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Lowercase Jay

April 30, 2013


Many months ago I began using a lower case *j* to distinguish organised criminal jewry from those of their tribe who are not  a party to their ways.


Souls born to an Eastern European Khazar/Ashkenazi mother may call themselves Jews by blood and tradition.  They say they are Jews as an ethnicity.  Many are atheist who call themselves jews.  And some are destined for great things in the future that will separate them from the lowercase jays.


A few months into this usage of lowercase jays, I noticed others began to do it.  A sign that I am getting read.  I use additional literary eccentricities as markers for other things.  These I have seen popping up in communist “controlled opposition” rags.


The same held true for pragmatic maneuvers like using two asterisks to highlight the title of a book.  Within a month or two, others began to follow suit.


Now my boys at the CIA (and their creepy buddies) use copy-cat tactics for disinfo purposes.  They need to mislead as many as they can.  Truth fears no investigation — but is feared universally.  Truth is respected by the falsifiers because it has the power to turn a herd.  Or trigger a stampede.