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The Trail of Blood

January 27, 2012

The Reviews

This asinine booklet can be found “lying” in the antechambers of Baptist churches presently.  It reads like another ADL canard to me.  Having read many others, the style and slant of “The Trail of Blood”… is familiar.   An ad nauseam bewailing of the wrongs put upon the author’s claimed faith group.  In this case the Baptists that supposedly got their start right alongside Peter the Rock.  Now that I can believe.

This outrageous load of bunk was supposedly written circa 1928 by 70-year-old Texas preacher “Dr. J. M.  Carroll.”  For sure.  Always a common surname on these jokers.  One guess why.

They have a portrait of “the author” on page 6.  It looks like an artist’s rendering of a kindly, well-groomed old man.  Someone you would trust and believe.  Little about the portrait is believable, however.  The hair looks drawn on. It does not look like an authentic photo.  By the date of this portrait, photography had been in use for over 68 years.  The resolution of the image would speak for that.   But this one does not.

The whole “rant and whine” is written from a thinly-veiled Jewish standpoint.  To the trained eye it is not hard to detect a Talmudic hatred for all things Catholic.

No Baptist would harbor hatred for the Pope.  Only the Cult of Moloch would do that – being a grudge-holding, vindictive people.  Particularly since the Holy Roman Popes and their crowned Christian heads expelled Jews from 49+ countries.

Jews were expelled from Holy Russia also.  Christian Czars were of the same opinion as the Roman Popes when it came to Jews.  We ever hear about the pogrom but who gives us the why of them?  Ask yourselves,  “what could be the impetus for getting beaten to death in the streets?”

Christendom of old had little tolerance for Jewish ways.  The antithesis of nowadays.  During the Middle Ages, Jews were given short shrift.  And got evicted from their digs — a lot.  Hence the term “wandering Jew” I suppose.  It explains why the Jews dubbed this time “The Dark Ages.”  Dark for them.   They were constantly getting the boot from their host countries.  And some of them got burned at the stake for their evil deeds.

Jews wrote the book on hate.  It’s called the Babylonian Talmud in 60-some volumes bashing the Lord Jesus Christ and His followers.  In it they call St. Mary a whore and her Son, a bastard.  The Talmud teaches Jews to lie, steal, cheat and swindle.  And it says that non-Jews are cattle to be enslaved.  So yeah Mister Baptist Association, bring on your “lectures” about Isaiah and Israel any day of the week.  I’m all-ears.  But don’t you dare paraphrase a single Word of God’s.

In this lame spewing of Talmudic pus, one is wearied by puerile belly-aching.  Slogging through it, I thought how the “author” read like a green hack working for ADL (Anti-Defamation League).  As if.  All they do is defame.  They have more than one sore spot for the Pope.   I think they hate Christians even more than Muslims.

Baptists have no motive for demonizing the Church of St. Peter the Rock.  They are presently getting dive-bombed with anti-Catholic and anti-Muslim propaganda from both foyer text and their pulpits.  Their preachers attend propaganda lectures that teach them to bash Catholics and Muslims to their congregations.

Who else has motive to sow the seeds of division among Christians?  The Jews have ever been infiltrators, usurpers, arch-liars and terrorists.  They are a criminal cult in my opinion.   As my Lord put it, they are the children of the devil.  Of  course theirs is the campaign to wreck and divide solidarity among Christians.

In this badly-written canard, God’s Word is falsified.  They omit words from verses to change the meaning, particularly Matthew 16:18 (page 4).  And again on page 5.  Their text is larded with baloney that makes me wanna puke.

The text laments a priestly station between God and man.   Who the heck else will keep these straying loiterers on a narrow path?   I hear the words spoken to Lot, “Find me one good man.”  To Noah it was already decided — get on the boat.

The text wails over the Catholic Latin Bible text supposedly hoarded by the church during the “Dark Ages.”  Johannes Gutenburg’s printing press didn’t come along till 1440.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  I say today that few people will crack a book, given all the text in the world.  And Jews bank on it to keep them stupid.

If anyone who makes it through this tedious heap of Catholic-bashing wants a shot of what a true Catholic feels like:  Google Father Charles Coughlin and get ready for the gale.   Have a listen to his radio broadcasts from the 1930’s.

Based on the Jew hate-meters, Coughlin bore the stamp of God.  They hated him even more than John F. Kennedy (and still hate him) with a passion.  Find a grave?  Dude, he lived for 88 years.  Top it.


Now Coughlin – that is a Pope for the Vatican.  Boy would he blow the abject lint out of that place.  Praise his seraphic soul On High.

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