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June 28, 2010

The Internet is fraught with worried liars seeking to confuse and mislead independent thinkers.  Their motive is clear — scatter decoys and throw people off the path of discovery.  They want to obscure the real news, knowing that truth has a flavor.

Once you get a taste of it —  you’ll know what it is.

Today’s media stands at the threshold of cataclysm.  The modes of media that survive, even thrive, shall be those who make bringing truth to the people their hallmark.  High-impact writing, devoid of slant, spin and evasive mumbo-jumbo is what today’s reader expects from a journalist.  Gone are the days of the news room team-player.

Gone are the days also of controlling who can and cannot access information.  Get yourself a Macintosh.

There is a new awareness on the streets.  It comes to the chagrin and worry of those who would bar the ordinary citizen from the power of knowledge.  This “thought police” has published their concerns in an academic journal whose words fly 200 miles above the Middle American radar.  The writers of this discussion are worried about new technologies that are not just cheap but sometimes even free.  These technologies are user-friendly, accessible, and fast.  More harrowingly, they are global.

Based on these new developments and digital technologies, the average citizen, given the desire to learn, can educate himself to threatening new heights.  This makes the news reader of the future a different animal.  He will expect more from his news media because with access to high speed Internet, he will be able to get translations of news from around the world.  Conducting his own research, this new animal can compare notes, check facts and bounce what he has learned off the daily feed of his local media.

The fog of the last century is lifting.  But there is a gathering storm encroaching on every major newspaper.  Their readerships are getting their news from all over the world now and it does not jibe with what they are reading in their local papers.  The billion dollar question for the mainstream media is “and why is that?”

“A journalist’s credibility, once lost, is gone forever,” a professor recently taught.  So too is gone forever the reputation of one whose character has been assassinated by the press.  The professor added, “A journalist is in the business of truth-telling.”

If it is the truth, we get to print it.  There are basic elements of a news story that should always be answered.  Given the answers to who, where, what, when, and how, the “why” may be discerned.

In the Miami Herald there was a story about how Palestinian refugees had been taken in by Chile. The Spanish-speaking, predominantly-Christian country embraced these Muslims with a warm welcome. The refugees joined an already thriving population of 300,000 other Palestinians who now call Chile home. There were several quotes from one Palestinian family that the story featured. They spoke of their two-year ordeal living in squalid tents, fearing for their lives from harassment and attacks. They fled after one of their neighbors was killed in front of them. In each quote describing the atrocities suffered by this Palestinian family, the pronoun “they” was used to describe their attackers.  This leaves a reader curious as to who “they” were. Never once were “they” identified. What kind of news-writing is this?  Today’s reader demands all the facts — not just some of them. He does not want the doctored facts or the censored facts.  He wants the unaltered whole of it and he wants it now.

A concern for those who own today’s news media is what Howard Rheingold refers to as “smart mobs” in his new book.  Rheingold’s phrase has been adopted by sociologists who discuss in their journals the threat of self-educating new citizens who might begin to think for themselves.  This could bring about a social revolution.  Why such an upheaval is not good news to everyone is piquant.  Why would such a revolution not be good news?  It entails none of the carnage of the French, Cuban or Bolshevik revolutions, for example, so what is not to like about it?  Why would it not be good news to have a smarter readership?  What sinister efficacy would ignorance serve the captains of industry?  Perhaps this is a feature story that mainstream newspapers could take for action.

No doubt aiding the media’s tailspin are exposes about historic news spanning the last century.  This historic “news” is full of holes.  What is watertight; however, is testimony.

People who have been heretofore silenced, imprisoned and smeared by the press are coming out of the woodwork to tell their stories.  Some of them have grown old and infirm enough to no longer have anything to lose.  So they have given recent interviews.  The fear of death has loomed over such witnesses as the truth has been kept from the world.

Was the news media in cahoots with those to whom truth is a threat?  What passed for news on such matters suggests that this is the case.  If so, it is a scandal worthy of more than public pillory.  That is not the kind of media we want in our news rooms.  This is at the heart of why newspapers are taking a nosedive.  They have lost credibility with their readerships on a global scale.

The muckraking that is going on today outshines Nellie Bly in that it transcends the hack-mentality of a beat reporter.  There seems a higher purpose to this movement.  It has taken on a life of its own, like MicroSoft-ware, except it works for the good of the people.  A force to be reckoned with, the modern muckraking movement is rocking the foundations of the world’s belief systems, infiltrating every knowledge-base.  There is no stone it leaves unturned.  The literate world is experiencing a shockwave of illumination devoid and despite of the mainstream media.

It appears that this phenomenon is beyond the scope, reach, policing and control of the current establishment — and much to their dismay.  It has gone too far, too fast for retraction.  It has flung forth like a strike fighter from the catapult.  It has been launched like an Exocet or righteous, rollicking round.

To the jailers of truth, to the gatekeepers of knowledge, to the barons of education – the Internet is the biggest nightmare of their lives.  The World Wide Web makes what used to be viciously-guarded available to anyone who can read.  For purveyors of half-truths, propaganda and filler gibberish, it tolls the knell of their sinking ships.  The Internet has awakened a sleeping lion.

Newspapers who want to survive will need to walk a straighter line.  What has passed for news is no longer holding water.  People have stopped buying lies, subterfuge, ruses, cover-ups and propaganda.  Hearst’s snow-jobs have gone the way of the whale-bone corset.

People want a media with credibility.  Americans are waking up, wising up and bucking up.  They are hungry for new caliber.  People are tired of a press who couches and breaks bread with corrupt politicians.  And crawls up the bomb-bay of Bilderberg. Good writing is a craft, but lying should not be.  America does not need another Stephen Glass.

Today’s mainstream press is in deep kimchi.  People are being informed by maverick muckrakers that big media has lied to them on the hard news for not just a decade, but for over 50 years.  Things are coming out in the wash to the disgrace of big news organizations.  The government is likewise losing credibility with an increasingly research-savvy and skeptical public.  When it comes to the press and the government these days, people are questioning everything.

Unlike the years prior to 1995, people are no longer limited to their sources of information.  The world is now at their fingertips.  If they can read and have time, they can learn about anything without setting foot into a library or leaving their homes.

Perhaps it is time for a media renaissance.  Change is good when things are bad.  The time has come for a strident evaluation of the Federal Reserve.  No private bank should masquerade as a Federal anything.  So too should an in-depth analysis of our mass media be conducted by neutral outsiders who have no vested interests.

The bottom-feeders of the press who hound celebrities and smear non-threatening famous people are what The Project for Excellence in Journalism calls “exploitative jackals.”  These same jackals know better than to snap at the heels of a Rockefeller or shoot telephoto of a Rothschild.  One must pose the question, “why do you think that is?”  Such jackals hounded Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed to their deaths.  What made Fayed a yellow press target whilst Mr. Rockefeller enjoys immunity?

A plausible factor for the yellow press’s inconsistencies about whom they hunt, harass and lampoon is either a secret loyalty to those they leave alone or a fear of tit for tat in the shooting game.  What paparazzi gadfly wishes to find himself in the cross-hairs of Heckler and Koch?

Some people are clearly above the law and the press knows it.  Not exposing what they know to be the truth does not win the mainstream media points with a public who is growing more informed every day.  Ask those babies they burned at Waco.  Where was the press when they needed them?  You want a story?  Go interview Janet Reno.  She should have more time to give interviews these days.  Burning all those innocent people should not only be fresh on her mind, it will hound her for the rest of her days.  If this was our Department of Justice at work what does it say about the rest of our government?

There is enough real news breaking in the world without prying into the personal lives of public figures for sport and lampoonery.  If some people are game for scrutiny then they should all be game for scrutiny.  Inconsistencies like these are a telling wall for the dishonesty and corruption that drive today’s media.  Let the tailspin of the press be a sign of the times.  Let it write into the sky poetic justice for a media gone wrong.

The press has long lavished a pillory on certain people while giving others a wide berth.  Vicious character assassinations have been made of people on flimsy premise while more questionable folks get away with murder.  William Randolph Hearst’s newspaper helped sentence a man to death in a speedy trial – a man whose widow protested his execution unto her death of old age.  Hearst’s “news” deliberately fanned the flames of suspicion against a man who has never been proven guilty.  Once the press drags a name through the mud, it is indelibly mired.  The uneven hand of the media is suspicious in a profession where blind justice is required.  Why would anyone spend two cents on a newspaper like that?

Given all “this news” it is less difficult to figure out why the entry lobby of the Miami Herald employs maximum security and uses a decoy building to distract visitors from its location.  Why would a newspaper office have to resort to the security of Fort Knox?  What does it have to fear from its public that merits this kind of fortification?  The answer to these questions will reveal what can be done to save the sinking ship of today’s mainstream media.


The Holy Qur’an

June 22, 2010

The Reviews

From the first line of The Holy Qur’an I was gripped by the acerbic Voice of superhuman rank –  words smote me from a General Officer in God’s Army who had no time for pleasantries or political correctitude.  He knew my guts.  He knew my soul.  Turn the page.

I couldn’t put it down, The Qur’an.  I’m only sorry that I have waited this long to read another of God’s great books.  A fiercely-written manual of operations.  Orders from the top.    No minced words.  No split hairs.  Just a rapid succession of clarion blasts from the High Ground that blow anti-Muslim propaganda out of the water.

The clarity of Gabriel’s message is 20/20 acuity on a sunny day.

There is no ambiguity, contradiction, double-talk or gibberish in the pure and literal translations of the Qur’an.  For such roads to Chicago, you can go to the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible (Fifth Improved Edition) published by B.B. Kirkbride Bible Company.  What a rip-off.  They advertise this “Bible” as a large print version.  That is a lie.  I have a standard print version of the text that is twice the size of the font in Thompson’s “large letter” version.  Thompson’s dead wood is a falsely-advertised tome of reference gibberish designed to discourage Bible reading.  This cumbersome load of wearying twaddle boasts 80+% of superfluous microscopic print that smothers the King James text.  God’s Word is reduced to 50% of each page, flanked by distracting margin notes (forked roads to nowhere leading the reader away from the text and dropping him off down a dirt road).  What a burdensome load of wasted paper, this thing.  They made sure to weigh you down with useless words and the dead wood they are written on.  Most of this text is a burden to the mind and body.  They want to make sure that you will only pick it up once. 

Gabriel has a few words for the B.B. Kirkbride Corporation and all those with whom they have set up partners.  His pert words can be found in The Holy Qur’an.  Read them, o’ Biblica, and be afraid.  They were written for you expressly.  Compliments of God Almighty.   Known to the Muslims as Allah.  Jesus called Him, “The Father who sent me.”

Throughout the text of The Holy Qur’an, one is overwhelmed by hurricane-force, minimalist eloquence.  Gabriel explicitly points out how his message is written to be clear and direct.  He uses few words with high impact, God’s hallmark – always.  The verses are lain out, boldly, clearly, bulletized, itemized.  Bam, bam, bam.  In tandem.  The antithesis of Lucifer’s rambling deltas of rubbish.

The Qur’an is brazen, beautiful, forceful, over-powering.  Wanted.  Needed.  Hungered-after.  Any seeker stops here in his tracks, falls to his knees and knows that this is the Word of God.  Gabriel pistol-whips you with it.  He punches you in the kisser and knocks you off your feet.  There’s nothing else you can say.  You are breathless.  Speechless.  On your knees.  Listening in humility and belief to his Voice. 

Doubt me?  Read it and find out.  I dare you.

What Voice is that you ask?  The brash Voice of a warrior angel, Mr. War College.  That’s who.  He of the tri-pinions.  The Messenger of the Annunciation.  Force Multiplied beyond anything you guys can envision for 2025.  The Voice of Archangel.  One to reckon with Mr. Battle Ax, God’s Business End.  Is he your foe?  Or is he your friend? 

Better check that IFF.

Throughout the Qur’an, Gabriel speaks from the Collective.  Often he uses the pronoun, “We” in reference to The Host to which he belongs.  He speaks in a Commander fashion.  Like a leading General who answers directly to God.  A Voice that belts out The Law with punch, pluck, saucy wit and superhuman charisma.  A chest jutting out firm against all Eternity.  Woe unto the fool who dares to meet him on the field.

There is nothing in this brilliant book that demeans or demoralizes women.  All that propaganda about how Islam abuses women based on the Qur’an is a lie.  Her place in God’s design is clearly stated.  But it is nothing that human anatomy has not already borne out.  Fight city hall if you want to, lady, but Gabriel will only smirk.  He knows who you are.  And how God made you.  You are by design, sister.

Gabriel says that God made the angels out of smokeless fire.  And that they were not made in the image of women — “Why would God make angels like women who are no good in a fight?”

Everyone should read this Book.  Especially Christians.  If every Christian read the Qur’an, they would never take up arms against a Muslim.    Because we’re on the same team.

Book of Mormon

June 22, 2010

The Reviews

After a few attempts from young men to visit, The Book of Mormon showed up in my mail box.  Then I did what I infer that the Mormon wards and their publishers do not expect anyone to do:  I read the Book of Mormon.

And now I’m going to review it.

Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon reads like the author was out to make a name for himself.  And so he did — by re-inventing the Christian wheel and starting a new religion.

My thinking has always been this.  If something isn’t broken, why would you want to fix it?  In the final sentences of the Book of Revelation, Saint John the Divine wrote that no man should add to or take away from anything that was written in his book.

So here comes Smith with a penchant for writing long and winding roads.  He lifts text out of the King James Bible (almost to the letter in many places) from Isaiah, Malachi and Matthew, and couches it in a long, untenable saga.  Smith’s story is so far-fetched and absurd that only a man could have written it.  And just a man.  The Word of God has a distinct signature.  Smith’s writing does not have it.

I cannot accept the story about brass plates and gold plates.  Which is it, Mr. Smith?  Brass or gold?  Nor can I accept the hokey, fabricated-looking names for men and cities in his tale.  None of it reads real.  Where are the back-of-the-book maps that show the travels of these characters?  My Bible sure has them.  Along with names, places and corroborating histories.

Lehi’s people traveled from Jerusalem to somewhere in the new world we now call “The Americas.”  Smith’s book never tells us exactly where.  Nor does it tell us how the Nephite tribe makes it to New England where one of them (Moroni) buries the gold plates for the future Joseph Smith to conveniently find.

Wouldn’t you know that after Smith digs the golden plates up and transposes a language that the text calls “New Egyptian,” that an angel takes the plates away.  How convenient again.  Now Smith doesn’t have to produce tangible evidence of his find.  In lieu of that he gets a bunch of his relatives to sign an oath that they all saw the plates.  This is published in the introduction to the Book of Mormon, which is curious.  Because God’s Word requires neither an introduction nor footnotes.  His Word is as bright as the light of day.  When it hits you – there is no question of what it is or where it’s from.

Why did Smith need metal plates to base his story on?  I think it is because he didn’t get any telepathic downloads.  I think he made up the text as he went along.

In the introduction to the Book of Mormon, one gets the feeling that somebody is bending over backwards to sell you a story.  They leave out the biographical bit, however, about how Joseph Smith’s life ended.  Convenient yet again.  Because according to my extra-scriptural studies, Smith was killed by brother Masons who were angry with him for having married some of their wives.  (Joseph Smith:  Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman, )

The part of this rambling yarn that I find most ridiculous is how Smith puts words into the mouth of Jesus Christ.  Smith wrote some loblolly attributed to Jesus in Ether 3:9.  An omnipotent spirit would not need to ask a man what the man had seen.  Because omnipotence already knows.  Smith copy-cats the story of Salame’s dance in Ether 8:10.  There are many such Biblical echo’s throughout his text.

Smith’s writing is lurid and sensational in places.  Some of it reads like pulp fiction.  He goes on for pages about blood-bath battles and forced cannibalism, torture and mass killings.  The Lamanites and Nephites are ever at war.  The text claims that they had built many great cities in the new world.  Yet I have read of no archeological evidence of these places.  According to the Book of Mormon, Lehi and his family sailed to the new world around 600 B.C.

The telling wall for me was how Smith never mentions the OBE (out of body experience).  This is what St. Paul and St. John call “being in the spirit.”  In this disembodied state, they received communication from The Chief.  “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice…” wrote Saint John the Divine in Revelation 1:10.

There is a similitude between the Bible and Qur’an, for example.  A signature Authority governs both texts.  Any deviation from it in translation is glaringly obvious.  That is because God’s Word, like truth, has a flavor.  It cannot be counterfeited.

Upon turning the last page of the Book of Mormon, I wanted to give Joseph Smith a good, tight slap.


Open Letter to Bill McKeever

Dear Mr. McKeever,

Today while researching the death of Joseph Smith, I chanced across you giving an interview about the incident.  I was impressed with your lecture and found it supportive of my findings.

My encounter with Mormonism happened only last year.  My husband had been called away to Iraq for a year and I was left alone to read more than I would normally read.  During his absence I was visited repeatedly by Mormon Missionaries who tried to get into my house to “talk with me” about their religion.  I rejected all these visits due to my being alone.  They were young men and I felt awkward about having them in the house.  So I opted for “some time in the future.”

In the mean time The Book of Mormon showed up in my mail box.   I read it cover to cover, slog that it was.  Many questions about the text arose as I read.  As they surfaced, I jotted them down for a future meeting with the handsome, neck-tied boys who kept ringing my door bell and calling my phone.

The Book of Mormon did not read to me like the Word of God.  I was raised on the King James Bible and believe that it is the Word without flaw —  not because my elders told me so, but because that’s what it reads like to me.  When you see the truth in print, after having read as many lies as they fed me in college, you see truth ascending  from a flock of crows like the snowy dove that God made it.  There is no confusion about it.  Truth has a distinct flavor.  And God’s Word has a voice.  He gave us a mind to discern truth from falsehood.

The Book of Mormon read to me like a plagiarism of the King James couched in bad fiction.  The Lamanites and Nephites seemed like a saga hatched by Smith.  The text was tiresome in its fictive tone.  The story was geographically untenable and riddled with “made-up-sounding” names for people and places.

God’s Word flows like a symphony that He alone inspires.  That is why satanic people cannot make art.  That is how God sets them apart.  The Word tells us, “By their fruits you will know them.”  So art is one example.  They cannot hide behind their ugly art.  It glares at us like sculpture in danger-orange being foisted from college campuses as modern art.  When clearly it is just an ugly chunk of spray-painted metal.

Such to me is the Book of Mormon. When my husband returned from Iraq, we took the Mormon “elders” to lunch.  Over dessert I began reading them my list of questions.  Their erudite spokesman answered many of these eloquently (boy have they been schooled).  But he couldn’t get off the ground with “where did Nephi and his family strike land?”  How did Smith translate “New Egyptian?”  Where did that language come from?  Didn’t Nephi speak Hebrew or Aramaic?  What happened to those brass (or gold) plates?  Why would an angel take them away?  Why not leave them to posterity?  How did the gold plates get from Central or South America to New England to be buried?  Where are the maps in the back of the book?

Yesterday I came across how Joseph Smith was a freemason.  This triggered a deeper probe into Mormonism.  Masons are notorious for their unGodly ways.  How could a man like this be a Prophet of God?  I had to learn more.  Enter Bill McKeever.

Thanks for the lecture.  It corroborates my findings 100%.  Impressive web site.  We need it out here.  The Mormon Church is spreading their unwholesome cult like a fungus.  I went to their church to wrap up my studies and give their people a chance to voice their version of the Word of God.

I was left with an empty feeling.  There was no sermon.  There was no message.  Just a bunch of teenage girls giving nervous testimony about personal stories up on the stage.  If they did have a sermon, what would  they preach about?  The outlandish, fabricated fables of Joseph Smith the masonic wife-collector?  And the ridiculous words he tried to put into the mouth of Christ?

No wonder their “pastor” dodged me later that morning.  He went into his office and locked the door.  I stood at the door and knocked a while, being full of questions about their ways.  The door was never opened. Then I went to another door and knocked.  It was the “admin” room.  A man let me in.  It took less than five seconds for me to catch him in the first lie.  His credibility is now toast.  A telling wall?

Before that I was in “Sunday School” for a mixed company of adults.  That day’s subject was The Law of Chastity.  A handsome young man was the speaker/teacher of our group.  He immediately lapsed into a zesty discussion of heavy petting.  Some of the middle-aged men were taking too much pleasure asking questions about something that happens to teenagers in the back seat of cars.  They were acting as though it was a great matter of interest.  It seemed to me that these adults were getting their jollies talking about teenage foreplay.  There was no person in the room who needed to hear any of that.  We were all in our 30’s and 40’s.  The talk was foisted from a parenting platform.  I was not a parent and I did not need to learn how to make out in the back seat.  Sounds like something they could have saved for the same-sex groups.  Even then it would have been tacky.  I saw an easy out and excused myself, announcing, “you are making me uncomfortable.”

And that was my experience at the local Mormon Ward/Stake.  Not impressed.  Not going back.  No wonder they call them stakes.  How can they call it a church? *******/////end of text

Back Door Pass

June 12, 2010

Lately I noticed how my Internet Explorer browser had taken on a life of its own.  There were annoying new bells, whistles and monkey wrenches in many programs.  Like a concerted siege of changes.  My blog software, AOL, and other programs had all “suffered a sea-change” but not “into something rich and strange,” as Edward Trelawny wrote of Shelley.

These software “updates” seemed intrinsic to one IP Address.  Because as I logged into other computers, none of the software “changes and updates” existed.  I deduced that they were tailor-made for one IP address.  And smelled a story.  So I investigated.

Since I had not loaded any new software, I was curious why Explorer 7 was  moving things around on me.  The location and format of things had suddenly changed.  There was an extensive browsing history that was listed below the web address window.  It reminded me how stringently MicroSoft Corporation was tracking our Internet activity.

I didn’t like that.  So I changed settings, moved bookmarks and began routinely deleting browser history.  A few days later Internet Explorer 7 had a whole new lay-out.  The “browser history watch-dog” disappeared from its original location under the web address window and was now located under the “yellow star favorites tab” in the upper-left corner.  It was subtley-placed and tucked away where few would think to look for it.  I stumbled onto it and realised that somebody else was making changes to my computer.

I learned how MicroSoft Corporation had a 24/7 back door pass into my computer.  I was not aware how they downloaded “free updates” into it nightly.  In a world where nothing is free, this got my attention.  Why would MicroSoft give you something for free?  Why would they care what happens to your computer after you drive it off the lot?  You need an active warranty for 20 seconds with one of their geeks on the phone.  So now they are pumping free software into your computer?  Why is MicroSoft suddenly concerned about how well your computer works?

This prompted some questions.  What’s in it for them?  What’s in it for the government?  What’s in it for their global partners?

I think that these “free updates” have a corporate agenda.  There is an undercurrent.  Isn’t there?  Should not a profit-driven corporation have a motive for giving away free software?   Why would a corporation give you something for free?  When was the last time you checked the price on a piece of software?

The sanctioned trojan horses that sail into your computer nightly are not something MicroSoft Corporation and their global partners want you to know about.  What they rather want you to know about is the mainstream propaganda that they pump and pipe into every mode of media.  Like right now at the top of my screen there is a distracting scroll of mainstream “news headlines” designed expressly to thwart concentration on the task at hand.  Bloggers are a thorn in their side and they are doing everything they can to distract, confuse, muddle and block our progress.  It only proves our point.  And drives our spike deeper into the vampire — while honing mental disciplines like those of a Buddhist monk.

If you download Internet Explorer 8, expect all these monkey wrenches and more.  The corporate over-lords of cyber space are frantic.  They are on a mission to rein in a runaway horse of free speech, free thought, free press and freedom to choose what software we use.  Is MicroSoft a monopoly?

Notice how they are pushing “free downloads” of all kinds in every aspect of your cyber life.  There is an agenda in “updating” your software.  If you want to find out what it is, just download their freebies and watch your cyber freedom disappear.

Much of our lives are stored on our hard drives.  The rest happens on the information super highway.  It would behoove a draconian police state to get inside your computer.  That way he has an inorganic informant who lives inside your house.  One whom you cannot punish for sending daily reports on your activities.  How convenient.  There’s your agenda for free software.

If you like your computer and it isn’t malfunctioning  — then why would they want to fix it?  Some of the software they sneak onto your computer is a one-way ticket.  You cannot un-install it.  Why would a corporation override your control over your own computer?  Why would they take away your freedom to choose how your computer works and what software it runs?  Why so many interfaces and remote controls?

Back to my investigation.  So MicroSoft Corporation automatically downloads whatever they want  into your computer without your consent or knowledge — unless you are one of the people who actually read those 50 pages of fine print that explains the “privacy statement” of your computer’s operating system.  I just read it.  They should re-name this fine print to “Privacy Invasion Statement.”

I advise everyone to hold on to what you have.  If you have Internet Explorer 7, hang on to it.  Explorer 8 is a nightmare of dodge & parry.  They use every trick in the book to keep you from concentrating on your task unless you are just out to “look at the pictures and chat with pals.”  Internet navigation, search engines and composition is attacked by a new wave of anti-mind engineering.  The last thing they want you to do is your own homework.  In other words, nothing is new and improved.  It’s just new.

The control panel of your new lap-top is dumbed-down to an insulting degree.  New computers are engineered to keep their owners from knowing much about them.  The hardware on a new lap-top is sophisticated beyond your wildest dreams.  Webcams and microphones are standard.  These are part of the new interface biometrics that identify the user to Host Computers that monitor your every move in cyber space.  They have software that analyses your voice and handwriting.  Webcams do the rest.

In the MicroSoft Windows Update Services Privacy Statement, ( they list volumes of data that is collected by their broadband interface.  Their Host Computer extracts from your computer daily reports.  These reports are entered into a database.  If you ever wondered how AOL, AT&T and Google all seem to know exactly what advertisements to insult you with, well, wonder no more.

They have your Internet Protocol Address which locates your computer geographically.  They have serial numbers, model numbers, tracking numbers on every piece of hardware and software on your computer.  This is linked to your registration information that you had to give them upon purchase.  Bottom line:  they have your dossier.

They track your printer activity, faxes, vocabulary and grammar, shopping preferences, spending habits, and just about anything you do in cyber-space.  Ever notice how when you call a 1-(800) number these days, they ask you to speak your choices into the phone instead of pressing numbers on your keypad?  They are recording and assessing your diction, enunciation, ethnic accent and every other organic aspect of your voice.  Biometric?  You bet.

IP Addresses are vague identifiers compared with your Peer Name.  A Peer Name is a 40-character string of alphanumeric.  It is unique to your computer and listed under MicroSoft’s “Peer Name Resolution Service.”  Nebulously-named you say?  Precisely.  They don’t want you to know what they are talking or writing about.  It’s just code for the insiders to know what “they” are talking about.  But feel free to look it up.  Their lawyers had to put it in writing somewhere.

So your “name, address and shoe-size” is just the tip of MicroSoft’s ice berg.  If you own a PC, they got you down, Bruh.  Since the Patriot Act, Bill Gates and Company have gone into over-drive and override.  There are many things on your computer that you cannot control.  Choices that are made for you by Host computers who decide what you can and cannot learn.

Remember that a corporation has no soul.  So you cannot point out any one person.  They are Borg.  They are MicroSoft.  The corporation has taken on, like my computer, a life of its own.

If you value freedom and privacy, make your next computer a Macintosh.

Tarring the Feathers

June 4, 2010

Mon Bayou Bleu, break your fast on this ocean of photography.  Get a load of their jeering digs.  

Birds with no place to land.  Ad nauseam brown pelicans “mired” by a muck-sea.  Dead hermit crabs.  Dead fish.  Mississippi’s “First Lady Marsha Barbour examines a tar ball…”  A humiliating, unflattering photo of somebody’s young son they were sure to name.  An oil-stained toe of a man who was “collecting oil balls” on an Alabama beach.  Empty crab pots stacked high in Mississippi.

Salting wounds has always been their specialty.  Let us continue with Patrick Shay’s Louisiana front yard.  A congregation of white crosses.  Each one lists a loss.  Sand, oyster boats, swimming, yellow fin tuna, walks on the beach, sand between my toes… 

On and on it goes.  With pictures of our black brothers busting their asses building tiger dams not far from where their people were left to welter in their own filth.  Hurricane Katrina just blew into town — a hurricane that is here being used to tweak the noses of oil spill victims.  Haughty audacity goeth before a fall.

Pictures of Katrina ruins with captions about how the oil spill will add more weight to the brow-beaten little burro of the Panhandle.  His house gone.  And now his meager livelihood.  More difficulties lie ahead for this humble beast of burden.  What an ordeal.  Let’s make fun of him. 

So they lampoon Louisiana’s Catholic solemnity with unflattering down-shots of parishioners like they jeer at our sons coming back in boxes from their instigated, fabricated wars — this slime of a media that is best mirrored by the crude sludge creeping into our marshes.  

Poisoning estuaries like their news print poisons minds.  Liars.  Calumniators.  Lip-service politicians.  Enough is enough.

U.S. Attorney General Holder says, “A full criminal and civil investigation is underway…”  What does that mean?  Since when has the Justice Department had anything to do with justice?  There was an investigation into the murder of President Kennedy too.  And so?