Tony Robbins

October 11, 2016

Take a dynamic speaker.  Give him your money and agenda.  And he will twist people’s minds around whatever you want.

Robbins makes excuses for what is wrong with the world.  Slaps labels on human behaviour.  “Six needs,” he says.  Maslow has already covered that.  No need to re-invent the wheel.  He purports that Arab terrorists feel the need to be significant so they act out as terrorists.  Because it’s boring in the desert (not much else going on there he says).  This is how he “explains” ISIS.  Are they not ashkenazim terrorism du jour?  I ask you.

From a lecture posted on his web site, Robbins smeared Pakistan and Islam in one fell swoop by saying that on 11 September 2001 in Hawaii, a Pakistani man stood up during his seminar and said “I am a Pakistani Muslim and this is retribution.”  How easy is it to get an Indian to say that he is Pakistani?  They are both indistinguishable South Asian natives.  Indians work for and with the israelis against Pakistan.  And hate their Muslim brothers with a passion.  Hating Pakistanis appears to be part of Indian culture.

Sounds like that was staged ahead of time by the ashkenazim who apparantly own Tony Robbins.  Do they not own the police and the intelligence services?  Osama bin Laden’s face is used to drive home the Hitler factor.  Always a demonized scape goat as a funnel for “what is wrong with the world.”  The doers of dirt need them to launder their perfidy.  They even have ashkenazi damage control agents who pretend to criticize their own kind.

Robbins lectured in the 90’s that vinegar was a dietary product of decay that should be eschewed.  Conversely, vinegar has health benefits.  Revealing who his handlers were even then.  They also own the medical industry.  Healthy people hurt their business.  Now don’t they.  Shame on you, Tony Robbins.

O’ Ye Captains

February 3, 2016



O’ ye captains of the Pequod,

“Vengeance is mine,” sayeth the Lord.











Cuba …

December 18, 2015


Our navy lives there why?






November 20, 2015

T  h  e        R  e  v  i  e  w  s


In William Finck’s * ChristReich: A Commentary on the Revelation of Jashua Christ * a Bible scholar is duly nauseated.


In Finck’s 224 pages, one slogs through a morass of disjointed baloney. There are no substantial footnotes or endnotes. A. Roberts anyone? The sporadic footnotes do not cite page numbers.  There is no bibliography.


The author rambles ad nauseam, dropping names, dates and places. He fails miserably to reel in this believer, however. Dream on, William.


Finck’s heinous book is edited by Judith Longman. Cover art by Aaron Swartz. It is a clear attempt at brainwashing by those who know that God’s Word is a bulwark against the father of lies.


I doubt if there are few people who can persevere through this wordy loblolly. Let alone those loopy enough to buy what Finck is selling. One would have to be his own sadist to read this thing unless he was writing a book review.


Finck tries very hard to sound scholarly, imposing and firm. His paper airplane does not fly with me. Nor his blustery voice. “Indeed!”


This book sows the seeds of social division, racial hatred and doubt in God’s Word. Finck smears the * King James Bible * as an unreliable version of God’s Word, offering his own translation instead. But of course. Can’t wait to sink my teeth in that one.


This book is full of erroneous quotes and false verses. Perhaps we are supposed to believe that they come from Finck’s translation in part. The Old Testament was not written in Greek. Finck drops quotes from the Old Testament throughout the text. Many of Finck’s verses are grossly distorted from God’s Word. I have at my disposal two respected versions of the Holy Bible for comparison to Finck’s claims (King James 1611 and Douay-Rheims from St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, both near and dear to my heart).


Finck claims to be a scholar of the Greek language and drops a few Greek words in the text. Supposing to impress whom? Finck claims that he had translated the * New Testament * from the original Greek. He claims to have access to assorted ancient texts from which this translation was drawn. Well okay.


In Finck’s ridiculous book, one encounters (of course) Catholic-bashing and Muslim-bashing. Who does that sound like? One guess. The mainstay of the enemy of Jesus Christ is Catholic-bashing and Muslim-bashing. Think about that for a while. Who hates the Bride of Christ and Islam more than anything in the world?


On page 203, Finck makes claims about world history. He says that the Khazars were jews who migrated to the south of Russia during 4th and 5th centuries to escape persecution from the Holy Roman Empire. Yet according to myriad other sources, the Khazars were pagans who did not take up the mantle of judaism until 740 A.D. They chose it as a lesser of three evils, being flanked by Christendom and Islam at the time. Both Muslims and Christians demanded Khazarian conversion from their pagan state. So the Khazars chose judaism for obvious reasons. These “jews” populate the counterfeit state of israel today. They call themselves “ashkenazim,” not to be confused with other breeds of historical jews who descend from Semitic blood lines. Not all jews are created equal — apparently.



On page 207 Finck makes a claim that the Parable of Sheep and Goats is about division based on ethnic lines, not behavioural lines. How the goats represent doomed races on earth. Because they are not white, they are all going to hell. Only the sheep get to go to heaven because they are the white chosen people. How asinine is that. Finck claims that no matter how good a man lives his life, if he ain’t white, he ain’t right.


Throughout the text, Finck rattles on about the Papal Mafia, but never once mentions the masonic mafia. He touches briefly on old news about modern day jews (their money power that is writ upon sky) atop page 182. But mostly he harps on the Catholic Church and her pontiffs. How they are the root of all evil.


On page 208, Finck grossly distorts the words of Saint John the Divine. On page 212, Finck calls John Lennon a “race-mixing devil bastard” and compares Arabs, Negroes, Orientals and Mestizos to locusts, cankerworms, caterpillars and palmerworms –respectively. He claims that the “new heaven and new earth” of Revelation 21 represent “a cleansed land.” I take this to mean cleansed of Arabs, Negroes, Orientals, etc. Much like the way that israelis are “cleansing” Palestine of Arabs currently.


On page 217, Finck writes, “…the Kingdom of Yahweh is meant for the children of Israel exclusively, because it is measured to fit Israel only.” Tribal salvation only for the twelve white tribes of Jacob (named Israel by God after a night of wrestling).


Finck identifies with “Christian Identity.” God help them if they buy his line of mumbo-jumbo. Their late leaders were good and Godly men, unlike Finck. He is a falsifier and distorter. Writes like a double agent working for the enemy of Jesus Christ. Finck is full of ulterior agenda.


The Bible Scholars of Christian Identity simply traced the House of Jacob to modern times. It led them across the Caucasus Mountains to Europe, Saxony, Scandanavia, Britannia and North America. Everybody knows (I hope) that the modern state of israel did not exist before 1948. Being ashkenazim, they have no blood ties to the House of David nor the City of David. So who is the true “Israel?” Plausible question to come from Bible scholars. Yet no man has the right to judge mankind. And no man gets to say who enters into the Kingdom of Heaven. That is God’s purview and His alone.


Throughout the text Finck assigns allegory to much of God’s Word. Finck’s text is generously larded with conjecture, partial descriptions, partial sources, omitted sources and assumptions.


Finck calls our Lord “Jashua Christ” and God the Father he calls “Yahweh.” Dude, we don’t speak Hebrew and neither do you. You could call him Jehovah like Jehovah’s Witlesses and distort our long tradition of a beloved name. But why? If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it.


You address the English-speaking world in a book published in English. So here is advice. Call our Lord Jesus like our Bible does. Because you’ll be screaming out for Him one day.


And call His Father, God Almighty. Sovereign of the Universe. “Indeed.” Because He will judge your soul. Guaranteed.


As for reconstituted Hebrew, modern jews speak it so they can have a language of their own that few others understand. Like why they spray-paint the windows of a mason’s lodge, for example. The communications of israelis are much like the activities of a mason’s lodge. Neither can stand the light of day. How’s that for some “commentary,” Mr. Finck?


November 7, 2015

I deduce that ISIS and their previous iteration, al Qaeda, are a crime laundry. They serve as low-echelon Igor’s to a jewish Dracula. How much of their daring dirt is done consciously — remains to be proven. Money can only buy so much.

ISIS appear to be a collection of misfits. Let us name a few. Unscrupulous knuckle-draggers are common enough. But such men are not always stupid enough to get the job done. So one benefits from employment of the mentally-ill and retarded. All men can be swayed and controlled by drugs. Think of the possibilities of such an assemblage.

If they can get orca delphinidae to do water circus tricks, the sky is the limit of what they can get a man to do. Third world travel proves how this leviathan outranks some homo sapiens in dignity and intelligence. So how difficult would it be to bamboozle an illiterate savage?  Or an ego-driven high school graduate who was raised on pizza, porn and TV?

Using drugs, booze and amnesiacs, there is a bottomless hole of atrocity into which men can be pushed. Given that unwitting victims of medical fraud are tricked into surgeries that they do not need. Insurance money is a lure for greed. But I digress. Back to I-S-I-S.

My finer point smarts. The counterfeit state of israel has been at this dirty work since they invented themselves. Since their early “do-it-yourself” terrorism, they have resorted to contracting out more of the same. The world-stage otherwise would hold them to blame.

Name of the game: false flag.

Blatant and subtle, we have seen much of it since 1948. Things that go boom all over the world. But particularly surrounding israel. America has enjoyed its share of mysterious explosions. Mysterious to most. The only holocaust I know is 9/11.

Since 9/11, the culprits to me are written large. They operate like a collective. On earth no one is in charge. They answer to the devil. Like the boys at the lodge. A swarm of organised locusts. About their organised crime.  They are international like Henry Ford wrote. A tightly woven rug of underground hatred. Imposters and hackers.   Pinko commies and their spies.  I know them from the inside.

I know them from their masons’ lodges. From their student body and professorships. From their positions in government and industry. Like the back of my hand.

Their perfidy precedes them. Hence their long history of ejections and executions. Burned at the stakes in Europe. Beaten to death in the streets of Holy Russia. Lynched in Georgia.

So the virus modifies itself. Now they call it ISIS.

Vladimir Putin, stand by your guns. Hoist an oriflamme over the graves of your Christian martyrs that emblazons “Never Again.”


July 17, 2015

Alcohol is legal and easy to get.  If you are under the age of getting it legally, you can have a friend buy it for you who is a little older.  The “legal drinking age” law is a joke.


Alcohol is a convenient anterograde amnesiac.  Even without doping it with other drugs, alcohol has many sinister uses.


Unattractive men use alcohol to get sex.  They buy it for women at bars all the time.  The ploy is to get her drunk enough so that she will “do anything” and have no memory of it in the morning.


Think about the utility of alcohol for agents of terrorism — for example.  People who are addicted to alcohol are numerous.  It is easy to target them in society.  Once targetted, they can be employed for anything.  Just get them drunk enough and they will do your bidding.  They will pass out afterwards and not remember a thing.


A colleague of mine shared how the dentist offered a drug for use with his children.   They have a sweet drink before the dental procedure that erases their memories of everything that happened.  This precludes anxiety about their next dental visit.


Amnesiacs have many uses.  When people get drunk enough, they will do anything.  Retaining no memory of what they did.  They have to be told by their friends what they did at wild parties.


The reason “demon alcohol” is a term applied to alcohol does not require elaboration.


People who get very drunk will have a sudden change of personality.  They become someone else.  And do things that they would otherwise never do.


Heinous murders, crimes of all kinds, animal cruelty, dare-devil stunts, disgusting acts of lunacy, etc., the list is endless of what a drunk will do.


Yet alcohol is legal.  And marijuana (cannabis, hemp) is not.


Why?  Because many people who currently “use” alcohol will switch to marijuana.  They will prefer it, enjoying the plant’s natural anti-depressant quality.  Cannabis is non-addicting.  It cannot erase your memory.  People will simply grow it in their gardens next to their tomatoes.  Then all the hype, jail-time, underground smuggling and peddling will have to stop.  Think of all the money that somebody will stop making off this plant.  Because it cannot be employed for acts of terrorism, marijuana has no use for the “organisation” who orchestrates acts of terrorism.


The same organisation that engineers world terrorism, writes your laws, rapes your daughters and murders your sons.  They use alcohol and drugs to manipulate and control unwitting operatives.


A word about sex and pornography.  They use these to manipulate and control males.  Women are seldom swayed by the promise of sex.  Pornography and sex are addictions of males, not females.  Every doctor can tell you why.  But he won’t.


So alcohol and its chemical counterpart are the “go to” manipulator for those who would render your daughters a porn star.  Girls gone wild?  No.  They were just drunk.


Without alcohol there would be no frat parties or home made pornography.  There are few women in the world who would succomb to humiliating acts of whoredom unless they were hammered out of their minds.


You can observe this fact in “adult” movies.  The rare sober girl has tears in her eyes.   Reluctant porn stars are women who have been tricked into the industry.  Take a guess at who runs your porn industry world-wide.


It follows that the architects of 9/11 are behind every other act of terrorism.  Why wouldn’t they be?  The sky is the limit of what they will do next.  They control every industry, write your laws, defile your daughters and trample underfoot the Law of God.


Alcohol is the handiest tool in their shed.

Dylann Roof

June 25, 2015

Please note the formulaic pattern in this murder spree.  Same old same old hat.  A shtick.


This “Dylann Roof” character looks like a plant job.  An israeli agent perhaps?  He looks very jewish.  His name looks contrived.  He looks contrived.  Like the numerous others who did a similar job for the man behind the curtain.


What is clear is that this massacre was done to foment racial division and hatred.  It is a pretext for seizing the free man’s weapons.  Predictably the puppet in the white house (boy do I miss the Kennedy brothers) whines about gun control.  He is such a flaming commie.  A front man with no soul.


Why look for black rapists in church, Mr. Roof?  Lame premise for your murder spree.  Are you israeli?  Are you hypnotized?  Black people are not taking over our country.  They are victimized and exploited by you bastards.  Like Mexican girls who work in your sweat shops and end up in snuff movies.


Get the pattern down.  Anadarko.  Oslo.  Virginia Tech.  Sandy Hook.  The jewish-looking theatre clown.  Makes you wonder if all those “shooters” and “gunmen” that supposedly were found criminally insane are living in a villa in Costa Rica.  Or like those white van jews who got caught celebrating 9/11 — spirited back to israel.  Just because they tell you on TV that a murderer went to prison does not mean that he actually went to prison.  You have no way to prove where he went.  All you got is TV.  They should rename it to “the lying idiot box.”


Note how this bozo had a post-action manifesto conveniently posted on Face Book.  Just like all the others.  Please tell me that you have not swallowed this like a big mouth bass.



Damage Control

May 18, 2015

That’s what I call it when suddenly labels change from “Made in China” to “Made in the USA.”


If that was true then where are all the new manufacturing plants that give jobs to Americans?  Made in the USA you say?  Okay, where in the USA?  I figure that many new American jobs would make front page news.


Then there comes this new web-apedia calling itself “Conservapedia.”  In it one can read lip service about how it opposes the “hear-say” of the wikipedia.  Reads like more tare’ish damage control.  If there is anyone who needs damage control for his dirty deeds, it is the tare of our fields.


They have a plethora of “news papers” claiming to oppose the rampant filth of our day.  This is simply controlled opposition.  A kind of judas goat for people who own little knowledge.  That way they can be steered over a cliff without them knowing it until they are in a free fall.  Gullible innocents who depend on windbags from the pulpit for their weekly dose of “guidance.”  God help them.  More judas goats leading astray the flocks.  Those windbags are on the payroll of the tares.


Advice:  if you want guidance, learn Latin and read the Latin Vulgate of St. Jerome.  Latin is not a dead language.  It is the language of the Church of St. Peter the Rock.  If you do not have time to learn Latin, then read the 1611 King James Bible from cover to cover.  The King James Bible is God’s damage control for what Henry did to His Church.  You will then own the knowledge that outranks bullshit.


Just Busted

April 9, 2015

Cops are out of control.  One got caught in the act of shooting a man in the back.  Rapid fire.  Then he had the gall to hand-cuff a corpse.  One of the Charleston brothers happened to catch the whole thing on video.  The videographer asked to remain anonymous.  He knows the crooked cops would hunt him down.

I have been there with these mercenary attack dogs of the neo-bolsheviks.  To my experience they have gone to hell.  They turn a blind eye to crime in my town.  And harass good Christian people instead.

This time one of them shot the wrong man in the back.  How about it johnny law?  How does it feel to be “busted.”  Caught in the act.
All you protesters out there, I’m with you.  100%

Here’s the YouTube:

Missing Damage

April 1, 2015

There was an entry I made in 2010 that was mysteriously whited out.  They left the title, *Damage*, along with a footnote and software coded the text as white with a white background.  Only upon highlighting it during editing mode, would it show up.  How strange.  They try everything.  Smiley face.

So here is the text again.  As I know there is something in it they did not want you to read.  Prolly something I wrote about aircraft.  As I doubt if murders in the backwoods rate concern.  People have gotten so far away from loving their neighbors as themselves, they don’t seem to give a dam.

Here are the deleted scenes:

There are certain things we don’t know.  Like what kind of drug earned Mr. Hershman his present address at the county jail.  It had to be more than a marijuana cigarette.  Wouldn’t you think?
Hershman’s 27-year-old estranged wife, Stephanie, had his two sons back-to-back.  One was three and the other not quite two.  Makes for a busy household I’d say.  Whilst one was in diapers, the next was on the way.
Two toddlers can make houses into hampers.  There needs to be a strong draw, lest a suitor scampers.  Whatever it was that lured U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Matthew V. Perkins into the arms of Stephanie Hershman had to be that.  A strong draw.
He was the Army Recruiter of the town.  A high-visibility military post that enjoys prestige and hero-worship.  He wore the status of returning warrior with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  His arms are covered in “Billy-Bad-Ass” tattoos.  His job is to lure gullible high school boys into  signing on the dotted line for Israel.  He needs to cut a nice figure.  Be in good physical condition.  Be credible.  Be sharp.  The U.S. military conducts routine urinalysis exams to ensure     that this is how it is and how it stays.
Thereby I find it unlikely and untenable that here comes a man fresh from the battle-field to an important career-enhancing post who just nilly-willy takes up a drug habit.  All of a sudden.  Why would he brave two battle fronts and then shoot himself in the foot with C CH CH(CH 3 )NH(CH 3 )?  Methamphetamine turns bodies into wreckage in no slow show.
Perkins had a lot on the stick.  And a lot to lose.  Why not just knock back a little booze?  His office was located  between George Dickel and Jack Daniels distilleries.  Damn boy.  Why crystal meth?  Just go over to Daddy Billy’s and have a few beers.
Maybe he wasn’t into drinkin’.  So I got to thinkin’.  About horses.  When I’m in a quandary, I think about horses.  Sometimes an equine analogy that helps me makes sense of things.
Horses and I — see eye to eye.  I love them and they love me.  I don’t need to take up a whip to make a pony do the high-step.  He does it just to impress me.  And I give him the candied apple of my smile.  That’s how it is with me and horses.  And has been for a while.
Okay, so you throw in an apple or two with his oats and molasses.  Now he wears you weightless with a skirt of tasses.  And the grooming.  The one-plus hour sessions in the barn where I break a sweat while they lull and bathe in the fragrance of last summer’s hay.  That is the way.  You get out of a horse what you put into him.  Like attracts like.  You give love.  You get love.
Conversely, however, if you abuse a horse and kick him around.  One day he will kick you back.  Horses are formidable kickers.  Not everybody treats a horse like I do.  Not even close.  It breaks my heart but that is reality.
As a realist I’ll take you now to the shows, the races.  Where men go to win.  For the athlete horses who run their races and dazzle in their shows — anything goes.  These ruthless, rabid people will resort to any dirty trick in the book to win.
The foremost edge is an injection of amphetamine.  It hops them up.  Gives them the charge beyond charge that propels them down the track.  As if a good horse isn’t rocket enough.  It’s about winning, winning, winning.  By a nose.  By a hair.  Just winning.
Now let’s go to the battle field.  You’re losing your ass.  Getting it handed to you in spades.  The assigned enemy believes in his fight.  You are making war on his land and he knows it better than you.  Like those Confederates and the Swamp Fox.  They will not only fight you to the death, but they have a home-turf advantage.
Your supply lines are iffy.  Big Money wants to win in a jiffy.  He doesn’t mean tomorrow.  He wanted to win yesterday.  He doesn’t care about that race horse or know him personally.  If he loses one more race he’s off to the slaughter-house.  He doesn’t care if the horse is only two years old.  Off with his head.  He’ll put it in your bed, General.
Your Big Money Boss wants to gloat in glory.  He doesn’t care about those soldier boys.  Or whether they come back with a dog-tag or a toe-tag.  He just wants to win.
The Tactical Mind:  If I was losing a war under great pressure and fear of my over-lords, I might resort to a dirty trick.  You can give a soldier methamphetamine and he will stay awake for days while the enemy has to sleep.  Wired and full of crazy aggression, your forces can sneak up on sleeping Pashtuns and cut their throats.
Crystal meth has the same effect as ergot mushrooms did for Vikings.  Before a raid, Vikings ate them for boosted vim and aggression.  They went berserk. It is how they got their name “berserkers.”  They were noisy frontal attackers, clanging battle-axes, these braided Beowulf’s.
Silence, however, would serve today’s losing officer in Afghanistan’s fight.  Just ask Boeing Aerospace.  They make monstrous muted jets you can’t hear even with your rag-top down and them just a little over your head.  Way-low.  Nocturnal stealth is everything to a hunting owl.  And silence has its place when people are sleeping.  Particularly those you plan on killing.  There is a fine line between predation and war.
Given that the men in charge of today’s “War on Terror” are advancing world terrorism for Israel, anything goes.  9/11 sure did.  It’s a false-flag warfare extravaganza.
So, that said, I see a possibility for Stephanie Hershman’s draw-factor.  She may have had a taste for drugs, seeing as her estranged spouse is in the slammer for them.  Since birds of a feather seek each other out, she may have attracted our returning battle-ax with something other than two toddlers.  What it was may or may never come out in the Jewish-owned and controlled media.
That meth was a factor in this horrendous multiple murder case is on the street.  I was just thinking about the “why and how” of it.  Police say that the murders occurred on 19 September 2010.  That’s a Sunday.
A plausible scenario is this one.  Perkins is in the Hershman house.  One or both of the toddlers might have been fussy, whiney or crying.  The psy-op of a baby crying was used to torment the besieged, soon-to-be victims of the Waco inferno.  Toddlers and babies can sometimes test the nerves of their loving parents.  On 19 September, you not only have a non-parent in the house with these children, but possibly a hopped-up soldier.
Feels like we are supposed to think that he snapped and went into kill-mode.  Would it include carving out the victim’s eyes?  Unlikely.  When this news broke, I felt corralled to think that Perkins went berserk.  But now five years have passed and there have been other heinous murders in the same area.  They all happened after Perkins had been removed from society.
Some of the murders became cold case files.  Rape/murder cases, garroted widow…  Two other murder cases sent unlikely convictions to prison.  According to the relative of one victim, the cops arrested a Mexican alien who could not speak English.  They accused him of raping and drugging to death the victim with fentanyl patches.  Unlikely.  The other unlikely conviction was a family man with five children who had no apparent motive.  He was under heavy guard until they locked him away in prison.  They allowed him no contact with objective, independent journalists during his time in county jails.  His mail was intercepted at the prison with no reply to the sender.
Given that rape/murder and pedophiliac snuff films are big business these days, with easy video gadgets, imagine the possibilities.  One horse towns and rural hinterlands are no longer wholesome places to raise your kids.  Corruption and depravity rule the streets.