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500-pound Gorilla

December 31, 2008

Isn’t it quizzical how you check your America Online news and get all one-sided tripe?  Clearly these are propaganda photos depicting Palestinians throwing stones at the “500-pound gorilla” that Israel has become.  Bloated with self-worshipping pride and American tax dollars, the gorilla has grown into a monster since 1948.  

What riles the ire of Lady Columbia is how this monster is committing war crimes unchecked as our gutless, nutless government stands idly by and watches.   Has America sold her soul to Abaddon?  Is she a deer in the headlights?

What of our name?  Last I checked it is no longer good in the world.  We have been sullied, smeared and tainted by the bloodied hands of one who calls herself our ally — an ally who broke a sweat trying to sink our Navy ship in 1967.   But the USS LIBERTY limped back to port to tell the tale  — isn’t that right, o’ Israel.  I think we’ve got your number.  It feels like three digits.

It is time for a maverick media to report the news in lurid detail.  Let the people see.  Let the people hear.  No more behooving slants for ensanguined Israel.  For the first time since The New York World,  we are getting the news.  Let us have no more of the censored pablum they have been ladling for decades, feeding us lies.

The coverage I just saw from Palestine is a baptism of fire for Middle America.  The time is high for reveille, Maw and Paw Kettle.   Most of us are getting our news online.  It won’t be long before the Kettles get it too.  So yeah, there are some New Yorkers scampering around, doing damage-control.  What else can they do with the looming threat of a “smart mob,” aye Dr. Rheingold?  “General quarters, general quarters!  Our ship is under attack.  This is not a drill.”

Time to stop taking the bad guys to bed, Uncle Sam.  Quit being such a whore.   You have become an embarrassment to those who have risked all for this once great country.  Now it’s a piece of spiraling wreckage.


Fire water

December 6, 2008

Reminds me of an emerald whiskey-run.  Up on the mountain there was this bootlegger.  Knox sent me to see this man and said, “Just tell ‘im I sent you.”

Here’s a belt:

The Wizard of Id

December 5, 2008

What needs to be conveyed to the reading public is how the Wikipedia is the only free online encyclopedia.  It is a quick and convenient research tool for students in particular, but is used for the same reason by others.  As such a tool, the Wikipedia  is the funnel for a vast readership.  This plays into the  hand of the “Wizard of Id” who apparently has a sinister agenda. 

It is thought that this database of knowledge is contributed to by many earnest scholars who have no other agenda than to share what they know for free.  Don’t you believe it. 

The wizard knows that young, impressionable minds will scurry to the Wikipedia for help with their homework assignments, reports and studies.  He knows that these learners will sponge in what they read whether consciously or unconsciously.  It becomes part of their knowledge-base and what they believe.  They reference, quote and propagate what they read like the AIDS virus.  He knows that what he publishes on the Wikipedia is an effective tool for shaping young minds.

Be warned that the Wikipedia withholds important historical facts, broadcasts propaganda, smears and calumniates historical figures, conducts character assassinations of those  both living and dead, and seeks to indoctrinate children and teenagers in the ways of debauchery.

The wizard selects which religions are praised and celebrated and which ones are labeled as cults.  He deems which modes of witchcraft are holy and which are more holy.  The wizard is slanted.  He mixes truth with lies like the produce industry mixes fresh apples with old rotten ones.  When it suits his purpose he employs sophistry to confuse and bemuddle.  Sometimes he yammers on for pages in a pea-soup fog of bewildering rhetoric that flies 200 miles above the mainstream intellectual radar.  This is done in an attempt to evade what is being researched.  This way the organisation that is Wikipedia can claim that the subject was “discussed.”

You have been warned.  Choose your sources wisely.


December 4, 2008

I could read and write around the clock for days, not looking up, and feel that less than five minutes have passed.  They call that “the flow” don’t you know…

I have a load of questions that I want to ask officials about what happened to David Koresh and all those unarmed women and children.  I smell a  story.  Since Mizz Reno is now not so busy being the Attorny General, I figured she would have some time for me. 

See here, I just read a load of testimony from the few survivors of the Waco Holocaust.  Then I read the character assassinations written by the big media newspapers on David Koresh — calling those Christian people a “sect” and a “cult.”  Yet Voodoo is a religion in this country, right?  Santeria is written about with utmost respect in the Wikipedia like it’s the holiest of holy’s.  I know Voodoo.  I know how it is done and how it works.  I’ve seen it practiced in less than five miles from this address, respected religion that it is. 

We all get equal respect, I take it thereby, for our religions.  It’s in our Constitution.  So why all this character assassination of a Christian man in Texas by a non-Christian press?  They don’t pick on Voodoo practictioners for sticking pins in dolls.  They don’t pick on Santeria and Macumbe priests, calling them sects and cults.  So why all the square miles of smear on a man who was attacked and shot in his home by government and local forces?  

According to the testimonies of Waco survivors, Koresh and his congregation were tortured military-style for 50 days with acid-gas bombs, chopper fire, tanks, snipers, granades, water-deprivation and “psy-ops” (all night loud-speakers blaring the sounds of slaughter houses, screams of animals and other distressing sounds with flood lights trained on all the windows).  

Psy-0ps (psychological operations) were designed for use by military and police forces to cause sleep deprivation and push an organsim to the brink of insanity.  These tactics might be used in all-out military warfare when the fighting gets dirty, but these were just separatist Christians.  Why the over-kill?  

First choppers shot up their water tanks.  In the process they hit a 60-year old man through a window who was gut-shot.  This was how Mizz Reno’s campaign started.  With full-on military assault.  Koresh was shot twice when he opened the door to his numerous and apparently hostile visitors.

and here’s Part 2:

and here’s Part 3:

After having read this stuff, how can I sleep tonight?  Oh well, I haven’t slept in years anyway.  It’s not enough that there is cataclysmic news breaking around me, I must now be assailed with samskara from what happened in 1993.

End of the American Dream

December 3, 2008

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson


On Thursday I attended a speech entitled “A Dialogue for Democracy.” This was given by political pollster John Zogby who is the author of The Way We’ll Be. He spoke in support of his recent book and the present tension about our future.

There was a calm, organized fashion to his discourse — as though he knew exactly where things were going and was in on it. He spoke not so much like a private citizen, but as part of a regime that was heading our way and would soon man the helm not only of our nation but of the entire world. There was a cool, calculated equilibrium about this man. I observed not a single waver in his focus.

Zogby assigned a label to our present youth (ages 19-29). He called them “globals” and casually spoke about how more of them have passports than ever before and were in touch with the world beyond our limiting borders. He spoke in non-threatening, politically-correct terms, yet the picture he painted was crystal clear to me. “To the state according to your abilities — from the state according to your needs.”

The citizens of China, North Korea and Cuba can tell you about how much they like it. Go ask them. Chernobyl was the tip of the iceberg on how well that system worked in the USSR. Let’s call it quality-control and being honest with your people. Where vices are fostered you can expect corruption. Greed and hubris make a dangerous brace. India has test-driven socialism. Ask an Indian what he thinks of it.

Zogby’s book is being touted to leaders in all fields, career seekers, politicians, CEO’s and marketers as the bandwagon to get on if you want to cash in on what’s coming. He may be a maverick predictor of things to come but I’m a maverick writer. He and his kind can expect me to cover more of their fireside chats in the future.

The dumbing-down of America

December 3, 2008

I recently learned that people do not read web sites, they scan them, lingering more on photographs and video. To me this seems like the comparison of a grade-school picture book with a sobering tome of charactery.

Today kids spend much of their life plopped in front of a commercial-infested television that could care less about the nourishment of their minds while the kids munch on synthetic snacks made by greedy industry that could care less about the nourishment of their bodies. They sit in front of hours of mind-numbing visual barrage that encourages little independent thought while they grow soft, dumb and lazy.

MTV is brain cancer. They should cut out programming that encourages young people to casual whoredom, petty vanities and selling their souls to Mammon. Television is full of rubbish and rots the brains of those who watch it. Every few minutes there is an assault of advertising that preys on the insecurities of women, the baldness and impotence of men and the fear of inevitable death. TV is trash and bleeds onto the Internet.

TV merits a fierce over-haul of programming. An iron hand should snatch who is behind all this and sentence them to five years of hard labor in the fields. Work it Mister TV Executive. Break an honest sweat for once and grow some real food for our kids to eat instead of corrupting their minds with your TV sleaze and falsehoods.

Who’s writing your dictionaries?

December 3, 2008

It occurred to me as I was reading assorted periodicals and newspapers that I might be reading propaganda. Propaganda comes from the root word “propagate.” In my Webster’s New World Dictionary (2nd College Edition) edited by David B. Guralnik, the word propaganda is defined as follows: 1. a committee of cardinals, the Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith, in charge of the foreign missions. 2. any systematic, widespread dissemination or promotion of particular ideas, doctrines, practices, etc., to further one’s own cause or to damage an opposing one. 3. ideas, doctrines, or allegations so spread: now often used disparagingly to connote deception or distortion.

Let’s get it straight, Mr. Guralnik. First off, most of the world is not going to use definition number 1. You got the whole thing backwards. Definition number 3 should switch places with the first one. And why use so many belaboring words to describe meaning #2? It’s as if this guy is digging in his heels and dragging his feet to keep from defining this word. He puts the real meaning down on number 3. Makes me want to shout “out with it!” He’s doing everything he can to dissuade the reader from getting to the bottom of the word by using decoys and wearisome twaddle. Listen-here fella, the truth has a flavor. Just put it out there and live with it. No need for a flourish of superfluity.

By this “new world” dictionary, even the definition of propaganda is propaganda.

The Wikipornia

December 3, 2008

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson

As a student I can’t say that I have not used the Wikipedia on research. I have had a mountain of papers to write in both majors. Without the Wiki I would have spent many hours tracking down the information. Plus the Wiki is a good launching pad for augmenting your research. They have links at the bottom of their pages that will guide you to more sources. I have used and benefited from them all.

Last night I was at it again — more research on the web. Clicking and mousing along, I stumbled onto a word I didn’t know again (story of my life). I ended up right back in the Wikipedia and was shocked to learn what I learned. The Wikipedia omits certain notorious, historical Supreme Court cases, for example, but will include detailed, illustrated “how-to’s” on every manner of perverted sex act known to man. Doubt me? Click here:


So while you’re blocking porn sites from your kids, they can get all the prurient text and images they could want right under your nose using the Wikipedia. Wiki has researched the world to find both ancient and recent drawings/paintings that depict exactly what they are writing about. Wiki often features the work of French artist Édouard-Henri_Avril. You can find prints of his work online. He liked to focus on the ancients. But of course. They are not here to refute anything. Like the one of this Greek fellow sodomizing a goat on a hillside. He had the animal by the horns. Now that’s how to go at it. Doesn’t it inspire you? Send Wiki your donations.

Not only can your kids get exquisite “how-to” illustrations, but Wiki writes about it at length with keen attention to detail — quite an education for your youngsters. By the time they get finished clicking on all the links they should have enough smut under their belt to set up a lucrative bordello, should other modes of occupation escape them.

As I was clicking my way through the daisy-chain of Wiki-sex, I deduced that these illustrated pieces read like a manual. A manual that one might give to a young woman for whom they intend a life of prostitution or “sex work” as they call it now. I notice that the English language is now called the American language in our dictionaries. It is studded with new terms and phrases deemed “politically correct.” I suppose it is politically correct to groom future sex-workers on the Wikipedia.

I can’t help but get the feeling that in the not-so-distant future, we shall have houses of prostitution in all our major cities. They shall be the accepted norm and having sex with strangers will be as casual as walking your dog. An economic wine-press will squeeze many reluctant people into working in such places.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

December 3, 2008

One of the reasons our celebrated dinner guest was able to fight the War on Terror is because he was tricked into believing that Islam is the enemy of Christendom. Big mistake. It was that mistake, however, that kept him from being censured more severely for his public statements made in uniform.

Lambasting the General too hard would be self-defeating for the puppet-masters of our government. They could not assassinate his character completely and have others of his kind continue to fight their wars for them. See how it works?

The spotted dogs of our press could not go for his throat either and still serve themselves to our military might. They had painted themselves into a corner with that one. So our beloved General was hounded only into early retirement and reprimanded for being too religious.

Losing sight of the Grail

December 3, 2008

If they were interested in “real” investigative journalism in this country, then they would have dug deeper than they did at the Hirsch Hive when news broke about Charles Lindbergh’s missing baby. Every paper with enough money to send a journalist from PACFLEET-to-LANTFLEET should have dove into that case head-first. They should have gum-shoed every lead, every name, every trace of evidence like bloodhounds with no scent on their minds but the truth. The whole truth — which to a journalist should be The Grail.

But that didn’t happen. Here’s what the good old Wikipedia posted on it after they established the accused as a shady foreign criminal who tried to enter the U.S. illegally, but then married a lady and got a respectable job all of a sudden. Not your standard shady criminal m.o., but nevertheless, here’s what they “had” to write because it’s been written in many other places:

“For more than 50 years, Hauptmann’s widow, Anna, fought with the New Jersey courts to have the case re-opened without success. In 1982, the 82-year-old Anna Hauptmann sued the State of New Jersey, various former police officers, the Hearst newspapers who published pre-trial articles insisting on Hauptmann’s guilt, and the former prosecutor David T. Wilentz (then 86-years-old), for over $100 million in wrongful-death damages. She claimed that the newly found documents proved misconduct by the prosecution and manufacture of evidence by government agents, all of whom were bias against Hauptmann because he happened to be of German ethnicity. In 1983, the U.S. Supreme Court refused her request that the federal judge considering the case be disqualified because of judicial bias, and in 1984 the judge dismissed her claims.
In 1985, over 23,000 pages of Hauptmann-case police documents were found in the garage of the late Governor Hoffman, along with 30,000 pages of FBI files not used in the trial which may have placed reasonable doubt to Hauptmann’s guilt. Anna Hauptmann again appealed to the Supreme Court to clear her late husband’s name and that he was “framed from beginning to end” by the police looking for a suspect. Among her allegations was that the rail of ladder taken from the attic where they used to live in 1935 was planted by the police, and that the ransom money was left behind by Isidor Fisch who was possibly the real kidnapper. In 1990, New Jersey’s governor, Jim Florio, declined Mrs. Hauptmann’s appeal for a meeting to clear Hauptmann’s name.” And why is that?

Not just on this occasion should investigative journalism come to the aid of those who have been used as scapegoats, framed and executed in the name of propaganda, abused, murdered and unjustly accused, but on many other occasions since Ben Franklin worked a press. It is no longer just any one’s guess.

Why did Mrs. John F. Kennedy fall silent after her husband’s harvesting? They shot him through the neck like a prize buck. Then right afterwards, everyone who had been accused of any association with his death, conveniently got dead also. Had I been the wife of this slain president they would have had to shoot me too — because I would have turned the world upside-down looking for his killers. Kennedy’s widow should have been more like Hauptmann’s widow and devoted the rest of her life in search of truth instead of swallowing falsehood and retiring to the lap of luxury. I leave you unfettered thinkers with this question: what or who is it that puts a gag on the righteous blind justice of the press?