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Man and His Bodies

September 13, 2017

                        T h e    R e v i e w s

Annie, can you hear me? Have you been duped by a smooth criminal? Taken to the cleaners? Lost in space? Did you bite the wrong line?


Annie Besant knows now that there is a God and she ain’t Him. In this Theosophical Manual (Volume 7) she states that she is not infallible, then proceeds to lecture the seven ghostly bodies of man with technical precision.


If indeed this was written by a woman, then she writes like a man. A well-educated one. Whose writing is as tidy as this handsome, hard-cover book. Published in 1905 by the London Theosophical Society. The original third edition by this well-heeled bunch whose wispy tentacles reached into all the civilised world — even then. The binding, paper and print are the finest money could buy. These pages are pleasantly yellow and have that exciting musty smell. Must have come from some rich old coot’s library. A flaming commie one who is now dead and whose progeny is not into reading. Just hand over the money, pops.


In these 114 pages a reader will find much science. Besant (or whoever this writer was) knew his anatomy. I was amazed at how much human anatomy was on the books back then.


But knowing the devil like I do, his apples always come well mixed. He baits his hooks with truth or else who would bite his line?   Then he reels them in and starts feeding them lies. And more lies. For you see, he is the father of lies.


One is duly impressed with this writer’s knowledge of the sciences. They serve a good launching pad for discussing man’s ghost. The one that appears to others while he is yet alive and gets called a doppelgänger. The one that slips out of our physical bodies nightly and experiences dreams. The one that departs when we die and does not apparently return. Besant has an explanation for all that.


Another of the author’s kind will discern what of her writing is true. Experience is a shrewd teacher.


Never once does Besant give glory to the Master Engineer for His goodly works. She does not dare describe what she sees on the lower astral planes. She rather mitigates the scene. Downplays the demons. She calls them elementals and thought forms. A woman in her shoes would rightly have to be a demonologist or else a witch.


Witches exploit their knowledge of the spiritual places for selfish ends. Otherwise, such knowledge would bring them closer to God. Conversely, they rather draw near to Lucifer. They are his wenches.


Besant footnotes their Victorian journal * Lucifer * on page 30. This monthly magazine was published by their theosophical society full of their occult drivel. Morning star or light-bearer, yes yes. But there is a famous fallen angel in God’s Word by that name. He came first. Not the magazine. So Helena picked a tricky name for that one. I know how the devil’s people love to brag about who they are. So spare me the Greek, bitches.


Ed and Lorraine Warren, Gabriele Amorth, King James? Demonologists. King James pist off all the right people. A sure sign of his caliber. Who your enemies are defines you. The soul knows no grey zone. One cannot serve two masters.


On page 62 Besant calls our world a globe. That alone proves that this writer was not spiritually enlightened.


Throughout the text there is a profession of knowledge that reads more like a gathering from centuries of grimoires. Things too abstruse and convoluted for one stray mother to know.


Besant, according to my studies, abandoned her Christian husband and children for a life in India. She is touted a feminist, occultist, fan of the baphomet-worshipping sect, and socialist (soft word for communist).   The pinko propaganda about her is widespread. Check the web or college libraries and see what I mean. I could find nothing about where she gleaned her “good education.” Usually educated folks have an alma mater. Ah therein lies the rub.   Buzzer goes off. Do you smella rat yet?


I find Annie Besant little more than a poster girl for marxism and mason’s lodges. The subverters of our Christian west often use photographs and names of dead people as attributions for their commie hogwash. That way you can’t quiz the authors. Annie Besant fits the bill. I can find no substantial biography on the woman. Just Victorian portraits of one who was not feminist enough to loose a whalebone corset.


The agenda of this book is to subvert Christendom and Islam. Whoever wrote it then gallops into the praises of Master Morya and the great white brotherhood. And how we shall all reincarnate over and over until we learn the masters and the path that will lead us to our state of perfection: a nebula of “one’ness”.   What a crock of commie baloney.


Likely the whole “mystical” organisation is just a well-funded organ of propaganda. The agenda of course being to subvert the fear of God. Theosophy is a convoluted load of mumbo jumbo. The work of ghost-writers who hide behind dead people’s names. They push their nonsense hard. All you have to do to experience their claptrap is google “theosophy.” Up will come an ocean of exasperating gibberish. Verbose, tangled junk-rubbish — waiting for you to read it.


It will not take you far. If you get through their voluminous gobbledygook, you will find yourself standing at the terminus of a dead-end road, staring into the black abyss. They never put too fine a point on anything. Always loose ends flapping in the breeze for you to puzzle over. Remember, the truth takes few words. That is why the entire Holy Bible only has 1,244 pages. How many do you think theosophy might have? I dare you to find out.


It is sad how many people will believe this lie because they are spiritually rudderless. The reason for this is because over the years fewer and fewer of them were raised in Godly homes by married parents. Since the marxists began dismantling our churches, marriages, governments and culture, they have insidiously supplanted them with new age spiritualism like theosophy.









November 20, 2015

T  h  e        R  e  v  i  e  w  s


In William Finck’s * ChristReich: A Commentary on the Revelation of Jashua Christ * a Bible scholar is duly nauseated.


In Finck’s 224 pages, one slogs through a morass of disjointed baloney. There are no substantial footnotes or endnotes. A. Roberts anyone? The sporadic footnotes do not cite page numbers.  There is no bibliography.


The author rambles ad nauseam, dropping names, dates and places. He fails miserably to reel in this believer, however. Dream on, William.


Finck’s heinous book is edited by Judith Longman. Cover art by Aaron Swartz. It is a clear attempt at brainwashing by those who know that God’s Word is a bulwark against the father of lies.


I doubt if there are few people who can persevere through this wordy loblolly. Let alone those loopy enough to buy what Finck is selling. One would have to be his own sadist to read this thing unless he was writing a book review.


Finck tries very hard to sound scholarly, imposing and firm. His paper airplane does not fly with me. Nor his blustery voice. “Indeed!”


This book sows the seeds of social division, racial hatred and doubt in God’s Word. Finck smears the * King James Bible * as an unreliable version of God’s Word, offering his own translation instead. But of course. Can’t wait to sink my teeth in that one.


This book is full of erroneous quotes and false verses. Perhaps we are supposed to believe that they come from Finck’s translation in part. The Old Testament was not written in Greek. Finck drops quotes from the Old Testament throughout the text. Many of Finck’s verses are grossly distorted from God’s Word. I have at my disposal two respected versions of the Holy Bible for comparison to Finck’s claims (King James 1611 and Douay-Rheims from St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, both near and dear to my heart).


Finck claims to be a scholar of the Greek language and drops a few Greek words in the text. Supposing to impress whom? Finck claims that he had translated the * New Testament * from the original Greek. He claims to have access to assorted ancient texts from which this translation was drawn. Well okay.


In Finck’s ridiculous book, one encounters (of course) Catholic-bashing and Muslim-bashing. Who does that sound like? One guess. The mainstay of the enemy of Jesus Christ is Catholic-bashing and Muslim-bashing. Think about that for a while. Who hates the Bride of Christ and Islam more than anything in the world?


On page 203, Finck makes claims about world history. He says that the Khazars were jews who migrated to the south of Russia during 4th and 5th centuries to escape persecution from the Holy Roman Empire. Yet according to myriad other sources, the Khazars were pagans who did not take up the mantle of judaism until 740 A.D. They chose it as a lesser of three evils, being flanked by Christendom and Islam at the time. Both Muslims and Christians demanded Khazarian conversion from their pagan state. So the Khazars chose judaism for obvious reasons. These “jews” populate the counterfeit state of israel today. They call themselves “ashkenazim,” not to be confused with other breeds of historical jews who descend from Semitic blood lines. Not all jews are created equal — apparently.



On page 207 Finck makes a claim that the Parable of Sheep and Goats is about division based on ethnic lines, not behavioural lines. How the goats represent doomed races on earth. Because they are not white, they are all going to hell. Only the sheep get to go to heaven because they are the white chosen people. How asinine is that. Finck claims that no matter how good a man lives his life, if he ain’t white, he ain’t right.


Throughout the text, Finck rattles on about the Papal Mafia, but never once mentions the masonic mafia. He touches briefly on old news about modern day jews (their money power that is writ upon sky) atop page 182. But mostly he harps on the Catholic Church and her pontiffs. How they are the root of all evil.


On page 208, Finck grossly distorts the words of Saint John the Divine. On page 212, Finck calls John Lennon a “race-mixing devil bastard” and compares Arabs, Negroes, Orientals and Mestizos to locusts, cankerworms, caterpillars and palmerworms –respectively. He claims that the “new heaven and new earth” of Revelation 21 represent “a cleansed land.” I take this to mean cleansed of Arabs, Negroes, Orientals, etc. Much like the way that israelis are “cleansing” Palestine of Arabs currently.


On page 217, Finck writes, “…the Kingdom of Yahweh is meant for the children of Israel exclusively, because it is measured to fit Israel only.” Tribal salvation only for the twelve white tribes of Jacob (named Israel by God after a night of wrestling).


Finck identifies with “Christian Identity.” God help them if they buy his line of mumbo-jumbo. Their late leaders were good and Godly men, unlike Finck. He is a falsifier and distorter. Writes like a double agent working for the enemy of Jesus Christ. Finck is full of ulterior agenda.


The Bible Scholars of Christian Identity simply traced the House of Jacob to modern times. It led them across the Caucasus Mountains to Europe, Saxony, Scandanavia, Britannia and North America. Everybody knows (I hope) that the modern state of israel did not exist before 1948. Being ashkenazim, they have no blood ties to the House of David nor the City of David. So who is the true “Israel?” Plausible question to come from Bible scholars. Yet no man has the right to judge mankind. And no man gets to say who enters into the Kingdom of Heaven. That is God’s purview and His alone.


Throughout the text Finck assigns allegory to much of God’s Word. Finck’s text is generously larded with conjecture, partial descriptions, partial sources, omitted sources and assumptions.


Finck calls our Lord “Jashua Christ” and God the Father he calls “Yahweh.” Dude, we don’t speak Hebrew and neither do you. You could call him Jehovah like Jehovah’s Witlesses and distort our long tradition of a beloved name. But why? If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it.


You address the English-speaking world in a book published in English. So here is advice. Call our Lord Jesus like our Bible does. Because you’ll be screaming out for Him one day.


And call His Father, God Almighty. Sovereign of the Universe. “Indeed.” Because He will judge your soul. Guaranteed.


As for reconstituted Hebrew, modern jews speak it so they can have a language of their own that few others understand. Like why they spray-paint the windows of a mason’s lodge, for example. The communications of israelis are much like the activities of a mason’s lodge. Neither can stand the light of day. How’s that for some “commentary,” Mr. Finck?

Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction

May 18, 2014

( T h e   R e v i e w s )


From a suspiciously-anonymous clique of medical writers comes a suspiciously-free “do-it-yourself” manual. One can download from the Internet a copy of their 213-page guide about roughing it after a catastrophe. This darkly-written medical book is entitledSurvival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction (Second Edition), written and edited by The Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World Medicine Discussion Board Moderators. What a mouthful — but they sure won’t give you their names.

This foreboding freebie was published in 2005. In an exhaustive lecture about what to do in dire straits, a nurse-paramedic, lab technician, military medic, emergency medical technician, herbalist and a pair of doctors combine their advice for what could be an ulterior motive.

As one reads their chilling dose of good will, the reason for their desired anonymity emerges. There is a chapter in this book that seems like a provocation for nurses to commit murder. In a burdensome load, the nursing chapter instructs care-givers to do things no person would be able to do in an austere situation short of going insane. In a previous chapter, detailed instructions are given on how to make ether. How convenient. Then in a burst of sarcastic warning, there comes a thinly-veiled hint that it can be used to put somebody’s lights out.

The book reads like a calm, jeering mockery of a future predicament. In response to fear and worry, the star doctor lectures for chapters about the grimmest of miseries. Like a demon in a white coat, he mocks his readers with comments like, “…if you are considering a long-term collapse…” and “…if you are planning for a multi-generational catastrophe…” Then a nurse/paramedic calling him or herself “Reasonable Rascal,” pushes a nurse to the brink with, “You should give some thought to how you will wash large amounts of linen possibly without access to electricity.”

Euthanasia is addressed and offered as a way to take care of business when things get bad enough. They even have gruesome fiction in the back of the manual about amputations and other things that interest the medical community.

This glib manual reads like a preparation for not only the medical community, but also ordinary citizens. The focus is quick and dirty medicine that one would have to practice in back-woods, 3rd World, or post- nuclear/biological/chemical/radiological-attack scenarios.

The buzzwords used throughout this book tie these shadow doctors in with other globalists. There is nobody who writes an exhaustive medical book of this size for free. The ulterior motive for this project might be a commission from the Wizard to lighten the load on the first-responders, military and medical staff who will be saddled with the task of a disaster aftermath.

This free Internet manual is hardly the first sighting of an iceberg whose tip has been bobbing up since 2002. The doctor who wrote most of it tries to rally up eager beavers who are instructed to buy a library of medical reference books. These groups are then to gather up more groups of medical enthusiasts to form pockets of disaster preparedness teams across the country. It seems that without substantial motive, nobody would go through all that trouble.

This manual is in good company with an ocean of post-2002 documents on the street of the same vein (military, state and municipal). It ties in neatly with the government’s mass casualty assistance and mobile mortuary teams. These groups are all part of the “Preparedness Community.” Prepared for what one might ask. This books lists a few things.

Here’s the web address to their sinister

For My Legionaries

September 30, 2013


( T h e   R e v i e w s )

This powerful testimony begins in the author’s high school days.  He called a group of his classmates together for a secret meeting in the Dobrina Forest.  The year was 1919.  He asked them, “What are we going to do if the Bolsheviks invade us?”  They took a vow to fight to the death in defence of their Christian Romania.


Passionately Orthodox, Captain Corneliu Codreanu led his men in what would become a vast movement of resistance against “Judeo-communism,” as he called it.  Codreanu’s autobiographical masterpiece (* For My Legionaries *) mirrors * Mein Kampf * yet Codreanu was ahead of Adolf Hitler in undertaking the jewish problem.


Hitler just came from fighting WWI and was still reeling from the jewish swindle of Versailles when Codreanu burst onto the nationalist scene at the University of Iasi.


In September 1919, Codreanu entered Iasi as a law student.  He saw the bolshevik menace surrounding him everywhere.  Communists were fanning the flames of revolution among Romanian factory workers as they had done in Russia.  They were attempting the same process by marxist propaganda, industrial sabotage and agitation of the workers against their government.


The author, like Hitler, wastes not a word.  He delves immediately into the facts, hard as granite.  Truth is a punch in the kisser.  Sometimes you can’t pretty it up.  Nor soften the blow.  So here we go.


In 1920’s Romania, communist jews were wailing “peace, justice, freedom, brotherhood and liberty” — just like they do today.  But here is what a scholar at the author’s university observed:  “They say they want peace, but they themselves destroy it, killing the most worthy; demand freedom, but by death threats, oblige people to submit to them; wish brotherhood, while they sow hatred, injustice, and licentiousness within nations.”


“Their word is a lie.  They tell us they do not want war, but they war.  They demand the army be abolished, but they arm themselves.  They urge us to discard the tricolor flag, while in its stead they hoist the red flag of hatred,” wrote Constantin Pancu, “The leaders of the Romanian communist workers were neither Romanians nor workers.”  They were all a bunch of jews and Pancu names every one of them on page 20 of * For My Legionaries *.


The commie jews worked to banish God from Iasi’s Christian university.  They were “knocking down churches with picks or transforming them into stables and places of sadistic parties for the little jewish reporters from Opinia, Adivarul, Dimineata and their people.”


This book is full of quotes that should be in stone and written in the sky.  Here is one from page 37, “But, while the Christian apostles preached their ideal in the open, the Talmud hides; and its two appendages, the Kahal and Freemasonry, are even more invisible.  …the lie is the basis of the system used by Jews, to whom one can say:  ‘You speak, therefore you lie.’ ”


Wham.  Right in the kisser.   So gallant Cordeanu entered this fight as a young law student.  He threw himself into it, heart and soul, “…understood from all that I saw that we were losing our country…  I finish my third university year under the imperium of these thoughts.  …To what extent were the means used by Jews in Russia civilized?  How civilized is it to slaughter millions of people without trial?  To what extent is it civilized to set fire to churches or to transform them into cabarets?”


They of course expelled him from university for his political activities.  He fought them like a tiger and finally graduated.  They threw him into prisons.  He spent miserable months there.  But went to trial and was acquitted several times.  The usual jewish hassle routine.  They smear you.  They hunt and harass you.  They purchase police to hunt and harass you.  Same old shtick.


The author’s colleagues said that jews were consumers only and not producers.  Their only principal industry was the retailing of alcohol.  Like a fungus, they spread about their floozy bars and nightclubs throughout Romania.  Keep in mind that the same thing was happening in Germany simultaneously.


On page 100 one finds this wallop, “Thus, two ways of Jewish behavior toward us are specified in the Talmud:  (1) If you are stronger than Christians, exterminate them; (2) If you are weaker than Christians, flatter them…”


Codreanu lectures his legionaries like a sage professor.  He explains that in every city or market town where jews have settled, there exists a secret council called (in the Hebrew) a Kahal.  This is the nucleus of every jewish community.  Here all the plans are laid for controlling the surrounding non-jewish population:  How to win over local politicians and authorities; how to infiltrate circles of interest; how to usurp commerce from the hands of non-jews; how to destroy those who are critical of jews; how to destroy incorruptible officials who might oppose jewish interests; what plans to apply if people wise-up and revolt.


So one never fights just a jew, he’s fighting the covert Kahal of whom the jew is a member.  Recall the speech of John F. Kennedy’s in which he points out a monolithic, highly-efficient machine which uses covert means to do its dirt.  He was talking expressly about the jewish kahal.  But this one was international.  Kennedy was no mason nor fan of jews.  Neither is any good Catholic.  As an aside, I have to submit how they smeared Kennedy only post-mortem.  If the jews had any dirt on Kennedy while he was alive, it would have been emblazoned on the cover of every yellow rag in their sleaze bag.  But they had nothing.   So they waited until he was murdered to “come forward with his character assassination.”  God knows who Kennedy is.  That’s all that mattered to Kennedy.  Raise your chalices high to a good Catholic boy.


Codreanu writes that in market towns or cities invaded by the jews, local authorities are either in a state of bribery, a state of blackmail or a state of destruction.


Nationally, he continues, the jews will take advantage of every opportunity to sow discord among the people.  Spreading misunderstandings, quarrels and pitting factions against each other.  They spread filth and perversion.  Advance whoring to destroy families and moral fiber.  They poison and daze them with booze and drugs (note today’s meth, cocaine and heroin).  Anyone wishing to conquer and destroy a people can employ this method and do it more efficiently than with bombs and artillery.


Note how what was happening in Romania in the 1920’s is happening all around you today – to the letter.  If you follow the money, it will lead you straight to some jew.


During peaceful political rallies led by Codreanu, the jews sought ways to raise a fracas.  They needed pretext to whine to the police and government.  So they pulled a low-key rendition of their false flag operation.  Codreanu sums it up, “…two Jews, surely set up by their rabbi, broke the windows of a store, their own.”


Here is another false flagger.  Be mindful of how this tactic will be used again and again by jews in the future.  Codreanu writes, “The Jews, realizing the danger of a Romanian rebirth, started provoking people.  …They set fire to the Borsa, blaming Romanians for it.”  Then the jewish newspapers began yelling that the Romanians were preparing pogroms.  It is formulaic, their shtick.  One can predict it to the minutest detail.


In 1927 Codreanu sojourned with his bride in the French Alps to attend more academic classes.  He needed work so he took odd jobs threshing wheat and harvesting potatoes among the peasants.  He learned much from them about life and love.  Often he saw a piece of cardboard in their stables, which read, “Love the animals, our partners in labor!”  Cattle there were well protected from cold and hunger.  Their coats were brushed daily.


Upon his arrival to France, Codreanu worried that he would find moral decay.  But was pleasantly surprised that whether peasant or townsman, Frenchmen were of a severe morality.  The leading class, however, was under the heel of Judeo-Masonry, which uses Paris as world headquarters (London being but a subsidiary with its Scottish Rite).


When Codreanu was called back to Romania on matters of State, the French peasants wept at their farewells.  Let this speak for the character of a man.


Thirty men on horseback rode through the winter countryside.  White Crosses on their coats.  Turkey feathers in their hats.  This was the Legion of Michael the Archangel.  This was Romania’s Iron Guard on its breakout ride.  They touched ever patriot’s heart and secured his vote for the future.


Codreanu traveled throughout the land, giving speeches and making contact with the suffering multitudes.  One group that stands out as the worst-case scenario is the Moti of Transylvania.  Their livelihood comes from mountain timber from which they make a modest life.  The jews infiltrated these mountains, built lumber mills, felled their forests and left them bare rock.  The people lamented how the jews “grabbed our forests and cut them down.”  They told Codreanu, “If you utter one single word, you are arrested as an enemy of the State’s security.”  The jews controlled the authorities then as they do now – with their ill-gotten money.  On page 262 one reads how the jews brought debauchery with them into the Moti’s mountains.  And how on Saturday nights they would defile destitute women in night-long orgies.  How is that so different from what they do today?


Under Codreanu’s brilliant leadership, the Legion was highly organized.  Each village had a nest comprised of a leader and a hierarchy under him.  They worked together in firm solidarity and Christian unity.  Much like the Catholic Church in the old days before Vatican II.


After this political movement had spread throughout Romania (shockwave), they were made the target of much persecution.  The jewish money-power bribed its way around to thwart the Iron Guard.  High and low.  At every turn.  The jews and their lackeys broke a sweat.  Despite the commie war against them, this Christian Legion won several seats in Parliament in 1931.  Despite the stolen ballot boxes and attempts on their lives – they won the popular vote.


Codreanu knew there was a price on his head.  He began to call his Legion “the death team.”  Everybody dies of something.  Sooner or later.  That is reality.  When you die the first death, make it your last.  Sailors of the Flying Dutchman are cruising for the second one.  The ship appears to be a spiritual holding tank between this life and the next.  Waiting for the trumpet sound to seal their fate.


Captain Codreanu fought the good fight and died the good death.  He was strangled with his hands tied to the bench behind him and feet tied to the bench in front of him.  Before they chucked him in the hole, they shot him in the back post-mortem to make it look like he was running from them.  The account of his death was given in a 1940 testimony by a gendarme assassin named Sarbu.  The good guys only die once.


The same kind of jewish gloat piece we can read about the murder of Czar Nicholas and his family.  Grisly details of how jews gunned them down in a cellar.  Then poured acid on their corpses and buried them in a secret place.  The great Czar and his family were dug up later and removed.  Isn’t it funny how Hitler was supposed to have killed six million jews and they have yet to dig up a single one?  But I digress.  Sarbu the assassin was paid 20,000 lei for strangling Corneliu Zelea Codreanu.  The only reason for this testimony, I believe, is so the jews could glory in the details.  They have a penchant for recounting their murders with zeal.  They circulate pictures of them.


I leave you with this mirror of our situation today:  Codreanu wrote of a “muted persecution” that he and his men suffered.  How it haunted them and their families since they took up the fight.  “If you were a young graduate you could not get a state job unless you reneged on your conscience and your faith.  …The State got to be a school of treason in which men of character were murdered while treason was abundantly rewarded.”


50 Days in Gaol

August 5, 2013


( T h e    R e v i e w s )

Dedicated to the great Horst Mahler, Dr. Fredrick Töben launches his * 50 Days in Gaol * from Heathrow Airport.   In September 2008, Töben was arrested there while still on the plane at the arrival gate.  The warrant for his arrest was issued by arm-twisted, knee-calloused Germany for the ridiculous claim of “Holocaust denial.”


What a smear on Germany, her disgusting servility to bolshevism.  One is given the fine point in Töben’s book.  Beginning with his arrest, we are educated on how the jewish bullshit industry works.


The international jew knows that what his bribery cannot secure, threats of poverty and terrorism likely shall.  So Töben’s ilk faces no small obstacle.  Let the long list of German names in this valiant movement defray from a corrupt German judiciary.


Töben names the courageous people who have supported him during this and other hassles.  Gerard Menuhin wrote the eloquent foreword to this book, for example.  A fierce indoctrination for the reader, despite the minefield of taboo’s for the writer.


Categorized with criminals, Töben makes the most of his time in jail.  He turned it into a learning experience, stating that “…if the illicit drug trade were to be de-criminalized, then most jails would lose at least three-quarters of their inmates, and solicitors and judges would be looking elsewhere for jobs.”


That virtuous gentlemen like Töben get thrown in the slammer illustrates the jewish blueprint of * The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion *.  In this little “expose all,” the jews gloat about how men like Töben will be labeled criminals and left to rot in jail.  There is little in this jewish blueprint that has not come to pass, which confirms its authenticity.  No way to cry foul about it.  Truth is truth.  Fact is fact.  But lies eventually all trip over their sundry versions of a story.  Now don’t they, counselor.  Why else practice cross-examination?


Indeed if truth had no value, then our algebra would be worthless.  Our engineering, a joke.  There would be no bridges, tall buildings, aircraft nor their ocean-going carriers.  Because math proves truth.  First you write the algorithms.  Then you work the practical applications.  If the plane doesn’t fly, your math won’t either.


Hence Töben’s argument about the lackluster Nazi smear-job.  There is not a shred of evidence to prove that Nazi Germany exterminated jews.  None of the ridiculous bullshit about so-called “death camps” flies mathematically, chemically, nor in any other science provable by man.  They have yet to produce the first atom of forensic evidence corroborating the kangaroo court of Nuremberg.


Is there any wonder, therefore, why the jews have written “laws” gagging truth-speakers and scientists from presenting their findings on Töben’s behalf?  Is there any wonder why “truth is no defence” in court when it comes to matters Holocaust-Shoah?


Well of course not.  If Töben and Company galloped into court with what they know the whole sham house of cards would fall.  So would Israel.  Israeli jews would have to go live somewhere else and face the music of their hoax – in the round – to a global audience.  I wager they would rather die and go to hell.


As one turns the pages of  * 50 Days in Gaol ,* the author’s experience verifies more pages in * The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. *  If there is one thing that a jew loves to do more than swindle the poor, it is to toot his own horn.  So expect the poetic justice of Töben’s book to run them through with an Excalibur of irrefutable Truth.  Despite the fact that in the jew’s courtroom, “truth is no defence.”


The reader is introduced to revisionists so great that one is humbled by their rectitude.  Professor Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, Germar Rudolph, Udo Walendy and others who have taken their stand against the beast — come what may.  Unlike the turncoats and sellouts of the Second World War, these champion reformers stand tall and firm.  They tower above the groveling multitudes who would rather “live on their knees than die on their feet,” as Francis Parker Yockey wrote.


Excalibur is right.  Truth has a shimmer that out-flashes the gaudy glitz of lies.  And unlike the damned, Truth never dies.  You bolsheviks only have so long to strut upon the stage.  According to the brilliant minds in Töben’s chorus, it’s been a bad act so far.  The bamboo hook is coming.


The Pentateuch

July 24, 2013

(  T h e   R e v i e w s  )


“See now that I, even I, am He, and there is no god with Me:  I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal:  neither is there any that can deliver out of My Hand.  For I lift up My Hand to Heaven, and say, I live forever.”  (Deuteronomy 32:39)


Why don’t you lay down the Law, “If I whet My glittering sword, and Mine Hand take hold on Judgment; I will render vengeance to Mine enemies, and will reward them that hate Me.”  (Deuteronomy 32:41)


Everything in the five books of Moses is crystal clear.  There is no question of God’s Law.  His Word translates into all languages, carrying His meaning without a flaw.  This is how you will know that it is the Word of God.


I review here *The Pentateuch* as it is written in the King James 1611 version of our *Holy Bible*.  In it I find a striking similitude with the Law of God written in the *Holy Qur’an*.  In both Books, God charges his people to stand up to a fight.  And to put to death any among them who are transgressors against His Law.


After one reads the five books of Moses, he learns that the jews’ propaganda about Sharia Law is hype along with the hype over blood offerings.  Sharia Law is just God’s Law like it comes via Moses.


The blood offerings are simply a portion of the animal food that people ate anyway.  They ate sheep, cattle and goats routinely.  The offerings to God were a gesture toward Him of all their food.  They offered portions of their grains, incense and wine also.  It wasn’t like the animals were sacrificed in a lurid ritual.  There is no way to butcher animals for food without bloodletting.  That is why I am a vegetarian.  But God designed a natural food chain in which predation is integral.  Ask a bear any time.  Let not the jew sow division among you over food choices.


What Moses broke the first set of tablets over was how these “stiff-necked and rebellious” people would go astray when he turned his back.  He came down from the mountain to catch them worshipping a golden calf with his brother Aaron as their priest.  Thunder and blazes.


Moses the Law-giver told his people not to forget how God brought them out of Egypt and walk in God’s ways or suffer the punishment.  They stoned whores and witches.  And hung from a tree other scumbags, as God deemed necessary.  The Word was “remove these people from amongst you.”  So they weeded criminals, perverts and whores by execution.  Sometimes they just cut off their hand, depending on the crime.


Here’s a real kicker.  Before God fire-bombed Sodom, He sent down some angels to visit Lot’s house.  The horny perverts teeming in the streets were crazed to get a taste of the new meat.  They thronged at Lot’s door asking that these visiting “men” be sent down to them so they could get to know them better.  They barked up the wrong tree that day.


Right and wrong is stark polarity.  There is no way to read something gray into it, no matter what the campus commies tell you.  The five books of Moses are a good and necessary read.  In them you will learn that Jacob had a name change in Genesis 32:28.  God changed his name to Israel.


Many other of the modern jewish lies are exposed by the Pentateuch.  You will see how they have twisted and contorted God’s Word to suit their ends.  And how they are not your friends.


Israel is the name of a man, not a zionist state.  The Israelites were the progeny of Jacob.  The children of Jacob are also the children of Abraham (whose name was changed by God from Abram by the way).  Exodus 19:3 refers to the house of Jacob as the children of Israel.


Throughout the Bible, God has changed many names.  He changed the name of Abraham’s wife from Sarai to Sarah.   You can call the children of Israel the children of Issac too.  They all hail from the same line.  The Books of Moses began to refer to his people as “the children of Israel” and later as simply “Israel.”  Unless you have read the books of Moses, you are at the mercy of what you are told about them.


Specifics about lineage, geography and blueprints to the Tabernacle of God will lend credence to the books of Moses.  Every detail is written; the names in the family trees, measures of carpentry, landmarks on the way to many cities along with names of kings and their kingdoms, and battles fought against them along the way to the land of promise.  Across the Jordan where the milk and honey flows.  The land of corn and wine.  The land of Palestine.


“The Lord is a man of war,” sung Moses.  Note that Jesus Christ later said that He was the bringer of the sword.


The reason these people had become “the chosen” of God is not so much because they were Godly (far from it according to this text), but because every other population around them had gone to hell and were so much worse — worshipping demons, sacrificing their babies to flames and living “la vida loca.”  Freaks-on-a-stick surrounded them in every direction, many of whom they had to kill or be killed by them.


As Moses led his people, they had to fight like tigers just to get passage through some other guy’s land.  So they went to war and made the most of it.  To the victors belong the spoils sayeth the Lord.  Dead challengers have no need of earthly riches.  So you get to eat their grapes.


Beginning with Genesis, one learns of the depraved state of humanity.  Our world got so skanky that God flooded the whole planet during the days of Noah.  You can find the blueprints to God’s wooden ship there.  Noah had a mission on earth, seeing as he lived to be 950 years old (Genesis 9:29).  The rainbow is a sign to us that no more floods like that will come (Genesis 9:13), but God’s wrath takes other forms as we see during the days of Lot.


Once you start reading this text, you learn that there is reason, math and science to all of it.  God used astronomical rhythm to measure linear time.  It is beautifully written in English (Genesis 1:14-19).  God’s turn of phrase comes in poetry and transcends all barriers of human language.  That is how you know who the author is.  Nothing is lost in translation.  Moses makes clear that he is not the author of this text.


One learns in * Numbers 33:53 * that today’s assumed jew pivots the counterfeit state of israel on this verse.  The Ashkenazi Khazar who inhabits Palestine today has plagiarized God’s covenant to the people of Moses to whom he has no lineage.  Note the words of Jesus in Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 on these jokers, “…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, but are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”  The scourge of the Middle East are these demon-spawn.  Aye, with their “terrible power of the purse,” the root of all evil, they are the scourge of the earth.


In summary therefore, as by the records of man and God, those who do not read history – are doomed to repeat it.

Iron Curtain Over America

May 19, 2013


(  T h e    R e v i e w s  )

In this tour de force, Professor John Beaty exposes the who and how of our disease.  Hailing from 1952 in its 9th printing, *The Iron Curtain Over America* seizes the snake by its head and holds it up to our inspection.


Dr. Beaty taught English at Southern Methodist University from 1919 to 1957.  He earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University with post-graduate study at the University of Montpellier, France.  A worldly man, Beaty served five years in military intelligence during WWII, rounding out his insider’s knowledge.  His fingers were on the pulse of what ailed us then as now.  This book should be under the belt of every patriotic American.


History-rich and steeped in political science, *The Iron Curtain Over America* marches in lock step with others who did their part to expose the communist menace of their day.  Among them are Senator Joseph McCarthy, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Senator Richard Nixon and General Douglas McArthur.  You will note that all of these men, for their efforts, have been smeared by the commie pinko jews.  General McArthur was fired from his position by the jews.  President Nixon was set up for a fall in the Oval Office — smeared and framed by the jews in their corny Watergate circus.  J. Edgar Hoover got labeled gay and Senator McCarthy was smeared by the jews as an alcoholic wife-beater.  I got a load of that in my college classes — where they assassinate the characters of these men to this day.  After reading this book I finally learn the jewish motive behind it.


The jews need to discredit their critics.  So they smear and calumniate them in their presses.  However, public opinion is moody.  Like a percheron stud, it can pull your plow in the direction you want.  But don’t piss him off.


Today that handy giant is precarious to the jew.  His fickle might threatens to trample him in the field.  Hence the panic of the jew-controlled American Cheka (pick a three-letter organisation, they are all in the cloud and in the crowd).


Hence the pasty-face monitors cruising mall shoppers in all major American cities.  They are not tiger sharks.  They are Israelis with thick accents pretending to sell things from kiosks.  What they are really doing is eavesdropping over the shoulders of unsuspecting shoppers.  They sneak up on people whom they think might be discussing issues of concern to Israel.


The enemies of Freedom are worried about what Americans might know.  Things like “who really did 9/11 and who is committing all those acts of domestic terrorism in the USA and around the world, etc.”  Particularly they are concerned about American and World Histories such as those discussed in Beaty’s book here.  Specifically WWII History in how it relates to the counterfeit state of Israel.


Since terrorist Israel’s whole apple cart teeters on how Nazi Germany was supposed to have killed six million jews — they have a lot riding on what, by the shockwave of today’s Internet, has been reduced to a wobbly-knee’ed little donkey.  Their big lie threatens to smash a carrier who grows weaker by the day.  The wind of truth blows steady on their house of cards.


Dr. Beaty’s treatise launches from the firm foundation of history into the current events of his day (which now to us is more history).  But his passion pulls you into it.  So you are breathing and walking in 1951.


There is a picture of a sea of white Crosses in Beaty’s book.  Crosses over the graves of our war dead in Honolulu, Hawaii.   By the time of the book’s publication, the Crosses had been removed from the graves.  Congress-woman Edith Nourse Rogers asked why the Crosses had been removed.  A war department spokeman told her that it was “a trend of the times.”  This writer infers that the reason for scrapping the Crosses is because they exhibit how many of our war dead were Christian men.  In other words, I looked across the burial ground and could see not one hexagram of the jew.  I refuse to call it the Star of David.  The blood of King David courses not in their veins — these Khazars of Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9.


Come I then to sing the praises of Beaty’s work, “To the mighty company of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines whose graves are marked by white crosses far from home this book is dedicated with the solemn pledge that the Christian civilization of which they were the finest flower shall not die.”


With the author I proclaim as if we cannot discern the tactics of the jew as far back as Geoffrey Chaucer’s text – they excised part of the *Canterbury Tales* because it celebrated the German-speaking Teutonic Knights.  It puts a stamp on jewish tamperings in our literature.  As it puts a stamp on their black hood of censorship.


Quoting J. Edgar Hoover, “Anyone who opposes the American Communist is at once branded as a disrupter, a Fascist, a Red baiter, or a Hitlerite, and becomes the object of a systematic campaign of character assassination.”  Little has changed there in the last 60 years.


Beaty’s warning to us is that communist infiltrators were working feverishly to disease our body politic during his time.  Communists were criminal jews in his time and are criminal jews in our time.  Fathom if you dare the extent of their damage to our government and civilization since 1952.


In 1950 the commies installed foreign-born jewess Anna Rosenberg at the Pentagon.  And put the heifer in charge of military manpower.  Her work was a wrecking ball.  She wanted to lower the draft age to eighteen because teenage boys are more easily molded into what the commies want them to be.   If you doubt that young folks are impressionable, just check the body-piercing and tattoo mania going on presently.  Kids are copy-cats.  So imagine how this propensity applies to green, eager masses of boot camp boys.


J. Edgar Hoover wrote, “Communism can be defeated only by the truth.”  So let us pistol-whip them with it.  That pinko piss’ant Harry Truman headed a commie White House during the fall of China.  His jew-infested State Department handed China to the reds by withholding arms and blockading Chiang Kai-Shek’s forces on Formosa.


Chinese communists were the darlings of our State Department.  They attacked my father in North Korea as he patched up the wounded of the 187th Airborne.  Those sons-of-bitches.  Chinese reds attacked our soldiers in what should have been their moment of victory.  Communists stick together in peace and war.  But work to divide us from within our gates.


Enter the Palestine problem.  In 1948 squatter jews began their terrorism of the Middle East, claiming kinship with Jacob (re-named Israel by God in *The Pentateuch*).  So they named a swath of land they stole from Arabs “Israel.”  What a sham.  They strong-armed this “settlement” by way of compensation for their sufferings under the Hitlerian heel.  Note how the Arabs get punished for what Hitler’s Germany supposedly did.


We see the clear pattern emerge in how the jews went after General Douglas McArthur for being Christian and for being right.  While still General of the Army, McArthur said in a speech,  “I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of the any potential threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within…”  Has John F. Kennedy not said the same?


This book’s author counts the ways:  “There are those who seek to corrupt our youth that they may rule them.  There are those who seek to destroy our unity by stirring up antagonism among Christian denominations.  There are those who intrude their stooges into many of our high military and executive offices.”


Here’s a news clip from the past:  “Baghdad, Iraq, 18 June 1951 (AP) – Police said today they had discovered large quantities of weapons and explosives in Izra Daoud Synagogue.  Military sources estimated it was enough to dynamite all Baghdad.”


According to Professor Beaty, 1951’s America was rife with commie jews.  He called for a clean-out of our government.  What should we call for today?




March 13, 2013

( T h e    R e v i e w s )


Those who do not read histories are doomed to repeat them.  Put it in stone.

The malefactor is part of a collective whose methods have a signature.  We who know the beast recognise his work.  We perceive his deeds whether they were done 2000 years ago or last week.

In the latest rendition of his El Presidio memoir, the jews could not muffle the scream of Armando Valladares.  Despite their obligatory Hitler-bashing in the book’s new preface, they could not muddy the water.  They could not silence the truth of a Godly Cubano.

Though the jews did not invent the printing press, they sure seem to control it these days.  What could Hitler have to do with jewish communism, you idiots?  He was the stark antithesis to jews and their filth.

Addressing Hitlerian hedges as a necessary preface to this review, they can be found in other books.  For example, I came across a big fat one on page 387 of Michael Hoffman’s *Judaism Discovered* (2008 edition).  What jew has him over a barrel?  On page 650 “Mr. Footnote” has not a single footnote to support his text.  Hell no.  That’s because he was apparently writing propaganda for the jews.  I question many pages of Hoffman’s tome.  Perhaps I should review it.  Better batten down the hatches, Hoffman.  Anybody who discredits *The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion* is either a jew or one of their puppets.

It shocked me to read Hitlerian hedges on pages 380 and 391 of David Duke’s otherwise fine text, *My Awakening.*  These hedges are sown like thistles among the wheat of Duke’s book.  Could he possibly not know they were there?  He’s got a Ph.D. in history.

Jews either have these men in thumb-screws or are blackmailing them like they did Woodrow Wilson — into signing something that they know is wrong.

Can Ph.D.’s claim ignorance?  Can they be duped?  Can a critic of the jews be compromised?  Go ask Ingrid Rimland, Gordon Duff’s loudest cheerleader.

Come I then — to write of Armando Valladares.  In these 428 pages, Andrew Hurley takes license with his translation.  I find it hard to believe that a guy named “Israel” would have shared a cell with Catholic Cubanos.  As if a jew would ever be jailed by jews in a jewish concentration camp built for Christians.  Give me a break Mister Hurley Burley.  According to Cubanos whom I interviewed recently in Miami, Castro’s momma was a jew.

Despite the irrelevant and obligatory Nazi-bashing, this translation still serves Catholic Cuba.  Armando Valladares has too many previous accounts of his commie hell on the street for the jews to distort his 2001 edition of *Against All Hope:  A Memoir of Life in Castro’s Gulag*.

All hail the power of the pen.  Valladares is a writer.

What the reader learns from Valladares is what happens to a Christian island when the jews take over.

In 53 chapters, Valladares recounts his experience as a political prisoner in post 1959 Cuba.  We read of his 22 years in a man-made hell inside thick prison walls crawling with lice, bed-bugs and rats.  Yet my Cuban friends told me that it was hell enough outside the prison walls to put them on rafts in search of ocean currents to Miami.

A jewish torture prison is what all communist jails are.  Of course the jews would project their commie crimes onto Hitler’s Germany — some how, some way.  Since it was Hitler’s Germany that put a righteous boot in their swindling asses and sent them to work in Hitler’s factories.  Auschwitz was a work camp not a torture prison.  Leave murder, torture and medical experiments to the jews.  Valladares will fill you in.

Karl Marx is the father of communism.   Karl Marx was a venomous jew.  Communism is Marxism.  Marxism is communism.  Got it?  If not, you need to get it.  Because on page 4 of Valladares’ book he quotes the lying jew Castro from a television broadcast, “Democracy is my ideal, really… I am not a Communist.”  (Meet the Press, 1959)

Democracy by my witness appears to be a pre-cancerous state in the body politic.  We are a few clicks from communism in this country right now.  If they ever get your guns America, you’re going to commie pinko jew hell.  Let Armando here tell you all about it.  He’s from the “Don’t Let This Happen To You” Club.

Communism happened in Russia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Cuba…  Do you think it could happen in the USA?  Ever heard of the Patriot Act?  Ever read what’s in it?  Maybe you should.

According to Valladares, during the commie take-over of Cuba, he was labeled as a terrorist.  Catholic priests were labeled as enemies of the state.  The commies rounded up people that they thought might oppose them and threw them into gigantic prisons.  College graduates and priests made them particularly nervous.  Same shtick the jews pulled in Russia, they pulled in Cuba.

Proof in the pigment?  I never saw so many red-headed jews claiming to be Cubans in my life until I hit the Universidad de Miami.  Well heck.

Today in Canada, Australia and across Europe, the commie jews are throwing people into prison for criticising them or denying their fabricated Nazi Holocaust.  Is this not a sign of things to come for America where jews nest like bed-bugs in our judiciaries, churches, industries, academe and government?  And where their economic “take-down” is in full swing?

Let Valladares speak to that in detail.  Though he never mentions the word “jew” we can deduce who he is talking about by the description of their crimes.  Call them anything you wish, but their crimes will always define them.  They are an organised criminal tribe.  Communism is their form of government.

They are currently raping Palestine and getting ignorant American Christians to support them at it.  God help us.  What more do you need to have your nose rubbed in?  A slain daughter on the side of the road with her dress hiked up.  Bludgeoned to death — Red Army style.

Have they not left enough calling cards across history?  But oh yes, most people don’t read history.  They just watch TV — the commie brainwash box.

Armando Valladares learned “who” communism is yet he dared not spell it out.  Instead he gives a long list of the low-brows and “Igors” whom the jews harnessed to do their dirty work in Cuba.  Valladares used terms like “the authorities, the victimizers and the system” to describe the shadowy communists behind Castro-the-jew.

The same pattern of churl-harnessing was employed in France and Russia.  Ignorant rabble was whipped into a foam to overthrow King and Czar for the jew.  Same old shtick over and over.  It is formulaic.  Agitate the unlettered masses into an envious, blood-thirsty mob by feeding them lies about their betters.  Do this from a soap-box because the rabble cannot read.  Then use them as an army against those you wish to usurp.  Tell the crazed mob that “the revolution” will bring freedom, equality, justice and prosperity.  After their dirty work is done and victory is won — retract all your promises and enslave them.  That’s communism.  Got it yet?

Valladares sure does.

As I read the author’s horror stories, I saw proof of how his testimony ran nose-to-nose with the blueprint of *The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.*  This little jewish blueprint is true because most of it has already come to pass.  And to the letter of what has been written.  It is in lock-step with Biblical prophecy and those of the Holy Qur’an.

Given the Bible, the Qur’an and the Protocols, there is no place a jew can hide today.  But he can try.  They change their names and hide behind iron gates at unlisted addresses.  They hide behind hirelings and limo tint.  Oh how the light of day does burn them.

Well Armando, I would like to give you a gold star for your thick book.  But I can’t because you don’t have the guts to call a jew a jew.  And after all they put you through?  Dude, for shame.

At least his harrowing testimony slams a few more bricks into this growing foundation.

Then I looked in his acknowledgements and see a character that might be the reason for Valladares’ obsequious fealty to the jews:  Carl Gershman (National Endowment for Democracy, haaaaa).  This guy swooped up on Valladares after his release from prison.  But of course.  Jew damage control.  Oversee Valladares’ galloping pen.  Hence the Nazi-bashing.  Hence the Hitler hedges.  Hence the plugs for a character named Israel.

The Savitri Tapes

February 6, 2013

(  T h e   R e v i e w s  )


In his transcription of Savitri Devi’s 1978 interview given for Ernst Zundel, Editor R. G. Fowler gives the reader And Time Rolls On.  The interviewer who was “dispatched” by Zundel is not named.

I ordered this 190-page paperback from the Barnes Review Bookstore, where Savitri Devi has been trumpeted for some time.  This book is also available from Ingrid Rimland Zundel’s web site.

Fowler’s work was published by Black Sun Publications in Atlanta, 2005.  I could find no record of this publisher on the internet.  I could not find much about Fowler either.  But there was a dossier on his web master.   Along with an ocean of photography spanning her life.  Some of the photos could be a cover girl for Carpe Noctem magazine.  One is encouraged to her web site at the bottom of a page.   Thence to an avalanche of Christian-bashing.  The web mistress proudly posts her reading list among which can be found such masterpieces as The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

The centerpiece of Fowler’s book is a dragon blast at Christendom couched in what reads like a coherent autobiographical discussion.  After being softened up by appeals to visceral emotion, one is blown down by a sudden lambasting of Jesus and His Church.

Savitri confidently announces that Jesus was a jewish guerilla fighter.  And that Robert Ambelain’s angle on Christianity should be embraced.  Ambelain was a satanic mason on whose creepy club the wiki-wumpia rambles for pages and says of course nothing.  That should tell you something.  If you want the goods on the jew’s mason lodge, just read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  There is no rock they can hide under after that.

Fowler’s book opens with a compelling voice.  There is a rational thread that runs through most of it.  Words attributed to Savitri Devi boast an earth logic that one cannot deny.  She speaks of the obvious in history, science and war power (politics).  One cannot argue with her sanity.  This is how the reader is won over in the first 100 pages.

Savitri’s pert moxie is endearing in the face of jail, death and social freeze out.  Her PETA-like championing of animals and vegetarianism seem in perfect sync with this German potentate that she has never met and for whom she is the loudest cheerleader.

One embraces her stubborn purity.  She rejects carnal knowledge of her husband because they married for administrative reasons.  She needed a passport.  He offered his name for their common Cause.  Now she could travel freely and spread her zeal for Nazi Germany.

Savitri’s husband was a Bengali Brahmin and a Nazi publisher, how convenient.  He put out The New Mercury and even spied for the Japanese.  Mukherji was as persnickety about his Indo-Aryan bloodline as Hitler was about his.  Savitri lauded the Indian Caste System because it kept what was white — white.  The black Indians are what Savitri called Dravidians and aborigines.  They did not consort with their Aryan leadership.

She subscribed to Hitler’s racial purity ideals and called herself an Aryan.  Her arguments for racial purity may as well be in stone.  It is what it is.  No one but the Creator can dismantle “what is.”  And why would He want to?  He is the One who designed it.

Savitri chose Hinduism like a woman chooses a dress from her closet.  She has a pair of red shoes and wants her dress to match.  She says that Hinduism is the only religion that went with National Socialism.


There are pages where her arguments contradict each other.  On page 122 she says, “Good and bad mean nothing.”  And on page 123 she says that Aryans are reborn as Aryans, “unless they have done awful things.”  Then, “I suppose the men who tortured Streicher, for instance, would be reborn as Negroes.”

This book was a lively read for all but the chapter on religion.  When I got to this part I felt that I had hit the reason for the whole thing:  anti-Christian propaganda.  It read like a jew wrote it.

There are bits throughout the book where license is taken with the Savitri character — as if to say, “She is a woman so she can change her mind or be a little flighty.”  There are comments of conjecture here and there.

Her discourse canters along with little opposition until page 109, an orgasm of Christ-bashing and Bible-deconstruction.  Grasping at every straw and stooping low to draw, she whines about how medieval village idiots burned cats like witches.  Page 111, “Jesus curses the poor fig tree.”  On page 110 she even asserts, “The Jews are the ones behind the institution of Christianity.”  A flagrant lie to any scholar of God’s Word is this.  Lies derail a canard like a fallen oak.

She waxes marxist on page 112, complaining how Christianity is “intolerant.”  God’s Law is intolerant of anyone who breaks it, lady.  So point being?  In this chapter she should be writing for Carpe Noctem or the ADL.  One sees the typical inundation of footnotes in Chapter Three that weary the reader into a morass of dirt roads, long Greek names and their corresponding “common era” dates.  But of course.  Are you sure that this book was not published by Zondervan?

Singing the praises of Hinduism “because it agrees with Hitlerism” in her opinion, Savitri makes headway with her theme on Kali Yuga.  Who can deny our current Dark Age?  It is easy to state the obvious.  Yet she makes no mention of Biblical prophecies to this effect.  Nor the crystal clear words of Gabriel in the Holy Qur’an.  She never mentions the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion or other pivotal books.

Never once does the speaker reconcile her loose case of Hinduism with Hitler’s Catholicism.  Nor how his army was a Christian army with “Gott Mit Uns” inscribed on their belt buckles.  Yet she elevates Hitler to a kind of god in the pagan sense.  She argues that he is an avatar precursor to another avatar that has yet to come.  A convoluted doozy of a tale — her opinion.  As it is too loosely wrapped to be a thesis.

Savitri (or whoever wrote this stuff) says that she is no clairvoyant, yet describes an isolated experience on page 42 of that nature.  She left her body and visited the cell of Hermann Goring.  There she apported a cyanide tablet into Goring’s hand so he could commit suicide before the allies could execute him.  The text claims that the authorities of the day could not figure out how Goring got this poison.  Yet I have read that Himmler committed suicide likewise.

Chapter Three does not read like the same voice in previous and subsequent chapters.  It reads like a patchwork of disjointed rantings from a hive of jews with marxist agenda.  The shadowy editor makes no formal citation of his source for this text.  Why not?

I leave the reader with these thoughts:  it is easy to put words into the mouths of dead men.  They offer no opposition.  John F. Kennedy was a ho-chaser only after they shot him.  Admiral Jeremy Boorda coveted valour only after they shot him.  Anybody know the coroner?  Anybody seen him?  Who did ballistics on that one?  I bet they ain’t steppin’ into the spot light any time soon.  If I’m wrong, I’d love for somebody to rub my nose in it.  I don’t believe the Boorda suicide story any more than the Oswald story.

Likewise, I do not believe Savitri Devi was who this book says she was.  Nowhere can I find her original texts.  I was not surprised to find that the Zundel tapes are not available to the public.  Despite the lie printed in Fowler’s book about how they could be obtained from Ingrid Rimland for $100.00.  I smell a rat as big as the Hindenburg.

This Time the World

January 9, 2013


( T h e   R e v i e w s )