish hoax begging for exposure.  A great thinker once wrote that if you tell a big enough lie, most people will believe it.  Simply because nobody believes that someone would tell that big a lie.  The “War on Terrorism” is that big a lie.

There is no Al Qaeda anymore than there is an Easter Bunny.  There is no Islamic culprit for the “kick-off” that started our 9/11 mess.  Anymore than there was a systematic killing of Jews by Nazi Germany.  One tall tale is as big of a lie as the next one for which there stands not a jot of forensic evidence.

Terrorism, thy name is Israel.  The Whore of Babylon who sits on many waters.  She who purchases the souls of men and leads them to the abyss.  The corrupt governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA, India, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, the ridiculous European Union and many others all fit the bill and set the stage for the course we are on today.

Let’s name the dirty dogs.  Based in Afghanistan are shady characters who fund, support and train mercenary terror.  These Joe Shady’s cultivate terrorism like fish in a trout farm.  They sneak around Pakistan, running weapons.  Then when they are caught red-handed, the U.S. Embassy plays dumb and anybody else involved gives them the old “deny it” routine.

Mercenary terrorism is being injected into Pakistan today by our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Israeli Mossad.  The so-called terrorists are simply a fabrication.  Just find yourself some low-life thugs, the starving unscrupulous, secular mercenary scum and half-hearted dullards.  Unfortunately the world has no shortage of these.  For money they’ll do just about anything.  What have they to lose?  By the looks of some of these campers — not much.  I have seen footage of Pakistani soldiers unveiling them from women’s clothes.  They were hiding under burka’s.

The CIA drone-bombs sleeping children in back-country Pakistan whilst protecting their terrorist assets in the region at the same time.  That is, unless any of them try to strike a peace deal with the locals — then the CIA picks them off.  Awe, don’t you wish that I didn’t read so much “real news?”  Like how our Joe Shady’s send unsuspecting Middle Eastern boys on errands to drop off U.S. vehicles that blow up when they reach a crowded destination.  You inglorious bastards are so busted.

The underhanded money-power knows that there is always a soldier of fortune to be found.  A pit-bull who knows nothing but a fight.  Problem is with these attack dogs, most haven’t a clue what they are fighting for.  If they did they would die of shame and regret.

As for the young soldier who is drafted into warfare, given a weapon and pushed into the field — his is another story.  For him, there is only kill or be killed.  Cock fight.  Dog fight.  A game of dodge-ball.  Like two years ago in Iraq.  American war planners stormed in and tried to “deputize” the Iraqis into killing their own countrymen.  Today they are pulling the same schtick in Pakistan, trying to bamboozle Pakistanis into picking fights with their virtuous Muslim brothers, the Taliban.   Now smeared and calumniated by the Jewish press world-wide, the Taliban was the best thing that ever happened to Afghanistan.  There was an American soldier who died with these words not long from his lips, “Why am I guarding the poppy fields?”  He was not killed by his assigned enemy the closet monster, but rather picked off at close range.  Of course they said it was an accident.  I take it that letters to his mother were troubling to our government.  He asked a lot of tenable questions also.  You may have heard of him.  His name was Pat Tillman.

One thing the boys from the war college don’t seem to understand is how Muslims don’t live and think like garden variety Americans.  They are not dumbed-down and hypnotized by TV.  Nor romanced by smut and junk food. They don’t pop pills and worship at the temple of Mammon.  And they don’t give a damn about what’s in style.

Muslims fear God.  And God alone.  Hence, there are few cowards among them.  And hence the hounds of war are getting their asses handed to them in Afghanistan as I write.  It is never an easy fight — besieging God’s people.  Ask the men in blue at the First Battle of Bull Run.  They said it would be over in one afternoon.  They spoke too soon.  An invading mercenary cannot fight like a man who is defending all he has and loves.  I don’t care how much money you pay him.

Let us not forget the secular Marxist grumblers in Baluchistan who lend themselves fortuitously to CIA’s “make a terrorist” drive.  Exploiting sectarian unrest for one’s own agenda has ever been the hallmark of CIA.  So they stir up all the divisive hate and discontent they can in Baluchistan between Marxist and Muslim — and have a field day.

Add to such wheelings and dealings any installations of grinning poser puppets like the ones presently holding office in Pakistan, Afghanistan and in our White House — then you have the rest of the story.


December 6, 2010

In their frantic stampede to discredit God’s people, Team 666 charges to new depths.  They assume there are those gullible enough to believe their hill of road-apples.

Here’s the crankin’est piece of baloney they have purveyed so far.  Lies fetid beyond road kill, five days old, on a July black-top.  Tales taller than the New York towers they dive-bombed with passenger jets.  Stuff so bad that it runs nose-to-nose with even REBELNEWS.ORG’s online books:

The authors of which are listed on the Wiki-“for sure the truth” -pedia (as if):  (you gotta be kidding me, right?)  Their made-up names only scream “fake.”  And like we can’t tell they are on the take.

As if mercenary liars like Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier weren’t enough, here we have another of their “authors.”  These corn-balls are just poster kids for some hack’s lurid sadism yarns.  The text reads like the typical ADL hack.  Isn’t it disgusting how these gargoyles lay in bed with CIA?

I learned of Mary K. Baxter from what seems to me like a flim-flam man.  He has many YouTube videos where he “preaches” from his lair in West Virginia with a vaguely Scottish/Aussie/New Zealand accent. Nattering Jan Boshoff wears a great big beard.  Bushier than Jeff Rense’s hair and half way to his knees if you please.

Boshoff boasts a gust of verbose, disjointed hot air.  A few words come to mind when I think of his many “speeches to the multitudes.”  Tripe, dis-info, mumbo-jumbo, decoys to lead seekers into the abyss, and “make it up as you go along bullshit.”

Preacher Boshoff claims supernatural gifts from God that informed him of Mary Baxter.  He claims that during his near death experience he was enlightened and inspired to begin his YouTube ministry.  Boshhoff feverishly negates the Bible as a source for the Word of God.  But of course.  He’s a false prophet.  A liar on the take from the same mob who shouted of Jesus, “Let His blood be on our heads and the heads of our children.”

So I followed the Internet circus surrounding the name of Mary K. Baxter. was my first stop.  They list many of her “books.”  I read a few excerpts and checked out her YouTube interviews in support of them.  Clearly this woman is a joke.  But such a bad one that it stands – a glaring insult to all Christendom.  Like the hater whose hater book tells him to spit when he passes our churches.  Like the Internet search engine file clerk who posts an image of our Lord hanging on a cathedral cross from the back-side to negate the power of the Crucifix.  As when satanists hang it upside-down.

Baxter is a Florida resident who apparently shares a domicile with her son.  They know better than answer their phone.  Her tacky enterprise is nested in another “religious” domain:  TLLOWERY.COM.  Note the spelling of Lowery.  Dead giveaway.

Mizz Baxter is a smear on the Bible Belt.  She serves as a caricature of unschooled, working class Middle America with a bad grasp on English and a bad dye-job.  Her character is a lampooning of my ancestral church, its people and their love of Jesus Christ.  The things that come out of her mouth are so absurd I refuse to recount them here.

This woman has sold her soul.  Does she think her days are not numbered?  When she is footless without a stepping stone, a million miles high, dangling alone – Who will she call then?  Ghost-busters?   The Sid Roth Show? Whitaker House Publishing?  Thomas Lanier Lowery?

Or on Him whose Kingdom she falsified for the money.