Terrorism Defined

Terrorism is violence and intimidation used to get people to do what you want.  For example, if you want college students to go along with invasive video cameras placed everywhere on campus, just get “a crazy gunman” to shoot a few of them.  Like the man wrote in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, all you have to do is show people some blood and they will do anything you want.

After the Virginia Tech “gunman” sprayed bullets into a classroom, suddenly our campus turned into a video surveillance police state.  It was like they were at the ready to slap everything into place as soon as young Mr. Cho shot his classmates.  My campus changed over night.  To me there seemed a strong correlation between the Cho killings at Virginia Tech and sudden video surveillance at college campuses.

Who can believe that corny media package that Cho supposedly sent to the news hounds for posthumous release?  Who can believe Cho’s lame, half-baked motivations for what he supposedly did?  Who can believe that a second “crazy gunman” would follow in his footsteps not long afterwards?  Where was the video coverage on that one?  How untenable was the whole show?  How gullible would we have to be to believe it without proof?  Without hard scientific evidence that it occurred in the way that it was reported?

Even now as I write they are dive-bombing me with remote desktop foils and tampering.  They have written code to block photo publishing and other editing software. If my questions were not “tenable” ones, they could care less what I was writing on this blog.  Tenable, no?

Without a body on a slab and dental records proving that it is Mr. Cho, how would you ever know?  Without ballistics, you have nothing.  You can’t prove who shot whom.  Now can you…

Nope.  All you got is the word of your trust-worthy Jewish media.  Whose people have been “persecuted” and expelled from countries since 740 Anno Domini —  for some reason.  What do you think it might be?  I’m full of tenable questions today.

Notice how they never seem to interview coroners on the news.  Why is that do you suppose?  Coroners are scientists and medical doctors.  Their findings are the brass tacks.  Who was the coroner on the Cho case?

Notice how rapidly a similar thing occurred after 9/11.  A sudden upsurge of surround-sound surveillance of every technology.  Video, audio, vehicular telemetrics & travel tracking (GPS my *ss, they don’t care if you get lost), satellite, biometrics, database, cyber-space, in-your-face…  Everywhere at every turn.  Surveillance.  And of course the panted-after wars for Israel.

This was further proven by how corporate wage-slaves were herded into briefings about how to only “give out” their first names.  No more proper identification required from those who are supposed to serve you, but they now demand a dossier on every Joe Citizen.

Speaking of Joe’s — Joe McCarthy was right.  Get up the guts to look around.  Who can deny it?  Terrorism, usury, 360-degree surveillance, torture, Guantanamo Bay Gulags — that’s Trotskyite communism.  And we got it, Daddio, like a case of lice.

Remember Point Lookout, Maryland?  How different is that from the prison on Key West?  Only one road in and out of the place.  A tight bottleneck of control.  In Maryland it was a freezing, burning spit of land that jutted into the water.  Chesapeake Bay on one side and Potomac River’s wide mouth on the other.  A place where they tortured Confederate prisoners of war by exposure to the elements, disease and deprivation.  Key West is surrounded by bull-sharks just like Cuba.  Their potential for hell on earth is staggering.  Don’t let your government get too big.  If they can pull a Point Lookout in the 1860’s, what can they pull today?  And yes, “honest” Abe Lincoln was no such thing.  That’s why his statue is the biggest one in Washington DC, the City of Truth.

Terrorism is a tool of politics.   Politics is power.  A nation/country/state has power only so long as it is able to wage war against other powers. War is when two opposing forces set about killing each other.  The winner then takes from the loser whatever he wants.  One of the papers from the war department stated casually, “There will always be war as long as one guy wants another guy’s stuff.”

Once a State loses the ability to wage war, it is usurped and dominated by another State who can.  Case in Point.  Germany.  Since Germany’s defeat by the allied forces of WWII, it has been occupied, enslaved, slandered, lampooned and calumniated.  It’s culture and people have been under siege since 1945.

What’s going on in the Middle East is very much similar.  Israel, backed by world Jewry and their money-power, uses the armies of other nations as their attack dogs.  The counterfeit State of Israel whose plinth is a lie, wages unprovoked wars against weaker States like a school-yard bully.  The bully extracts money from other States via usury, “hollow-cost” reparations and taxes, taxes, taxes.  Their financial rape of the world is almost as bad as their terrorism.

The “War on Terrorism” is yet another elaborate Jewish hoax begging for exposure.  A great thinker once wrote that if you tell a big enough lie, most people will believe it.  Simply because nobody believes that someone would tell that big a lie.  The “War on Terrorism” is that big a lie.

There is no Al Qaeda anymore than there is an Easter Bunny.  There is no Islamic culprit for the “kick-off” that started our 9/11 mess.  Anymore than there was a systematic killing of Jews by Nazi Germany.  One tall tale is as big of a lie as the next one for which there stands not a jot of forensic evidence.

Terrorism, thy name is Israel.  The Whore of Babylon who sits on many waters.  She who purchases the souls of men and leads them to the abyss.  The corrupt governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA, India, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, the ridiculous European Union and many others all fit the bill and set the stage for the course we are on today.

Let’s name the dirty dogs.  Based in Afghanistan are shady characters who fund, support and train mercenary terror.  These Joe Shady’s cultivate terrorism like fish in a trout farm.  They sneak around Pakistan, running weapons.  Then when they are caught red-handed, the U.S. Embassy plays dumb and anybody else involved gives them the old “deny it” routine.

Mercenary terrorism is being injected into Pakistan today by our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Israeli Mossad.  The so-called terrorists are simply a fabrication.  Just find yourself some low-life thugs, the starving unscrupulous, secular mercenary scum and half-hearted dullards.  Unfortunately the world has no shortage of these.  For money they’ll do just about anything.  What have they to lose?  By the looks of some of these campers — not much.  I have seen footage of Pakistani soldiers unveiling them from women’s clothes.  They were hiding under burka’s.

The CIA drone-bombs sleeping children in back-country Pakistan whilst protecting their terrorist assets in the region at the same time.  That is, unless any of them try to strike a peace deal with the locals — then the CIA picks them off.  Awe, don’t you wish that I didn’t read so much “real news?”  Like how our Joe Shady’s send unsuspecting Middle Eastern boys on errands to drop off U.S. vehicles that blow up when they reach a crowded destination.  You inglorious bastards are so busted.

The underhanded money-power knows that there is always a soldier of fortune to be found.  A pit-bull who knows nothing but a fight.  Problem is with these attack dogs, most haven’t a clue what they are fighting for.  If they did they would die of shame and regret.

As for the young soldier who is drafted into warfare, given a weapon and pushed into the field — his is another story.  For him, there is only kill or be killed.  Cock fight.  Dog fight.  A game of dodge-ball.  Like two years ago in Iraq.  American war planners stormed in and tried to “deputize” the Iraqis into killing their own countrymen.  Today they are pulling the same schtick in Pakistan, trying to bamboozle Pakistanis into picking fights with their virtuous Muslim brothers, the Taliban.   Now smeared and calumniated by the Jewish press world-wide, the Taliban was the best thing that ever happened to Afghanistan.  There was an American soldier who died with these words not long from his lips, “Why am I guarding the poppy fields?”  He was not killed by his assigned enemy the closet monster, but rather picked off at close range.  Of course they said it was an accident.  I take it that letters to his mother were troubling to our government.  He asked a lot of tenable questions also.  You may have heard of him.  His name was Pat Tillman.

One thing the boys from the war college don’t seem to understand is how Muslims don’t live and think like garden variety Americans.  They are not dumbed-down and hypnotized by TV.  Nor romanced by smut and junk food. They don’t pop pills and worship at the temple of Mammon.  And they don’t give a damn about what’s in style.

Muslims fear God.  And God alone.  Hence, there are few cowards among them.  And hence the hounds of war are getting their asses handed to them in Afghanistan as I write.  It is never an easy fight — besieging God’s people.  Ask the men in blue at the First Battle of Bull Run.  They said it would be over in one afternoon.  They spoke too soon.  An invading mercenary cannot fight like a man who is defending all he has and loves.  I don’t care how much money you pay him.

Let us not forget the secular Marxist grumblers in Baluchistan who lend themselves fortuitously to CIA’s “make a terrorist” drive.  Exploiting sectarian unrest for one’s own agenda has ever been the hallmark of CIA.  So they stir up all the divisive hate and discontent they can in Baluchistan between Marxist and Muslim — and have a field day.

Add to such wheelings and dealings any installations of grinning poser puppets like the ones presently holding office in Pakistan, Afghanistan and in our White House — then you have the rest of the story.


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