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For My Legionaries

September 30, 2013


( T h e   R e v i e w s )

This powerful testimony begins in the author’s high school days.  He called a group of his classmates together for a secret meeting in the Dobrina Forest.  The year was 1919.  He asked them, “What are we going to do if the Bolsheviks invade us?”  They took a vow to fight to the death in defence of their Christian Romania.


Passionately Orthodox, Captain Corneliu Codreanu led his men in what would become a vast movement of resistance against “Judeo-communism,” as he called it.  Codreanu’s autobiographical masterpiece (* For My Legionaries *) mirrors * Mein Kampf * yet Codreanu was ahead of Adolf Hitler in undertaking the jewish problem.


Hitler just came from fighting WWI and was still reeling from the jewish swindle of Versailles when Codreanu burst onto the nationalist scene at the University of Iasi.


In September 1919, Codreanu entered Iasi as a law student.  He saw the bolshevik menace surrounding him everywhere.  Communists were fanning the flames of revolution among Romanian factory workers as they had done in Russia.  They were attempting the same process by marxist propaganda, industrial sabotage and agitation of the workers against their government.


The author, like Hitler, wastes not a word.  He delves immediately into the facts, hard as granite.  Truth is a punch in the kisser.  Sometimes you can’t pretty it up.  Nor soften the blow.  So here we go.


In 1920’s Romania, communist jews were wailing “peace, justice, freedom, brotherhood and liberty” — just like they do today.  But here is what a scholar at the author’s university observed:  “They say they want peace, but they themselves destroy it, killing the most worthy; demand freedom, but by death threats, oblige people to submit to them; wish brotherhood, while they sow hatred, injustice, and licentiousness within nations.”


“Their word is a lie.  They tell us they do not want war, but they war.  They demand the army be abolished, but they arm themselves.  They urge us to discard the tricolor flag, while in its stead they hoist the red flag of hatred,” wrote Constantin Pancu, “The leaders of the Romanian communist workers were neither Romanians nor workers.”  They were all a bunch of jews and Pancu names every one of them on page 20 of * For My Legionaries *.


The commie jews worked to banish God from Iasi’s Christian university.  They were “knocking down churches with picks or transforming them into stables and places of sadistic parties for the little jewish reporters from Opinia, Adivarul, Dimineata and their people.”


This book is full of quotes that should be in stone and written in the sky.  Here is one from page 37, “But, while the Christian apostles preached their ideal in the open, the Talmud hides; and its two appendages, the Kahal and Freemasonry, are even more invisible.  …the lie is the basis of the system used by Jews, to whom one can say:  ‘You speak, therefore you lie.’ ”


Wham.  Right in the kisser.   So gallant Cordeanu entered this fight as a young law student.  He threw himself into it, heart and soul, “…understood from all that I saw that we were losing our country…  I finish my third university year under the imperium of these thoughts.  …To what extent were the means used by Jews in Russia civilized?  How civilized is it to slaughter millions of people without trial?  To what extent is it civilized to set fire to churches or to transform them into cabarets?”


They of course expelled him from university for his political activities.  He fought them like a tiger and finally graduated.  They threw him into prisons.  He spent miserable months there.  But went to trial and was acquitted several times.  The usual jewish hassle routine.  They smear you.  They hunt and harass you.  They purchase police to hunt and harass you.  Same old shtick.


The author’s colleagues said that jews were consumers only and not producers.  Their only principal industry was the retailing of alcohol.  Like a fungus, they spread about their floozy bars and nightclubs throughout Romania.  Keep in mind that the same thing was happening in Germany simultaneously.


On page 100 one finds this wallop, “Thus, two ways of Jewish behavior toward us are specified in the Talmud:  (1) If you are stronger than Christians, exterminate them; (2) If you are weaker than Christians, flatter them…”


Codreanu lectures his legionaries like a sage professor.  He explains that in every city or market town where jews have settled, there exists a secret council called (in the Hebrew) a Kahal.  This is the nucleus of every jewish community.  Here all the plans are laid for controlling the surrounding non-jewish population:  How to win over local politicians and authorities; how to infiltrate circles of interest; how to usurp commerce from the hands of non-jews; how to destroy those who are critical of jews; how to destroy incorruptible officials who might oppose jewish interests; what plans to apply if people wise-up and revolt.


So one never fights just a jew, he’s fighting the covert Kahal of whom the jew is a member.  Recall the speech of John F. Kennedy’s in which he points out a monolithic, highly-efficient machine which uses covert means to do its dirt.  He was talking expressly about the jewish kahal.  But this one was international.  Kennedy was no mason nor fan of jews.  Neither is any good Catholic.  As an aside, I have to submit how they smeared Kennedy only post-mortem.  If the jews had any dirt on Kennedy while he was alive, it would have been emblazoned on the cover of every yellow rag in their sleaze bag.  But they had nothing.   So they waited until he was murdered to “come forward with his character assassination.”  God knows who Kennedy is.  That’s all that mattered to Kennedy.  Raise your chalices high to a good Catholic boy.


Codreanu writes that in market towns or cities invaded by the jews, local authorities are either in a state of bribery, a state of blackmail or a state of destruction.


Nationally, he continues, the jews will take advantage of every opportunity to sow discord among the people.  Spreading misunderstandings, quarrels and pitting factions against each other.  They spread filth and perversion.  Advance whoring to destroy families and moral fiber.  They poison and daze them with booze and drugs (note today’s meth, cocaine and heroin).  Anyone wishing to conquer and destroy a people can employ this method and do it more efficiently than with bombs and artillery.


Note how what was happening in Romania in the 1920’s is happening all around you today – to the letter.  If you follow the money, it will lead you straight to some jew.


During peaceful political rallies led by Codreanu, the jews sought ways to raise a fracas.  They needed pretext to whine to the police and government.  So they pulled a low-key rendition of their false flag operation.  Codreanu sums it up, “…two Jews, surely set up by their rabbi, broke the windows of a store, their own.”


Here is another false flagger.  Be mindful of how this tactic will be used again and again by jews in the future.  Codreanu writes, “The Jews, realizing the danger of a Romanian rebirth, started provoking people.  …They set fire to the Borsa, blaming Romanians for it.”  Then the jewish newspapers began yelling that the Romanians were preparing pogroms.  It is formulaic, their shtick.  One can predict it to the minutest detail.


In 1927 Codreanu sojourned with his bride in the French Alps to attend more academic classes.  He needed work so he took odd jobs threshing wheat and harvesting potatoes among the peasants.  He learned much from them about life and love.  Often he saw a piece of cardboard in their stables, which read, “Love the animals, our partners in labor!”  Cattle there were well protected from cold and hunger.  Their coats were brushed daily.


Upon his arrival to France, Codreanu worried that he would find moral decay.  But was pleasantly surprised that whether peasant or townsman, Frenchmen were of a severe morality.  The leading class, however, was under the heel of Judeo-Masonry, which uses Paris as world headquarters (London being but a subsidiary with its Scottish Rite).


When Codreanu was called back to Romania on matters of State, the French peasants wept at their farewells.  Let this speak for the character of a man.


Thirty men on horseback rode through the winter countryside.  White Crosses on their coats.  Turkey feathers in their hats.  This was the Legion of Michael the Archangel.  This was Romania’s Iron Guard on its breakout ride.  They touched ever patriot’s heart and secured his vote for the future.


Codreanu traveled throughout the land, giving speeches and making contact with the suffering multitudes.  One group that stands out as the worst-case scenario is the Moti of Transylvania.  Their livelihood comes from mountain timber from which they make a modest life.  The jews infiltrated these mountains, built lumber mills, felled their forests and left them bare rock.  The people lamented how the jews “grabbed our forests and cut them down.”  They told Codreanu, “If you utter one single word, you are arrested as an enemy of the State’s security.”  The jews controlled the authorities then as they do now – with their ill-gotten money.  On page 262 one reads how the jews brought debauchery with them into the Moti’s mountains.  And how on Saturday nights they would defile destitute women in night-long orgies.  How is that so different from what they do today?


Under Codreanu’s brilliant leadership, the Legion was highly organized.  Each village had a nest comprised of a leader and a hierarchy under him.  They worked together in firm solidarity and Christian unity.  Much like the Catholic Church in the old days before Vatican II.


After this political movement had spread throughout Romania (shockwave), they were made the target of much persecution.  The jewish money-power bribed its way around to thwart the Iron Guard.  High and low.  At every turn.  The jews and their lackeys broke a sweat.  Despite the commie war against them, this Christian Legion won several seats in Parliament in 1931.  Despite the stolen ballot boxes and attempts on their lives – they won the popular vote.


Codreanu knew there was a price on his head.  He began to call his Legion “the death team.”  Everybody dies of something.  Sooner or later.  That is reality.  When you die the first death, make it your last.  Sailors of the Flying Dutchman are cruising for the second one.  The ship appears to be a spiritual holding tank between this life and the next.  Waiting for the trumpet sound to seal their fate.


Captain Codreanu fought the good fight and died the good death.  He was strangled with his hands tied to the bench behind him and feet tied to the bench in front of him.  Before they chucked him in the hole, they shot him in the back post-mortem to make it look like he was running from them.  The account of his death was given in a 1940 testimony by a gendarme assassin named Sarbu.  The good guys only die once.


The same kind of jewish gloat piece we can read about the murder of Czar Nicholas and his family.  Grisly details of how jews gunned them down in a cellar.  Then poured acid on their corpses and buried them in a secret place.  The great Czar and his family were dug up later and removed.  Isn’t it funny how Hitler was supposed to have killed six million jews and they have yet to dig up a single one?  But I digress.  Sarbu the assassin was paid 20,000 lei for strangling Corneliu Zelea Codreanu.  The only reason for this testimony, I believe, is so the jews could glory in the details.  They have a penchant for recounting their murders with zeal.  They circulate pictures of them.


I leave you with this mirror of our situation today:  Codreanu wrote of a “muted persecution” that he and his men suffered.  How it haunted them and their families since they took up the fight.  “If you were a young graduate you could not get a state job unless you reneged on your conscience and your faith.  …The State got to be a school of treason in which men of character were murdered while treason was abundantly rewarded.”



Who Flies the Dutchman

September 27, 2013
You do, bitch.