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March 13, 2013

( T h e    R e v i e w s )


Those who do not read histories are doomed to repeat them.  Put it in stone.

The malefactor is part of a collective whose methods have a signature.  We who know the beast recognise his work.  We perceive his deeds whether they were done 2000 years ago or last week.

In the latest rendition of his El Presidio memoir, the jews could not muffle the scream of Armando Valladares.  Despite their obligatory Hitler-bashing in the book’s new preface, they could not muddy the water.  They could not silence the truth of a Godly Cubano.

Though the jews did not invent the printing press, they sure seem to control it these days.  What could Hitler have to do with jewish communism, you idiots?  He was the stark antithesis to jews and their filth.

Addressing Hitlerian hedges as a necessary preface to this review, they can be found in other books.  For example, I came across a big fat one on page 387 of Michael Hoffman’s *Judaism Discovered* (2008 edition).  What jew has him over a barrel?  On page 650 “Mr. Footnote” has not a single footnote to support his text.  Hell no.  That’s because he was apparently writing propaganda for the jews.  I question many pages of Hoffman’s tome.  Perhaps I should review it.  Better batten down the hatches, Hoffman.  Anybody who discredits *The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion* is either a jew or one of their puppets.

It shocked me to read Hitlerian hedges on pages 380 and 391 of David Duke’s otherwise fine text, *My Awakening.*  These hedges are sown like thistles among the wheat of Duke’s book.  Could he possibly not know they were there?  He’s got a Ph.D. in history.

Jews either have these men in thumb-screws or are blackmailing them like they did Woodrow Wilson — into signing something that they know is wrong.

Can Ph.D.’s claim ignorance?  Can they be duped?  Can a critic of the jews be compromised?  Go ask Ingrid Rimland, Gordon Duff’s loudest cheerleader.

Come I then — to write of Armando Valladares.  In these 428 pages, Andrew Hurley takes license with his translation.  I find it hard to believe that a guy named “Israel” would have shared a cell with Catholic Cubanos.  As if a jew would ever be jailed by jews in a jewish concentration camp built for Christians.  Give me a break Mister Hurley Burley.  According to Cubanos whom I interviewed recently in Miami, Castro’s momma was a jew.

Despite the irrelevant and obligatory Nazi-bashing, this translation still serves Catholic Cuba.  Armando Valladares has too many previous accounts of his commie hell on the street for the jews to distort his 2001 edition of *Against All Hope:  A Memoir of Life in Castro’s Gulag*.

All hail the power of the pen.  Valladares is a writer.

What the reader learns from Valladares is what happens to a Christian island when the jews take over.

In 53 chapters, Valladares recounts his experience as a political prisoner in post 1959 Cuba.  We read of his 22 years in a man-made hell inside thick prison walls crawling with lice, bed-bugs and rats.  Yet my Cuban friends told me that it was hell enough outside the prison walls to put them on rafts in search of ocean currents to Miami.

A jewish torture prison is what all communist jails are.  Of course the jews would project their commie crimes onto Hitler’s Germany — some how, some way.  Since it was Hitler’s Germany that put a righteous boot in their swindling asses and sent them to work in Hitler’s factories.  Auschwitz was a work camp not a torture prison.  Leave murder, torture and medical experiments to the jews.  Valladares will fill you in.

Karl Marx is the father of communism.   Karl Marx was a venomous jew.  Communism is Marxism.  Marxism is communism.  Got it?  If not, you need to get it.  Because on page 4 of Valladares’ book he quotes the lying jew Castro from a television broadcast, “Democracy is my ideal, really… I am not a Communist.”  (Meet the Press, 1959)

Democracy by my witness appears to be a pre-cancerous state in the body politic.  We are a few clicks from communism in this country right now.  If they ever get your guns America, you’re going to commie pinko jew hell.  Let Armando here tell you all about it.  He’s from the “Don’t Let This Happen To You” Club.

Communism happened in Russia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Cuba…  Do you think it could happen in the USA?  Ever heard of the Patriot Act?  Ever read what’s in it?  Maybe you should.

According to Valladares, during the commie take-over of Cuba, he was labeled as a terrorist.  Catholic priests were labeled as enemies of the state.  The commies rounded up people that they thought might oppose them and threw them into gigantic prisons.  College graduates and priests made them particularly nervous.  Same shtick the jews pulled in Russia, they pulled in Cuba.

Proof in the pigment?  I never saw so many red-headed jews claiming to be Cubans in my life until I hit the Universidad de Miami.  Well heck.

Today in Canada, Australia and across Europe, the commie jews are throwing people into prison for criticising them or denying their fabricated Nazi Holocaust.  Is this not a sign of things to come for America where jews nest like bed-bugs in our judiciaries, churches, industries, academe and government?  And where their economic “take-down” is in full swing?

Let Valladares speak to that in detail.  Though he never mentions the word “jew” we can deduce who he is talking about by the description of their crimes.  Call them anything you wish, but their crimes will always define them.  They are an organised criminal tribe.  Communism is their form of government.

They are currently raping Palestine and getting ignorant American Christians to support them at it.  God help us.  What more do you need to have your nose rubbed in?  A slain daughter on the side of the road with her dress hiked up.  Bludgeoned to death — Red Army style.

Have they not left enough calling cards across history?  But oh yes, most people don’t read history.  They just watch TV — the commie brainwash box.

Armando Valladares learned “who” communism is yet he dared not spell it out.  Instead he gives a long list of the low-brows and “Igors” whom the jews harnessed to do their dirty work in Cuba.  Valladares used terms like “the authorities, the victimizers and the system” to describe the shadowy communists behind Castro-the-jew.

The same pattern of churl-harnessing was employed in France and Russia.  Ignorant rabble was whipped into a foam to overthrow King and Czar for the jew.  Same old shtick over and over.  It is formulaic.  Agitate the unlettered masses into an envious, blood-thirsty mob by feeding them lies about their betters.  Do this from a soap-box because the rabble cannot read.  Then use them as an army against those you wish to usurp.  Tell the crazed mob that “the revolution” will bring freedom, equality, justice and prosperity.  After their dirty work is done and victory is won — retract all your promises and enslave them.  That’s communism.  Got it yet?

Valladares sure does.

As I read the author’s horror stories, I saw proof of how his testimony ran nose-to-nose with the blueprint of *The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.*  This little jewish blueprint is true because most of it has already come to pass.  And to the letter of what has been written.  It is in lock-step with Biblical prophecy and those of the Holy Qur’an.

Given the Bible, the Qur’an and the Protocols, there is no place a jew can hide today.  But he can try.  They change their names and hide behind iron gates at unlisted addresses.  They hide behind hirelings and limo tint.  Oh how the light of day does burn them.

Well Armando, I would like to give you a gold star for your thick book.  But I can’t because you don’t have the guts to call a jew a jew.  And after all they put you through?  Dude, for shame.

At least his harrowing testimony slams a few more bricks into this growing foundation.

Then I looked in his acknowledgements and see a character that might be the reason for Valladares’ obsequious fealty to the jews:  Carl Gershman (National Endowment for Democracy, haaaaa).  This guy swooped up on Valladares after his release from prison.  But of course.  Jew damage control.  Oversee Valladares’ galloping pen.  Hence the Nazi-bashing.  Hence the Hitler hedges.  Hence the plugs for a character named Israel.