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July 19, 2010

Come on Mel.  Tellum all to go to hell.

You’ve proven your salt in Sleaze Town.  Become the feverish obsession of every woman I know.  You have run the gamut of quality motion pictures.  Passed the test of time.  Even your marriage was a long and good one, according to the recent words of your lady-wife.

Nobody’s perfect.  Every man falls short of the Glory of God.  But those Hollywood smut-hawkers never managed to pressure you into a role that haunts a big percentage of your peers.  Good on ya, mate.

Here’s to Gallipoli.  And to The Bounty.  And to Tim.  Nobody needs to teach you how to swim.  Hip-hip to Hamlet, baby.  You knocked ‘um dead.  Oh for the cerulean focus that cuts through all eternity and asks, “To be or not to be…”

They hate you because you love Jesus Christ.  They hate Jesus Christ.  They hate the movie you made about Him.  So they throw darts at your character.  Is it not predictable when they take the Lord’s name in vain in most of their films as a signature stamp of their Talmudic creed?

So the Bolshevik Cheka goes on a picture hunt.  How much did they pay people to corrupt or take down their Mel Gibson fan sites?  All so high school kids will not learn about who you are and what you did?  They rabidly removed every glorious movie still from the Internet because they know the power of an image.  And the glamour of your smile.  Not one of them can fill your boots as The Road Warrior.  Let ‘um try.

I witness an organized character assassination of a thespian because he stands for Christendom in Jew-dominated, Jew-defiled Hollywood.  And has the Braveheart-guts to make a movie about how Jesus died.

Despite their calumny.  Despite the concerted siege of their purchased law dogs.  Despite the lies and subterfuge of their rug-weave (far be it from them to stand alone like The Patriot ), you still have a lot of fans, Mr. Gibson.

On Robyn’s lily finger the sun has not set.  You can win her back I bet.  1.5 carat marquise.  Go get your bride.

To the mud-slinging hypocrites and hexagram jackals of the yellow press, I repeat the words of Our Lord, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” at Mel Gibson.


Addressing the Survivors

July 13, 2010

The government and their corporate partners have devoted big funds to catastrophe management.  Since 2002, the mental hygiene of fear-stricken survivors, disposal of the dead, and large-scale aftermath logistics have been given priority status.  This agenda courses vigorously under the city streets, as though in a secret river, ready to well-up when called upon.

While studying the quiet surge of risk communication, I bumped into Barbara Reynolds.  Ms. Reynolds is an international crisis communication consultant who has worked for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) since 1991.  Her shrewd advice is for those who step up to the microphone after catastrophes and address the surviving crowd.

Beginning with Robert A. Jensen’s Mass Fatality and Casualty Incidents — A Field Guide, published in 2000, the disaster preparedness community has gone into overdrive.  This has been a silent under-current for obvious reasons.  But every small town police and fire department knows about it.

I phoned Robert A. Jensen’s office after tracking him down through his editor.  He now heads Kenyon International Emergency Services, Inc.  His office phone number in Houston, Texas, is (281) 872-6074.

Jenson’s book is full of New World Order buzz-words like “global, robust, multi-discipline, compliance, solutions, key, etc.”  These words are “key” in identifying publications that are in “compliance” with the New World Order.  Jensen had loads of help writing his book.  It is boring beyond your wildest dreams, but will attract the morbidly-curious.  The timing of when it hit the streets is pivotal.  From what I could see, it is the first book in a dam-break of others that followed on the heels of 9/11.

On 15 May 2009 at 10:50 a.m.,  I attempted to ask Jensen a few questions about his book.  His administrative assistant, Joella, told me that he does not speak to “small media players.”

My main question for Mr. Jensen was what inspired him to publish his book just before 9/11?  Let me sum up Joella’s response thusly:  they weren’t touching that one with a ten foot pole.

Publishing houses have turned out an avalanche of similar manuals.  The emergency medical community crackles with excitement that their claim to fame might be around the next corner.  What’s funny about these jokers is their cocky attitudes.  Like none of these tragedies can ever happen to them.  Or something.

The Internet pulse of the mobile mortuary community exhibits the same attitude.  These avid toe-taggers are among DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams, and other such road-kill aficionados.  Their literature is a frenzy of racing readiness.  Their cold-fingered teams of carrion collectors are primed for mass casualties on a global scale.  The pretext, of course, for all this preparation is “an act of terrorism.”

The Israeli’s even have a new wave of medical expertise they call “terror medicine.”  Not a surprise that such a genre would crank out of their hornet’s nest.  Complete with lurid photographs of human remains from explosive devices attributed to extremists, militants, insurgents, Palestinian fanatics, Muslim this, Muslim that, the usual stuff.

They even feature a patient whose face, they claim, was bashed in by a rock on page 353 of Essentials of Terror Medicine by Shmuel C. Shapira and others (Springer Science & Business Media, New York, 2009).  The photo punctuates a section on stone-throwing and how this method of “terrorism” is used against Israeli soldiers.  Where are the pictures of the injured Israeli soldiers then?  The patient on page 353 does not look like an Israeli soldier.  It could be anybody.  From anywhere.  And that injury could have been caused by anything.

Sticks and stones may hurt me then.  What about white phosphorus, Shmuel?  I don’t see a section dealing with those injuries.  Nor do I see the forensic proof on page 353 of who that victim is, nor of what caused her injury.  Not a shred of proof, Shmuel.  All I got is your word.  I’m gonna need more scientific evidence before I buy that one.  Get back at me. You can leave a comment on my blog with a link to the forensic evidence that substantiates your claims.

Back to Babs.  Barbara S. Reynolds, BA, MA (CDC/OEC), is the author of the 2002 book Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication and teaches CDC’s course by the same title.  She’s a real piece of work.  I would love to get an interview with her.  None of my questions to Ms. Reynolds have been answered.  I doubt if she wants to speak or correspond with me.  Boy am I full of questions for her.

She appears to be a public relations mob-psychology analyst.  Her focus is how to keep the herd calm after they smell blood and sense chaos.   Her aim is to teach emergency personnel how to keep a herd from stampeding long enough to get them on the cattle cars.

Quarantine and forced vaccination are discussed and how to gently tell survivors that is where they will be going.  Biological terrorism tops their list of possibilities.  The implication is that after any NBCRE (nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological or explosive) “event,” the establishment need only yell terrorism to explain away atrocities of any stripe.  Thanks to 9/11, the stage is set and the sky is the limit.

This new gadget from MicroDose hints at the direction they are going with future medicine and how they want to give it to you.

Reynolds stresses the importance of stakeholders, how they should be addressed early in the bedlam and kept apprised during the clean-up process.  Much text is devoted to finessing the egos of stakeholders.

I wrote Barbara Reynolds and others at the CDC in February 2009 with the following questions concerning the Reynolds lecture circuit to which I received no response:

1.  Based on Ms. Reynold’s briefings to public and academic medical staff, there comes a dark implication that the truth is not paramount when addressing “frightened people.”  Ms. Reynolds wrote that when speaking to the public, viz. “frightened people won’t get nuances so give it straight,” and in Judging the Message, “trusted source — can’t fake these.”  Why would Reynolds put forth directives like these?

2.  How does Barbara Reynolds profess what she does about post-trauma victim mentality?

3.  Has Barabara Reynolds experienced catastrophes (i.e. military combat, Hurricane Katrina, victimization, etc.)?

4.  Please explain Reynolds’ professed knowledge of “what do people feel inside when a disaster looms or occurs.”  Was Ms. Reynolds ever a victim of similar disasters?

5.  Why is it critical that first-responders also be first in announcing official public relations information?

6.  Why is empathy and credibility an issue when they should both be a given?

7.  Why should activities of the media be considered when making announcements to catastrophe survivors?     ********////////end of text

I think Barbara Reynolds is out to teach first responders how to get their lie straight.  How to sync-up with the media and make sure that they announce the same company line.  The thrust of the text and briefings seems to say:  Be careful not to give away the grim reality with body language while you’re standing in front of cameras.  No whispering.  Keep quiet unless you are the spokesperson.  Be mindful of facial expressions.  These can give away what you are trying to hide from the public.

Reynolds stresses, “Frightened people don’t want to hear big words.”  She advises, “Meet with your partners and write a plan…” That should help them keep the story straight.  The whole thing seems like a primer on effective lying.  How to keep people in the dark and corral them toward an agenda.

To get a feel for this quiet, but rabid undercurrent,

visit the following links (but be aware that my linkage to other web sites has been disabled by the WordPress Cheka, so just copy/paste the address into your URL window)

What you will note is how the government seeks to lighten the load on FEMA & Co. by getting you to “pack a lunch and water bottle.”  The idea is to have you studied-up on how to fend for yourself, your pets and your family during the panic phase — when or if things get ugly.  The monstrous, corporate government, however, does not sink this much money into getting ready for if’s.  Or at least they didn’t in the 20 years that I worked for them.


** to mitigate the burden on first responders and global medical staffs, the following web freebie is offered for the “self-starters, do-it-yourself’ers, EMT/nurse & doctor wanna-be’s” who will, according to Dr. Craig’s scenario, help drag their own crosses to another Golgotha.

(See my previous coverage on Dr. Craig and his gaggle of blood & guts enthusiasts at my other rockin’ blog,

E t i o l o g y

July 7, 2010

Ah yes.  More of the medical mafia’s secret language.  Let’s define etiology.  From the Greek, meaning “cause.”  Definition number one:  “The assignment of a cause — or the cause assigned.”  Definition number two:  “The science of causes or origins.”  Definition number three:  “(a) the science of the causes or origins of disease.  (b) the causes of a specific disease.”

I came across the word while looking up what McGraw Hill’s Lange 2009 Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment (48th Edition) had to say about Morgellon’s Disease.

Zip.  Nichts.  Nada.

Next frame.  I dove into Taber’s Medical Dictionary (F.A. Davis Co., Philadelphia, 2005).  Nothing there either.

Okay, next frame:  CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia).  Their recorded telephone announcement indicates that this unacknowledged disease is enough of an issue to address the public about it.  The man’s voice announced that a CDC study on Morgellon’s Disease began in May 2008.  And for “distressing symptoms,” to see your local doctor. (CDC Morgellon’s phone line:  404-718-1199)  Yet the latest medical books have nothing to say about it.  Why is that, Mr. White Coat? 

As I look over the text from CDC’s “field studies” in Sub-Saharan Africa (spanning 1976 to 2007), I am reminded how their clip-board notes were taken by scientists who are identified by surname and first initial only.  They were protecting their identities — but why and from whom?  What was it about their work that merited secrecy?  If somebody publishes a medical journal article, for example, they use not only their names, but professional titles and academic credentials.  So why all the cryptic secrecy when it comes to field studies about Africans kicking out the symptoms of hemorrhagic fevers?

These medical observers stood around, taking notes, watching people die and then published their findings to others in the medical community.  I found it curious how they happened to know where this disease was “breaking out” and then got there in time to watch people die from it.  Considering that these viruses kill fast and “broke out” in remote sites like the Congo Basin.

On 25 February 2009, I wrote CDC with a list of questions to which they never responded.  I think they are important questions so I will list them again for your lucid consideration.  My text to them went as follows:

Greetings Mr. ******,

We spoke on the phone recently and you recommended that I send my questions via this vector.  My questions are borne upon study of your Center’s articles, tables, data, documents and manuals that are posted on your web site.  My annotated, documented odyssey has given birth to many questions.

I will appreciate succinct, direct answers to the following questions from the expert in his field.  Forward this e-mail to as many CDC/HHS/NIH/WHO (or whomever) points of contact as you deem appropriate.

I limit my questions to the foremost and salient as follows:

1.  In your fever chart ( there emerges a pattern of disparity between indigenous Africans  and non-indigenous medical personnel.  Why did the indigenous Africans die in such large ratios while all of your exposed medical staff survived?

2.  Based on the above chart, whose medical fingers are on the pulse of this remote 3rd World region and why?  How are you informed of these Sub-Saharan “outbreaks?”

3.  Based on the above chart, there was a new strain of this disease  documented last year in which 37 Ugandans died.  What new strain is this?

4.  Based on the above chart, what do the parenthetical numbers mean next to the death-count?

5.  Based on your ebola documents, it is not easily conveyed from animals to humans, nor from humans to humans, saving exposure to “copious amounts of blood, vomitus and feces.”  Your traveler’s advice document states that it is remote that one would contract this fever.  Yet according to the above chart, great numbers of people have died from ebola in African outbreaks — ones that apparently have been observed by enough medical staff to write your manuals and documents.  And who have seen “copious amounts of blood, vomitus and feces.”  Please explain the duplicitous nature of your documentation thereby.  Why does it state that ebola is not easily contracted by travelers and yet the above chart documents people dying of it en masse spanning 1976 – 2007?  Is this disease a victim-selective microbe?

6.  In your A-Z list of bioterrorism diseases, why was your web page designed to yield microscopic print font?

7.  In one of the documents listed on your site, Messrs./Ms./Drs. E. Johnson, N. Jaax, White and P. Jahrling lethally infected monkeys via aerosolized ebola virus in 1995.  This indicates that plenty of home-made terror is cooking in your labs.  For what perceived impending foe could such a fever spray of mass destruction be warranted?

8.  Based on my extensive study of your web site and by your organisational charts, I am compelled to infer that the biological warfare sector of the War Department (now called the Department of Defence) has been absorbed by the “health and human services/centers for disease, etc.” side of the house.  Is my inference correct?

*******(end of cited text)*****************

So you can see how I am prompted to question and investigate a new disease when old ones are surrounded by such peculiarities.  Especially one that the medical industry refuses to acknowledge but yet is taking notes.  They have gone so far as to imply that victims of Morgellons are imagining the disease.  Photographs I have seen look real enough.  Be wary of the fabricated things, however.  The government and their partners appear to be cranking dis-info/psy-op/mock sites galore.  This is done when people publish truth that threatens to upset apple carts.  Dis-info campaigns are launched to inundate and confuse.

Remember dear readers, truth has a flavor.  If you are here, you already have a taste for it.  Keep reading.  And I’ll keep writing.  Dam the torpedoes.

As for what they are calling Morgellons disease, the company line has a familiar ring to it.

Taj Mahal

July 6, 2010

To that propaganda-spewing woman in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, I have this to say:  who built the Taj Mahal?  Was it a luke-warm Christian who believes everything he sees on TV and buys the pack of lies about 9/11?  Was it a Talmudic Jew?  Was it a Kali-worshipping Hindu?  Who built that Taj Mahal?  I notice the propaganda writers didn’t put that in their story.  Why not?

Shouldn’t the Faith whose integrity is represented by this obviously God-inspired Wonder of the World be left in peace to build their houses of worship?  Are they not American citizens?  Do they not have First Amendment rights?

Murfreesboro is My Town, USA, Ms. Zelenik.  I studied at Middle Tennessee State University with Muslim students that I found prudent, dignified, decent, honest, pleasant and full of Grace.  Home of the Blue Raiders.  That’s right the Raiders.  Named after the glories of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and don’t you carpet-baggers forget it.  Our mascot logo is a Confederate Raider, not a stylized cartoon of a horse.  That’s our heritage you’re watering down, by the way.  Heritage not hate.  If you want hate, go to Israel.  They had their kids writing messages on warheads destined for their Palestinian neighbors.

And another thing.  Muslims have every right to build their mosques just like Jews have a right to build synagogues.  And Hindus, temples with tinkly bells.  Islam has a right to worship God in their own way just like I cry to Heaven in an aria — surrounded by candles at Westminster.  Make that Mozart.  And I’ll sing it in German.

This article is 100% pure anti-Muslim propaganda written by venomous Zionist Jews and supported by mouth-pieces like Lou Ann Zelenik.  I wager that this Vanderbilt graduate has never cracked the Qur’an like most Americans who buy the 9/11 story.  Why don’t you find a lamp, woman, and “get some read,” as one of my professors used to say.  Instead of riling the ire of my cavalry plume.

Brother Foggy Mountain Breakdown

July 3, 2010

The only green mountain party boy I ever knew —  sat beside me on a pew.  He was too young for the kind of damage Daddy worried about.  Still fighting his way out of Momma’s Kool-Aid kitchen when we met.  Barely out of diapers yet.  Shaking off the baby fat from her biscuits and Rice Krispy squares.  Puberty caught us unawares.

We made music together from the Broadman Hymnal.  Our great pleasure while holding hands.  His new pipes were velvet.  We sung good music don’t y’know.  The flight of it still haunts me whither I go.

His father preached at us every Sunday from a righteous place.  Back when preachers were not monitored by Bolshevik Jesus-haters.  Nor stigmatized and shunned by their “Baptist Associations” who now abjectly bow to the Abaddon of Revelation 9:11.

Back before preachers were gunned down or threatened with financial ruin for preaching The Word of God.  When men were not afraid to shout the words that Jesus spoke.  From the pulpits.  From the mountain-tops.

Back when fiery sermons kept young people straight.  Lest truth be too little seen and known — and known too late.  The King James word-for-word.  Poetry like you never heard.  It’s English Literature after all.  Not “living sent,” you demon-spawn.  Answering the Call.

Apollion always reverses the meaning of a word.  It’s a calling, not a sending.  Get the bumper sticker right.

Notice how any precept of God is negated, rebelled against, defiled, mocked and trampled under foot by the people of Revelation 9:11.  You feel their sting daily.  The minions of Abaddon move among us.  In city traffic, they drive against you, thwart your every move.  They do the same in bureaucracy.  Government.  School boards.  Corporate regime.

They are international bankers.  Aerosol tankers.  Small town usurers, descendants of carpet-baggers.  Morticians who do sloppy jobs on Christian girls.  Muslims know better than hand over their dead to the priests of Anubis.

They brew poison and cook disease.  Manufacture bombs.  Rape children in snuff films.  Slaughter race horses for spite.  Pit dogs, cocks and soldiers against each other.  Then watch the fight.

They instigate wars under your noses and blame it on their enemies — who are always the good guys.  They have to be.  Anybody in their cross-hairs deserves to be your best friend.  Rule of thumb.

They rape and torture nuns.  Of course they will torture confessions out of Muslims and call them terrorists to keep the wars going.

They are the architects of strife.  Pitting women against men.  Blacks against whites.  Southern States against Northern States.  Christians against Muslims.  Homosexuals against heterosexuals.  But they always stick together like a tightly-woven rug, working in unison across all borders, speaking every language.  Mapping every road.  Sitting like trolls at every bridge.  Guarding every bottle-neck, bank account and gate.

They are the swindlers, hackers, tax-collectors, name-changers, tricksters, oppressive law-makers, calumniators, fine-print-writers, sophists for hire, pants on fire, assassins, show trial lawyers, pornographers, drug traffickers, the slave fleet owners of history, trafficking slaves both black and white.  They are the slum lords, foreclosure lawyers, the perverters of vegetation — destroyers of the seed so that cultivation of future food is in their control.

With bull-dozers they uproot orchards.  They are bribery and extortion.  Blackmail.  The string-pullers of corrupt governments, propaganda mills and publishing houses that keep the truth out of print.

They fabricate authors and write composite yarns aimed at the middle class.  Their goal is to distract, confuse, discredit and muddle.  Inundation and exclamation (!!!!!) are their hallmark.  They cannot resist bragging.

Their signature appears on decoys and propaganda to divert the masses from low-orbit surveillance, un-manned warfare systems, psychotropic drugs, amnesiacs, witchcraft, hypnotism, and other items of concern.  Many of which are being used tactically at the moment.  It’s not a gremlin.  There “is” a ghost in your machine.  That’s where witchcraft enters computer systems.  Not that bigga stretch, energy-wise.

Why do you think they are trying to get the Book of Revelation outlawed as “hate speech?”  Two verses will shed big light on that.  See Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9.

I just listed their fruits.  And by these you shall know them.

Read the Bible and the Qur’an.  It’s all in there, man.

Now you have a few words that today’s preacher is afraid to speak.  A dose of blue lightning from Brother Foggy Mountain Breakdown.