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Daycare Nightmare

December 28, 2009

       I got a sudden impulse and whipped into the parking lot of a daycare center.  Never been a parent.  And had no clue what one of those things might be like.  This was the day I planned on finding out.

       Upon entering the place I was eagerly attended by assorted women.  They offered to give me a tour and brochure.  I accepted both.

       From the outside it seemed like a tidy and salubrious place.  Big cheery sign, trust-worthy and friendly looking establishment.  If I had a small child I might be compelled to bring him here.  But what I saw inside horrified me.

       I was appalled by the stale, expired air — moist from too many lungs.  I walked among misery.  So many captives crammed into little rooms like the Chicago stock yards.  They looked up at me beseechingly.  Their tortured eyes seemed to ask, “Have you come to rescue me from this place?”

     As I walked through the crowded, maxed-out rooms I thought of how fast one microbe would spread from breath-to-breath.  Breeding zone for disease and contagion. 

       Upon leaving I was told how they “had room for more children” and how they looked forward to hearing from me about enrolling mine.

       Noisy rooms made teaching a stretch for their so-called curriculum.  After earnest research I learned that this was the Communist Manifesto put into practice.  They take a baby, six months old, away from his mother and begin socializing him for future service to the regime.

       They mold minds in these places.  Wash brains and pick them via “learning tools” to spy on the family’s home life.  The children are told to draw pictues about their daily family lives.  They keep journals in which they are asked to report on family activities.  These are simply devices for a clandestine vista into peoples’ homes.  The children become unwitting spies and informants to a Marxist government.  Dissent, independent thought, initiative, resistence, rebellion and above all, Godliness, are traits that work against a regime looking to enslave its people.

      No wonder home-schooling and organic small farms have been demonized by the government.  One nourishes the mind and the other nourishes the body.  Together they cultivate a force to be reckoned with.  One that rattles the timbers of a corrupt government.  Never send your kids to daycare.  Never wean them on fast-food and irradiated apples.

      I asked the daycare’s corporate headquarters for information about their learning texts and was told, “That is privileged information.”  What’s the big, dark secret?  The way things read to me seems like their kiddy curriculum was designed by a room full of child psychiatrists with sinister intent.

      Crowd the children of wage-slaves into little sweaty rooms.  Brain-wash them into docile, acquiescent, future wage-slaves.  Make them Godless yet worshipful of a monstrous government.