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50 Days in Gaol

August 5, 2013


( T h e    R e v i e w s )

Dedicated to the great Horst Mahler, Dr. Fredrick Töben launches his * 50 Days in Gaol * from Heathrow Airport.   In September 2008, Töben was arrested there while still on the plane at the arrival gate.  The warrant for his arrest was issued by arm-twisted, knee-calloused Germany for the ridiculous claim of “Holocaust denial.”


What a smear on Germany, her disgusting servility to bolshevism.  One is given the fine point in Töben’s book.  Beginning with his arrest, we are educated on how the jewish bullshit industry works.


The international jew knows that what his bribery cannot secure, threats of poverty and terrorism likely shall.  So Töben’s ilk faces no small obstacle.  Let the long list of German names in this valiant movement defray from a corrupt German judiciary.


Töben names the courageous people who have supported him during this and other hassles.  Gerard Menuhin wrote the eloquent foreword to this book, for example.  A fierce indoctrination for the reader, despite the minefield of taboo’s for the writer.


Categorized with criminals, Töben makes the most of his time in jail.  He turned it into a learning experience, stating that “…if the illicit drug trade were to be de-criminalized, then most jails would lose at least three-quarters of their inmates, and solicitors and judges would be looking elsewhere for jobs.”


That virtuous gentlemen like Töben get thrown in the slammer illustrates the jewish blueprint of * The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion *.  In this little “expose all,” the jews gloat about how men like Töben will be labeled criminals and left to rot in jail.  There is little in this jewish blueprint that has not come to pass, which confirms its authenticity.  No way to cry foul about it.  Truth is truth.  Fact is fact.  But lies eventually all trip over their sundry versions of a story.  Now don’t they, counselor.  Why else practice cross-examination?


Indeed if truth had no value, then our algebra would be worthless.  Our engineering, a joke.  There would be no bridges, tall buildings, aircraft nor their ocean-going carriers.  Because math proves truth.  First you write the algorithms.  Then you work the practical applications.  If the plane doesn’t fly, your math won’t either.


Hence Töben’s argument about the lackluster Nazi smear-job.  There is not a shred of evidence to prove that Nazi Germany exterminated jews.  None of the ridiculous bullshit about so-called “death camps” flies mathematically, chemically, nor in any other science provable by man.  They have yet to produce the first atom of forensic evidence corroborating the kangaroo court of Nuremberg.


Is there any wonder, therefore, why the jews have written “laws” gagging truth-speakers and scientists from presenting their findings on Töben’s behalf?  Is there any wonder why “truth is no defence” in court when it comes to matters Holocaust-Shoah?


Well of course not.  If Töben and Company galloped into court with what they know the whole sham house of cards would fall.  So would Israel.  Israeli jews would have to go live somewhere else and face the music of their hoax – in the round – to a global audience.  I wager they would rather die and go to hell.


As one turns the pages of  * 50 Days in Gaol ,* the author’s experience verifies more pages in * The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. *  If there is one thing that a jew loves to do more than swindle the poor, it is to toot his own horn.  So expect the poetic justice of Töben’s book to run them through with an Excalibur of irrefutable Truth.  Despite the fact that in the jew’s courtroom, “truth is no defence.”


The reader is introduced to revisionists so great that one is humbled by their rectitude.  Professor Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, Germar Rudolph, Udo Walendy and others who have taken their stand against the beast — come what may.  Unlike the turncoats and sellouts of the Second World War, these champion reformers stand tall and firm.  They tower above the groveling multitudes who would rather “live on their knees than die on their feet,” as Francis Parker Yockey wrote.


Excalibur is right.  Truth has a shimmer that out-flashes the gaudy glitz of lies.  And unlike the damned, Truth never dies.  You bolsheviks only have so long to strut upon the stage.  According to the brilliant minds in Töben’s chorus, it’s been a bad act so far.  The bamboo hook is coming.