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March 21, 2012

How do you subvert a great and Godly nation?  Dr. Zaid Hamid recently sent me a lecture that triggered the following spray of bullets:

Sleaze-up music in the Bible Belt.  Get country music stars to sing about wet tee-shirt contests, backseat conquests and how it’s all okay.  Have them glorify saloons, bars and taverns.

Make the pulpit an organ of propaganda.  Pit Christian denominations against each other.  Bash Catholics and smear the Muslims.  Preach hate and division.  Cultivate paranoia.

Get female country music stars to tart themselves up and sing the praises of whoredom.  Make recreational sex chic and “in style.”  The pitfalls of which is the aim of subversion.  Pitfalls like demoralized women ridden by abortion guilt.

Push alcohol at every opportunity.  Make it chic and “in style.”  Encourage alcohol to the young and especially to nubile women.

Raise taxes.  Charge high interest on loans to the poor.  Push credit cards.  Encourage frivolous spending.  Out-source industry.  Manufacture stupid, superfluous gadgets and charge high prices for them.  Hang them conveniently by entryways and grocery shelves.

Raise the price of seed and lower the value of a farmer’s yield.  Then raise the price of groceries.  Raise the price of gasoline.  For those who still have a job – render them wage-slaves.  Tax their purchases.  Tax their land.  Tax their vehicles.  Tax what they receive as financial gifts.  Tax communication services (landlines, cell phones, television, Internet).  Tax what is left by the dead to the living.

Dumb-down the curriculum in public schools.  Take God out of all awareness.  Advance the hot air of existentialism.  Tell the kids there is no difference between right and wrong.  And that the universe is a random coincidence.  Tell them we come from monkeys and that Adolf Hitler killed six million jews.  Tell them Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a noble hero and that a German immigrant murdered the Lindbergh baby.  Push female novelists but suppress Elizabeth Dilling and Margaret Mitchell.  Do not discuss Civil War history in our books – only anti-Confederate propaganda.  Never mention who owned the slaver fleets.  Blame the crime of black slavery on American Confederate planters.  Omit any mention of Bolshevik crimes.  Focus WWI and WWII “history” on the fabricated crimes of Germany instead.

Devise new words for the dictionary, but be sure to leave out thesaurus entries for them.  New words that nobody can define, like fascism, hate speech, bigotry, chauvinist and passive-aggressive.

Laud feminism and mulattos as the wave of the future.  Never compare Princess Diana to a thoroughbred and discuss why both are valued.   Never list the benefits of the traditional role of womanhood.  Instead belittle and smear it.  Make women ashamed of being Godly wives and mothers.  Push “single working mother” status because no woman can keep that many balls in the air.  Hence, the family and home life are destroyed.

Starch the spines of impressionable young women and tell them that they are equal with men.  Give them bogus goals and false hopes.  Send them on a goose-chase in search of themselves.  Put them on a “mail buoy” watch.  Advance lesbianism and abortion.

Push synthetic hormones and anti-depressants, sedatives and sleep aids.  Push drugs for anything and everything.  But muffle the obvious of oxygen, exercise and wholesome food.

Cultivate anorexia in women.  It will give them something to chew on while they starve to death.  Design clothes that make women look like whores and show their bellies.  Design clothes that foster eating disorders.  Design shoes that punish feet and cause women to trip and break their ankles.  Design cheerleader uniforms that pimp girls to dirty old men in bleachers.  And ones who work in the basements of funeral homes.  Design jeans with spandex and rhinestone pockets.  Put words like “pink” and “juicy” across the backsides of girls’ dorm pants and active wear.

Write Marxist lyrics to catchy rock songs.  Extol Hollywood and all her trollopy trappings.

And there you have it.