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Carrie’s Mother

October 15, 2011

Most Hollywood movies that I have seen send an implicit message about Christendom.  The first time I noticed it was in Carrie.

Carrie’s mother is portrayed as a mentally-diseased Christian fanatic.  The implication seems to be that Carrie’s mother was not mentally ill in and of herself.  But that Christianity is a mental illness.

The plot fits under the Fangoria genre of adolescent cult films.  It is a time-capsule of 1970’s youth culture.  Carrie and her “powder-blue” prom date are the dreamy focal point surrounded by the tacky-gruesome of predictable teen horror.

Stephen King and Anne Rice are the kinds of “writers” who channel their stuff straight from hell.  Then they get guys like Mr. Cohen to spin their straw into fouler lob-lolly than it was to begin with.  Voila.  Now you have  Carrie and Interview with the Vampire.  God heppus.

Carrie’s Mother personifies the Law of God in Babylon — from the perspective of what Jehovah’s Wit’lesses call “The Devil.”  To the drug-free mind, he cannot negate reality.  So he manipulates  “what is” by his usual frame-jobs, smears and subliminal messages.  His hints are always strong ones — even to the village idiot.

In your real world, note how Christianity in its pure sense is equally bashed with Islam.  The un-defiled version of our Faith is attacked at 360 degrees by the entity who wrote the script to Carrie.  He attacks Christianity for the same reason that he attacks Islam.

He must needs portray the Kingdom of God as a loony bin.  Analogy:  Communism.  The enemy of The Club of Karl Marx is God.

Commies cannot negate nor argue with truth.  So they declare it insanity and institutionalize its proponents.  In Bolshevik Russia, for example, they tore down the churches while preserving the synagogues.  And made “not liking Jews” a crime against the State.  Think for a moment why that might have been.  Who were the Bolsheviks?  Who is Fidel Castro?

Hollywood is 100% Jew-dominated, aye Mr. Schpeel-berg?  It is a Jewish club that advances the communist manifesto.  Along with whoredom, wife-swapping, perversion, greed, murder and other such trappings of the organised crime lifestyle that is communism.

If you examine what passes for our government today, you will find that it also advances the communist manifesto.  But since most Americans have not read the Communist Manifesto, how the hell would they know?  Most Christians haven’t even read the Bible, let alone the Qur’an.  They are led like sheep by the pied piper ghost of Karl Marx.  The Judas goat of all gentiles.

Sheep now bleating loudly about their lost jobs, skanky daughters, dishonest sons and repossessed material wealth — all the product of a communist undercurrent that has been in the works for over a century.  Right under their gullible, ignorant noses.  Well baa-baa to that.

Adolf Hitler tried to tell you.  But did you listen?  And if you did, could you understand him?  He spoke German.  If you understood German, could you hear him over the coast-to-coast roar of your fire-breathing, Hitler-bashing Jewish media?   He wrote two volumes of road rubber entitled Mein Kampf.   I bet you haven’t read that either.  And yes, it has been translated since shortly after its publication.

If you want a brazen revelation of why your job, house, car and furniture are gone and your kids are hungry — get your broke-asst hands on a copy of what Hitler had to say about the Jews of his time.

When Adolf Hitler was voted in as Chancellor of Germany in 1933, their economic situation mirrored that of ours today.  They had a Jewish media cranking bullshit just like we do.  And usury banks sucking the blood of every hard-working citizen.  They were literally starving to death.  Yeah they were ready for a little change.  And not the hammer and sickle kind.  For that look to your happy-go-stupid president.

When General George S. Patton took office as the occupying conqueror of Germany, he got what Hitler was trying to say in his autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle).  He saw no evidence of the hollow cost hype (neither has anyone else before nor since).  Where were the six million dead bodies?  Patton sympathized with the Germans and criticized the Jews.  He wrote home about it to his loved ones, colleagues and superiors (if there lived such a man on earth).  He told them that now was the time to finish off communism before it devoured and diseased our way of life.  Shortly thereafter Patton had a fatal automobile accident.

What some of us know you cannot learn from MTV or People Magazine.  And you won’t learn it from the six o’clock news.  Most media is owned and written by communist jews.  Like the screenplay of Carrie.

Christendom, Islam and Adolf Hitler are not the enemy.  They are just parallel critics of the Jews.  Now you know the motive for demonizing Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and God Almighty Himself.  There is no prouder nor more “stiff-necked” a people than the Cult of Moloch.  Look no further than to them for the culprit of what ails you today.  Add to your ailments any bomb, ruse, poison, social discord, swindle, blackmail, yellow press, extortion, fabricated epidemic, false advertising, false flag terrorism and subsequent war.  And you gottum down.