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King of Kings

November 3, 2008

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson

     For all the average films that Jeffrey Hunter may have acted in, this one is clearly his gift to God.  Today I Googled the title and found that it had been relegated to the bottom of the list, discouraging people from researching it further.  You really have to dig to find something on it.  Wikipedia does not mention it at all.  I was shocked that they go on and on about lack-luster, even commonplace people and things and yet omit discussion of such a magnificent motion picture.

     Then once I found something about it finally, Time/CNN had posted a smearing review by some nameless hater-critic.  They went all the way back to 1961 for this???  It didn’t read like 1961 to me.  It read like somebody wrote it last week and did their best to smear not only the film-maker’s efforts and Jeffrey Hunter’s performance, but God Almighty himself.

     The review was anti-Christian venom.  Isn’t there some kind of new law  these days that says you can’t spew stuff like that about someone else’s faith/ethnicity or whatever’icity?  Whoever this critic was (his by-line was not posted) would suffer an understated punishment if he got both hands chopped off.   His review was designed to disuade/discourage anyone from sending off for this fine old film.   The reason is clear as to why — it glorifies Jesus Christ.  Jeffrey Hunter put his heart and soul into this movie.

      I say — all the more reason to send off for it.  Enjoy this timeless classic whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever-ist.  We are living in times that merit having a closer look into each other’s Holy Writs.  Compare notes.  Hone your wits.  You can get this fine film for less than 10 dollars at Amazon-dot-com.   Defy the lie.  Have it mailed to your address.  Then judge for yourself.  Unless you wanna take my word for it.  Or that soon-to-be handless liar. ****