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The Savitri Tapes

February 6, 2013

(  T h e   R e v i e w s  )


In his transcription of Savitri Devi’s 1978 interview given for Ernst Zundel, Editor R. G. Fowler gives the reader And Time Rolls On.  The interviewer who was “dispatched” by Zundel is not named.

I ordered this 190-page paperback from the Barnes Review Bookstore, where Savitri Devi has been trumpeted for some time.  This book is also available from Ingrid Rimland Zundel’s web site.

Fowler’s work was published by Black Sun Publications in Atlanta, 2005.  I could find no record of this publisher on the internet.  I could not find much about Fowler either.  But there was a dossier on his web master.   Along with an ocean of photography spanning her life.  Some of the photos could be a cover girl for Carpe Noctem magazine.  One is encouraged to her web site at the bottom of a page.   Thence to an avalanche of Christian-bashing.  The web mistress proudly posts her reading list among which can be found such masterpieces as The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

The centerpiece of Fowler’s book is a dragon blast at Christendom couched in what reads like a coherent autobiographical discussion.  After being softened up by appeals to visceral emotion, one is blown down by a sudden lambasting of Jesus and His Church.

Savitri confidently announces that Jesus was a jewish guerilla fighter.  And that Robert Ambelain’s angle on Christianity should be embraced.  Ambelain was a satanic mason on whose creepy club the wiki-wumpia rambles for pages and says of course nothing.  That should tell you something.  If you want the goods on the jew’s mason lodge, just read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  There is no rock they can hide under after that.

Fowler’s book opens with a compelling voice.  There is a rational thread that runs through most of it.  Words attributed to Savitri Devi boast an earth logic that one cannot deny.  She speaks of the obvious in history, science and war power (politics).  One cannot argue with her sanity.  This is how the reader is won over in the first 100 pages.

Savitri’s pert moxie is endearing in the face of jail, death and social freeze out.  Her PETA-like championing of animals and vegetarianism seem in perfect sync with this German potentate that she has never met and for whom she is the loudest cheerleader.

One embraces her stubborn purity.  She rejects carnal knowledge of her husband because they married for administrative reasons.  She needed a passport.  He offered his name for their common Cause.  Now she could travel freely and spread her zeal for Nazi Germany.

Savitri’s husband was a Bengali Brahmin and a Nazi publisher, how convenient.  He put out The New Mercury and even spied for the Japanese.  Mukherji was as persnickety about his Indo-Aryan bloodline as Hitler was about his.  Savitri lauded the Indian Caste System because it kept what was white — white.  The black Indians are what Savitri called Dravidians and aborigines.  They did not consort with their Aryan leadership.

She subscribed to Hitler’s racial purity ideals and called herself an Aryan.  Her arguments for racial purity may as well be in stone.  It is what it is.  No one but the Creator can dismantle “what is.”  And why would He want to?  He is the One who designed it.

Savitri chose Hinduism like a woman chooses a dress from her closet.  She has a pair of red shoes and wants her dress to match.  She says that Hinduism is the only religion that went with National Socialism.


There are pages where her arguments contradict each other.  On page 122 she says, “Good and bad mean nothing.”  And on page 123 she says that Aryans are reborn as Aryans, “unless they have done awful things.”  Then, “I suppose the men who tortured Streicher, for instance, would be reborn as Negroes.”

This book was a lively read for all but the chapter on religion.  When I got to this part I felt that I had hit the reason for the whole thing:  anti-Christian propaganda.  It read like a jew wrote it.

There are bits throughout the book where license is taken with the Savitri character — as if to say, “She is a woman so she can change her mind or be a little flighty.”  There are comments of conjecture here and there.

Her discourse canters along with little opposition until page 109, an orgasm of Christ-bashing and Bible-deconstruction.  Grasping at every straw and stooping low to draw, she whines about how medieval village idiots burned cats like witches.  Page 111, “Jesus curses the poor fig tree.”  On page 110 she even asserts, “The Jews are the ones behind the institution of Christianity.”  A flagrant lie to any scholar of God’s Word is this.  Lies derail a canard like a fallen oak.

She waxes marxist on page 112, complaining how Christianity is “intolerant.”  God’s Law is intolerant of anyone who breaks it, lady.  So point being?  In this chapter she should be writing for Carpe Noctem or the ADL.  One sees the typical inundation of footnotes in Chapter Three that weary the reader into a morass of dirt roads, long Greek names and their corresponding “common era” dates.  But of course.  Are you sure that this book was not published by Zondervan?

Singing the praises of Hinduism “because it agrees with Hitlerism” in her opinion, Savitri makes headway with her theme on Kali Yuga.  Who can deny our current Dark Age?  It is easy to state the obvious.  Yet she makes no mention of Biblical prophecies to this effect.  Nor the crystal clear words of Gabriel in the Holy Qur’an.  She never mentions the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion or other pivotal books.

Never once does the speaker reconcile her loose case of Hinduism with Hitler’s Catholicism.  Nor how his army was a Christian army with “Gott Mit Uns” inscribed on their belt buckles.  Yet she elevates Hitler to a kind of god in the pagan sense.  She argues that he is an avatar precursor to another avatar that has yet to come.  A convoluted doozy of a tale — her opinion.  As it is too loosely wrapped to be a thesis.

Savitri (or whoever wrote this stuff) says that she is no clairvoyant, yet describes an isolated experience on page 42 of that nature.  She left her body and visited the cell of Hermann Goring.  There she apported a cyanide tablet into Goring’s hand so he could commit suicide before the allies could execute him.  The text claims that the authorities of the day could not figure out how Goring got this poison.  Yet I have read that Himmler committed suicide likewise.

Chapter Three does not read like the same voice in previous and subsequent chapters.  It reads like a patchwork of disjointed rantings from a hive of jews with marxist agenda.  The shadowy editor makes no formal citation of his source for this text.  Why not?

I leave the reader with these thoughts:  it is easy to put words into the mouths of dead men.  They offer no opposition.  John F. Kennedy was a ho-chaser only after they shot him.  Admiral Jeremy Boorda coveted valour only after they shot him.  Anybody know the coroner?  Anybody seen him?  Who did ballistics on that one?  I bet they ain’t steppin’ into the spot light any time soon.  If I’m wrong, I’d love for somebody to rub my nose in it.  I don’t believe the Boorda suicide story any more than the Oswald story.

Likewise, I do not believe Savitri Devi was who this book says she was.  Nowhere can I find her original texts.  I was not surprised to find that the Zundel tapes are not available to the public.  Despite the lie printed in Fowler’s book about how they could be obtained from Ingrid Rimland for $100.00.  I smell a rat as big as the Hindenburg.