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October 5, 2009

You shall not learn the truth from your mainstream media or that nauseating television we find everywhere today — even blaring above the lockers in gym dressing rooms.  TV’s are in your face on treadmills and exercise bikes.  Turn those things off before they give you radiation burns.  They are a few inches from you face.  You know why?  Because the Wizard does not want you to have your own thoughts while you are exercising.  He wants to control your mind.  Like his medical mafia controls your body with drugs — many of which also control your mind as a side-effect.

Presently most people are confused.  They have been fed lies for so long they think it’s food.  They have been rused and duped by the Wizard’s “dis-information” teams.  The same gang who pits U.S. Marines against innocents.  And gives orders to bomb and kill civilians on behalf of Israeli hatred.  The same horse’s ass who reels in boys right out of high school and promises them the moon at the recruiter’s office.  In less than a year the boy’s got post traumatic stress syndrome. 

Blackwater has changed their name again.  Mercenary whores.  They should change their name — to shame. 

The Wizard’s agents are dug in like head-lice all around you.  In the medical industry, academe, the food and drug industry, government, publishing houses and at the bottlenecks of control spanning every industry.  They supply your children with text books and dictionaries.  They are re-defining English words to suit their lies.  They are even re-writing the Christian Bible and changing the words of Jesus Christ.  They are putting out oceans of bum dope about Islam and the so-called nature of the Muslim mind.  They are think-tanks who think they have you figured out.  

These are the same jack-asses who have smeared and demonized Adolf Hitler for decades.  But they keep quiet about Menachim Begin, Ariel Sharon, Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, the Bolsheviks and the owners of those slave ships that brought Africans to America.  Don’t you find that quizzical?

I never hear about their suggestions for you to get a copy of Hitler’s well-known, but little-read book in support of their premise.  Why is that do you suppose?  If he was the evil demon they say he was, why wouldn’t the inner workings of his mind bear it out?  Why have they worked so hard to suppress Hitler’s book?  Why have they censored large blocks of text from it?  What is it that they don’t want you to know?  What is it that they don’t want you to learn?

The truth.  It lights up the night.  Like a torch. 

After you read the Qur’an about the demonized Muslims, you should read Mein Kampf and get demonized Hitler’s side of the story.  It pays to get both sides of a story,  before you snap-up what passes for history or news.  I double-dog dare you to read Mein Kampf

By history I do not mean a dis-info campaign.  This you can find in your children’s school books.  Only truth merits ink and paper.  Fiction isn’t worth your time.

Ask yourself this.  Who has motive to lie about something?  Saddam Hussein?  Jesus Christ?  Gabriel of God?  Adolf Hitler?  Or those who demonize them?

Go to the sources and do your own homework.  It is, after all, where a nuclear engineer and heart surgeon learn what they know.  They didn’t learn their professions from TV or People Magazine.  Nor did the guys at Boeing who designed a noise-free jet.

It’s amazing how many people will try to argue with you about books they have never read.  Where does that even come from?  Please read something.  But turn off the TV first.  It’s not your friend and it’s not good company.

Learn that Christians have no business killing Muslims.  They have too much in common.  And that Hitler’s mind was drug-free, sound and morally-charged.  According to the unabridged book that bears his by-line, Adolf Hitler has been as framed as Saddam Hussein, Jesus Christ and the so-called Muslim terrorists who are supposed to have been the culprits of 9/11.  Hussein was hanged, Jesus was crucified and they are still killing Muslims.

Those of us who do our own thinking know that 9/11 was an act of treason against America by its own government in partnership with baby-sniping Israel — the mother of lies.  Never forget what they did to the USS LIBERTY.  And never forget who invented terrorism in the first place. 

The same bunch who invented false advertising invented false-flag warfare.  “By deception thou shalt do war” is a motto every American should know.  Piece of advice for young soldiers marching off to war:  know who your enemy is — and who he is not.