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February 24, 2018


The way this is done is to install a “normal american family” in a town where their damage control will be required in the future.  Such, for example, as the ones who recently popped up as interviewees to explain away the accusations of “conspiracy theorists.”


I write of the recent blood-bath at Parkland, Florda.  Smoke bombs and gas masks are convenient covers for somebody’s face.  Sniping through school windows and picking off students has a signature about it.  Guess who it points to?  Guess hard.


Upon reading the better reportage, I get a panorama.  After the carnage, here come what appears to me as those who have been schooled and groomed and briefed to say exactly what they say.  Those who were installed years ago for something that was planned years ago.  Like 9/11, it was cooked up long before it happenend.  The rigging involved a lot of sayanim.  Still at war, america?  With whom?


Ever heard of “sleeper cells?”  They are enemy agents who have been installed in your community to act like normal citizens.  They could be your neighbors or co-workers.  Until one day when they spring into action to begin their work as the enemy within your gates.


School shoot’um-ups have a clear agenda:  “hand over your guns, america, or your kid is next.”  The marxists always try to disarm a nation before they seize control.  No-brainer, that one.  If you are stupid enough to hand over your guns, you can be certain that guns will be pointed at you afterwards.  And not some half-kick AR-15’s either.


Like the rappers belt from their diaries of the streets, “rrrrrrrrrrrraaaa…”  Those lads appear to be the few men with guts enough to stand up to what ails us.  They ain’t handin’ over their uzi’s.  That is because their ghetto is already hell.  They had to cut their teeth on kill or be killed.  Not all of them are from the devil.  Ask Ralo LaFlare and Durk Banks.  Or my first Navy roomate from the Bronx.  They know better than trust “the man.”  It has taken me some time.  But I finally learned who “the man” is.


Back to Parkland.  How are those ballistics coming, Mister Coroner?