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July 17, 2015

Alcohol is legal and easy to get.  If you are under the age of getting it legally, you can have a friend buy it for you who is a little older.  The “legal drinking age” law is a joke.


Alcohol is a convenient anterograde amnesiac.  Even without doping it with other drugs, alcohol has many sinister uses.


Unattractive men use alcohol to get sex.  They buy it for women at bars all the time.  The ploy is to get her drunk enough so that she will “do anything” and have no memory of it in the morning.


Think about the utility of alcohol for agents of terrorism — for example.  People who are addicted to alcohol are numerous.  It is easy to target them in society.  Once targetted, they can be employed for anything.  Just get them drunk enough and they will do your bidding.  They will pass out afterwards and not remember a thing.


A colleague of mine shared how the dentist offered a drug for use with his children.   They have a sweet drink before the dental procedure that erases their memories of everything that happened.  This precludes anxiety about their next dental visit.


Amnesiacs have many uses.  When people get drunk enough, they will do anything.  Retaining no memory of what they did.  They have to be told by their friends what they did at wild parties.


The reason “demon alcohol” is a term applied to alcohol does not require elaboration.


People who get very drunk will have a sudden change of personality.  They become someone else.  And do things that they would otherwise never do.


Heinous murders, crimes of all kinds, animal cruelty, dare-devil stunts, disgusting acts of lunacy, etc., the list is endless of what a drunk will do.


Yet alcohol is legal.  And marijuana (cannabis, hemp) is not.


Why?  Because many people who currently “use” alcohol will switch to marijuana.  They will prefer it, enjoying the plant’s natural anti-depressant quality.  Cannabis is non-addicting.  It cannot erase your memory.  People will simply grow it in their gardens next to their tomatoes.  Then all the hype, jail-time, underground smuggling and peddling will have to stop.  Think of all the money that somebody will stop making off this plant.  Because it cannot be employed for acts of terrorism, marijuana has no use for the “organisation” who orchestrates acts of terrorism.


The same organisation that engineers world terrorism, writes your laws, rapes your daughters and murders your sons.  They use alcohol and drugs to manipulate and control unwitting operatives.


A word about sex and pornography.  They use these to manipulate and control males.  Women are seldom swayed by the promise of sex.  Pornography and sex are addictions of males, not females.  Every doctor can tell you why.  But he won’t.


So alcohol and its chemical counterpart are the “go to” manipulator for those who would render your daughters a porn star.  Girls gone wild?  No.  They were just drunk.


Without alcohol there would be no frat parties or home made pornography.  There are few women in the world who would succomb to humiliating acts of whoredom unless they were hammered out of their minds.


You can observe this fact in “adult” movies.  The rare sober girl has tears in her eyes.   Reluctant porn stars are women who have been tricked into the industry.  Take a guess at who runs your porn industry world-wide.


It follows that the architects of 9/11 are behind every other act of terrorism.  Why wouldn’t they be?  The sky is the limit of what they will do next.  They control every industry, write your laws, defile your daughters and trample underfoot the Law of God.


Alcohol is the handiest tool in their shed.