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Dear Middle America

May 29, 2011

Your lampooner defines you as conservative, working class, poorly educated Caucasians who are content with hardship.  You make do with less.  While he saddles you with more.  Lain across your back are the taxes of a nation.  While he kicks you in the ribs with freedom-raping legislation.  And desecrates your daughters with fashion statements.

He commandeers your wives with feminism.  Takes a wrecking ball to your marriages with Internet pornography, hook-up networks and whore emporiums.  Taking the Holy out of matrimony.  Laying waste to sacrament.

He defiles your marriage bed.  Smears your Faith.  Supplants your churches.  And pimps your children.

He designs clothes that barely cover your daughter’s ass.  While promoting men like Jeff Foxworthy because Jeff lampoons you right to your face.  And you let him because you think he is one of your own.  He’s laughing all the way to the bank with money he gets two ways:  (1) from the TV networks and (2) from your venue tickets.  Who do you think  owns those networks and venues?

Foxworthy is a man who gets paid to lampoon Middle America.  He has company as you can see on Blue Collar TV.  If you think back, Hee Haw was a milder version of that.  Junior Samples was exploited and lampooned — “BR-549.”

In 1800’s Russia, the burgeoning Bolshevik called you a proletariat.  That was just an inside term they used in Marxist ideology.  That is what your lampooner does when he wants to talk about you right under your nose without you knowing it.  He uses an obscure term that is not in your vocabulary.  Not hard for him to do, being a word-smith.  He did, after all, spend eight or more years at university while you worked in the fields.  And shed your blood in his wars.

While you are staring at his idiot-box mind control, absorbing like a sponge his false advertizing, brain-washing, lies and propaganda, he bends over maps of your ancestral lands — plotting ways to deprive you of them.

Property tax, sales tax, income tax…  Pumped any gas lately?  Those of you who depend on gasoline for work-related transportation and agriculture feel the sting of the viper.  Don’t you.  All part of the wrecking ball.

According to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, everything that is presently happening was carefully engineered.  It was lectured verbatim to a group of Zionist Jews at Basle, Switzerland in 1897.  In this clarion text you will read every detail that is now your reality.  It is by deliberate design.  Fortold not only by the designers themselves, but most glaringly of all — by Jesus Christ in the New Testament of your Holy Bible.  And by Seraph Gabriel of the Host in The Holy Qur’an.

Wake up Middle America.  And smell the gefilte fish.



Bitch Please

May 5, 2011

I’m getting a deja vu feeling.  The baloney Obama is putting out on bin Laden is as far-fetched as the Mumbai machine gun fest that India blamed on Pakistan.

See here bozo.  Photo-shopped images ain’t gonna get it.  We want a body on a slab with dental records at our finger-tips.  We want science not tall tales.  We’ve heard enough of your guff.  Where’s the coroner?  Tell him to step up to the microphone.  Let’s turn the alternative media loose on him.  Press conference with a twang.  Put a jack knife point on each question.  And run him through with it.