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Not too fly

September 7, 2009

Not2FlyI have been getting aerial visitors for some time now.   The eye-in-the-sky bunch is  worried about my photography.  Their noisy surveillance engines always give them away.  So they tried something new today.  This daring young man and his egg-beater flew by. 

What do you say, DC ?  Is he fly?

Over the last two months they have confined themselves to daylight hours for aircraft surveillance  —  nights being reserved for the Wizard’s new war toys. It’s been a noctural aviation stand-down with the exception of a big white owl of the Boeing pursuasion.  Hoo-hoo, to hoom telephoto lenses send a jolt of adrenaline.  He would roar away if he made a sound. 

During the day they are concerned about me taking photographs of their tanker whores, so they send a surveillance weenie a few minutes before they fly over.  The weenie is supposed to let the ho-parade know when the coast is clear.  Then they sneak in from the Bay.002

I noticed a strange moon after 0800 today.  It seemed out of place and unnatural.  So I trotted down to get my long lens.  Upon coming back up to shoot the moon, I saw this little flying appartus coming toward the window.  Good heavens.  The lengths to which they will go!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  People will do anything for money.  019

By the time he saw my lens, it was too late — snap.  Then he swang about and fled.  But I got a few more before he flew over the house.  Can you believe these turkeys? 

The reason for this kite-boy is because he is quiet.  Previous surveillance fly-overs have been single-engine planes.  They announce themselves almost as loudly as helicopters.  So when I hear them I know it’s time for the tanker parade — and now, so does everybody else. 

Neither he nor the moon can compete with my morning serenade from this fellow:MrngSong