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Getting the Math

March 5, 2014

I trust and believe that my Maker dictates what of His universe I am to “get” in the math sense.  If everybody “got” aerospace engineering, they’d be aerospace engineers.  But they don’t and they’re not.  Down here in our crude physical world, we are limited enough mentally.  Beyond this world, it’s a great wide open.  Stuff so fabulous and fearsome, most earthlings will never get it on this side of the grave.  God dictates who gets that stuff.  He decides our talents.  He lays the track of our trains up the road.  We cannot know the future.  But trusting in Him, will be pleasantly surprised by it.  I own the knowledge.

One of my math professors was a mechanical engineer before he decided to teach math.  His mind was honed in the ways of engineering.  A keen blade of mathematical disciplines.  During one of our study sessions, he is the one who first used the phrase “you don’t own it,” referring to my ability to work a certain math problem.  In other words, “you do not own this knowledge” yet.  You don’t get the math yet.  You can work the problem by rote and produce the correct answer.  But if I throw you a curve ball on an exam, you won’t understand it.  Since that day I knew what “owning the knowledge,” meant.

Today, sadly, this kind of math is being used to design machines of mass murder.  Medical men are cooking disease.  It is the “my will be done” trying to overshadow the righteous “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” that will sound the knell of our world.  When man tries to play God, he fails.