Sky Mouse

Wingless, round objects that I have seen flying independently also appear to be part of a computer program.  The software looks like a synchronized navigation system for unmanned drones.  They appear to be held aloft and propelled by nuclear energy.  Reactors must be getting smaller.

Between 9:00pm and midnight, before they lock into their nightly constellations, they fidget about the sky in perfect unison.  It appears that they are being moved by a single hand from a computer mouse.  If you can imagine the night sky as a computer screen, that is what it looks like.  They move in concert against an artificial canopy of atmospheric gossamer.  This aerosol veil is part of the backdrop sprayed by tanker jets.

To the naked eye below, it gives a near-perfect illusion of a starry night.  A telescope, however, reveals that there is no clarity beyond a low ceiling against which these stellar imposters take up their positions.  One may think that he sees a Nevada sky until all the stars jerk an inch to the left or right.

Observing artificial weather, fabricated clouds, fake lightning and counterfeit stars, I deduce that the government is testing a new warfare and surveillance system.  Man-made clouds hang in the firmament like asphalt camouflage.  They serve as places to hide for the drones during daylight hours and cover for unnatural star movement at night.

It is an optical illusion to think that these “stars” are higher than a mile or two.  Window pane parallax will tell you that.  They hover even below the lowest puff of heavy metal clouds dispersed by nightly tankers.

Driving around with the top down, I got a broad scope on where these drones are hovering and why.  North of the area one encounters heavy air traffic that flies into and out of the international airport.  Big jets would crash into this operation, hence they needed to make it happen at land’s end where there is no risk of such air traffic.  They chose the southern tip of the peninsula for obvious reasons.  Their base of operations is nearby.

Military bases, police and Coast Guard have all been told to deflect questions of public curiosity.  So they post low-echelon civilians and low-ranking enlisted military on the phones.  That way if you call them, you can’t quiz them.  They don’t know anything.  The small private airport managers, I discovered, have been told to steer incoming private pilots north of the drone zone.

You will note that knowledge is tiered and highly-classified.  It is given out only on a “need-to-know basis.”  They want to keep as many people in the dark as possible.  Useful knowledge is kept in the hands of the few.  You need to start asking why.  Because the same ploy is used across the board (in bureaucracy, medicine, engineering and exquisitely in the computer industry because computers fly, navigate and control just about everything).

I observed a large cluster of drones over poor neighborhoods.  It makes sense to think that such an area is ideal because people are less likely to own telescopes or binoculars with which to see what I have seen — an apparent test flight of new computer software and laser weapon systems that strike from the sky.  These drones are flown by remote control to a position and then synced-up to computer software that arranges them in precise constellations.

Each morning at 0400 they put up a “big dipper” to distract unlikely star-gazers.  It is a brilliant visual feast along with other fake-but-familiar star arrangements.  The give-away, if you are using telescopic lenses, is how some of the stars in these constellations will blink four or five different colors at you, like scintillator crystals used at CERN’s hadron collider, the nuclear physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland.  Scintillators are used to measure radiation.  They exhibit brilliant pulses of colour in response to ionizing radiation.  The medical industry uses them to measure doses of x-radiation delivered to a patient from x-ray machines.

When I saw all the stars move at once in the same manner it was clear that they had to be linked to a remote navigation system.  There were no stars that did not move, which indicates that you cannot see past an obscuring canopy.  There is a visual barrier to “true space” as the telescope attests.

Due to the vast multitude of smaller stars in the background, one is compelled to ask if some of them are holograms shot against an aerosolized sky.  Clearly some of them are individual aircraft as can be seen by their separate arrivals and departures.  Perhaps the galaxy of stars in the backdrop is part of the computer program and offered as camouflage for the “operative stars” to hide in.  Among the “artificial galaxy,” drones will be larger and always brighter, closer to earth and exhibiting prismatic flashes of light.

Given this artificial night sky driven by artificial intelligence, it follows that such a tool could be used in making war.  One could secretly watch his enemies from a night sky and kill them in their sleep via laser strikes.  A formidable weapon indeed.  Perhaps this is where our missing money goes.

From what I see it looks like a large-scale surveillance, laser-pointer and targeting system.  I have observed varying drone altitudes.  Their operations may include both endo and exo-atmospheric zones.  For now, they are testing the few miles below the stratosphere (6-15 miles high, varying with terrain).

Some of the laser-stabbing drones have hovered less than a mile above the roof-tops.  The beams and rays emanating downward from this fleet of wingless flying spheres is presently a mystery.

I encourage anyone who reads this to invest in a good binocular with 10x or higher magnification.  I notice how Walmart and Best Buy stores do not stock binoculars worth having — yet they carry all manner of mindless TV’s and computer games to discourage reading and independent thought.  For some reason they don’t want America to see what’s in the night sky.  All the more reason for you to invest in binoculars.

Get your binoculars from a reputable sporting goods store.  There is a fine line between hunting men and hunting animals.  So you will find surveillance and reconnaissance equipment under the same glass panel next to hunting accessories.  What is used to track down deer is used by police and military to track down human beings.  Same tools, different prey.  What works for them will work for you.


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