In their frantic stampede to discredit God’s people, Team 666 charges to new depths.  They assume there are those gullible enough to believe their hill of road-apples.

Here’s the crankin’est piece of baloney they have purveyed so far.  Lies fetid beyond road kill, five days old, on a July black-top.  Tales taller than the New York towers they dive-bombed with passenger jets.  Stuff so bad that it runs nose-to-nose with even REBELNEWS.ORG’s online books:

The authors of which are listed on the Wiki-“for sure the truth” -pedia (as if):  (you gotta be kidding me, right?)  Their made-up names only scream “fake.”  And like we can’t tell they are on the take.

As if mercenary liars like Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier weren’t enough, here we have another of their “authors.”  These corn-balls are just poster kids for some hack’s lurid sadism yarns.  The text reads like the typical ADL hack.  Isn’t it disgusting how these gargoyles lay in bed with CIA?

I learned of Mary K. Baxter from what seems to me like a flim-flam man.  He has many YouTube videos where he “preaches” from his lair in West Virginia with a vaguely Scottish/Aussie/New Zealand accent. Nattering Jan Boshoff wears a great big beard.  Bushier than Jeff Rense’s hair and half way to his knees if you please.

Boshoff boasts a gust of verbose, disjointed hot air.  A few words come to mind when I think of his many “speeches to the multitudes.”  Tripe, dis-info, mumbo-jumbo, decoys to lead seekers into the abyss, and “make it up as you go along bullshit.”

Preacher Boshoff claims supernatural gifts from God that informed him of Mary Baxter.  He claims that during his near death experience he was enlightened and inspired to begin his YouTube ministry.  Boshhoff feverishly negates the Bible as a source for the Word of God.  But of course.  He’s a false prophet.  A liar on the take from the same mob who shouted of Jesus, “Let His blood be on our heads and the heads of our children.”

So I followed the Internet circus surrounding the name of Mary K. Baxter. was my first stop.  They list many of her “books.”  I read a few excerpts and checked out her YouTube interviews in support of them.  Clearly this woman is a joke.  But such a bad one that it stands – a glaring insult to all Christendom.  Like the hater whose hater book tells him to spit when he passes our churches.  Like the Internet search engine file clerk who posts an image of our Lord hanging on a cathedral cross from the back-side to negate the power of the Crucifix.  As when satanists hang it upside-down.

Baxter is a Florida resident who apparently shares a domicile with her son.  They know better than answer their phone.  Her tacky enterprise is nested in another “religious” domain:  TLLOWERY.COM.  Note the spelling of Lowery.  Dead giveaway.

Mizz Baxter is a smear on the Bible Belt.  She serves as a caricature of unschooled, working class Middle America with a bad grasp on English and a bad dye-job.  Her character is a lampooning of my ancestral church, its people and their love of Jesus Christ.  The things that come out of her mouth are so absurd I refuse to recount them here.

This woman has sold her soul.  Does she think her days are not numbered?  When she is footless without a stepping stone, a million miles high, dangling alone – Who will she call then?  Ghost-busters?   The Sid Roth Show? Whitaker House Publishing?  Thomas Lanier Lowery?

Or on Him whose Kingdom she falsified for the money.


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