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Tony Robbins

October 11, 2016

Take a dynamic speaker.  Give him your money and agenda.  And he will twist people’s minds around whatever you want.

Robbins makes excuses for what is wrong with the world.  Slaps labels on human behaviour.  “Six needs,” he says.  Maslow has already covered that.  No need to re-invent the wheel.  He purports that Arab terrorists feel the need to be significant so they act out as terrorists.  Because it’s boring in the desert (not much else going on there he says).  This is how he “explains” ISIS.  Are they not ashkenazim terrorism du jour?  I ask you.

From a lecture posted on his web site, Robbins smeared Pakistan and Islam in one fell swoop by saying that on 11 September 2001 in Hawaii, a Pakistani man stood up during his seminar and said “I am a Pakistani Muslim and this is retribution.”  How easy is it to get an Indian to say that he is Pakistani?  They are both indistinguishable South Asian natives.  Indians work for and with the israelis against Pakistan.  And hate their Muslim brothers with a passion.  Hating Pakistanis appears to be part of Indian culture.

Sounds like that was staged ahead of time by the ashkenazim who apparantly own Tony Robbins.  Do they not own the police and the intelligence services?  Osama bin Laden’s face is used to drive home the Hitler factor.  Always a demonized scape goat as a funnel for “what is wrong with the world.”  The doers of dirt need them to launder their perfidy.  They even have ashkenazi damage control agents who pretend to criticize their own kind.

Robbins lectured in the 90’s that vinegar was a dietary product of decay that should be eschewed.  Conversely, vinegar has health benefits.  Revealing who his handlers were even then.  They also own the medical industry.  Healthy people hurt their business.  Now don’t they.  Shame on you, Tony Robbins.