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November 20, 2015

T  h  e        R  e  v  i  e  w  s


In William Finck’s * ChristReich: A Commentary on the Revelation of Jashua Christ * a Bible scholar is duly nauseated.


In Finck’s 224 pages, one slogs through a morass of disjointed baloney. There are no substantial footnotes or endnotes. A. Roberts anyone? The sporadic footnotes do not cite page numbers.  There is no bibliography.


The author rambles ad nauseam, dropping names, dates and places. He fails miserably to reel in this believer, however. Dream on, William.


Finck’s heinous book is edited by Judith Longman. Cover art by Aaron Swartz. It is a clear attempt at brainwashing by those who know that God’s Word is a bulwark against the father of lies.


I doubt if there are few people who can persevere through this wordy loblolly. Let alone those loopy enough to buy what Finck is selling. One would have to be his own sadist to read this thing unless he was writing a book review.


Finck tries very hard to sound scholarly, imposing and firm. His paper airplane does not fly with me. Nor his blustery voice. “Indeed!”


This book sows the seeds of social division, racial hatred and doubt in God’s Word. Finck smears the * King James Bible * as an unreliable version of God’s Word, offering his own translation instead. But of course. Can’t wait to sink my teeth in that one.


This book is full of erroneous quotes and false verses. Perhaps we are supposed to believe that they come from Finck’s translation in part. The Old Testament was not written in Greek. Finck drops quotes from the Old Testament throughout the text. Many of Finck’s verses are grossly distorted from God’s Word. I have at my disposal two respected versions of the Holy Bible for comparison to Finck’s claims (King James 1611 and Douay-Rheims from St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, both near and dear to my heart).


Finck claims to be a scholar of the Greek language and drops a few Greek words in the text. Supposing to impress whom? Finck claims that he had translated the * New Testament * from the original Greek. He claims to have access to assorted ancient texts from which this translation was drawn. Well okay.


In Finck’s ridiculous book, one encounters (of course) Catholic-bashing and Muslim-bashing. Who does that sound like? One guess. The mainstay of the enemy of Jesus Christ is Catholic-bashing and Muslim-bashing. Think about that for a while. Who hates the Bride of Christ and Islam more than anything in the world?


On page 203, Finck makes claims about world history. He says that the Khazars were jews who migrated to the south of Russia during 4th and 5th centuries to escape persecution from the Holy Roman Empire. Yet according to myriad other sources, the Khazars were pagans who did not take up the mantle of judaism until 740 A.D. They chose it as a lesser of three evils, being flanked by Christendom and Islam at the time. Both Muslims and Christians demanded Khazarian conversion from their pagan state. So the Khazars chose judaism for obvious reasons. These “jews” populate the counterfeit state of israel today. They call themselves “ashkenazim,” not to be confused with other breeds of historical jews who descend from Semitic blood lines. Not all jews are created equal — apparently.



On page 207 Finck makes a claim that the Parable of Sheep and Goats is about division based on ethnic lines, not behavioural lines. How the goats represent doomed races on earth. Because they are not white, they are all going to hell. Only the sheep get to go to heaven because they are the white chosen people. How asinine is that. Finck claims that no matter how good a man lives his life, if he ain’t white, he ain’t right.


Throughout the text, Finck rattles on about the Papal Mafia, but never once mentions the masonic mafia. He touches briefly on old news about modern day jews (their money power that is writ upon sky) atop page 182. But mostly he harps on the Catholic Church and her pontiffs. How they are the root of all evil.


On page 208, Finck grossly distorts the words of Saint John the Divine. On page 212, Finck calls John Lennon a “race-mixing devil bastard” and compares Arabs, Negroes, Orientals and Mestizos to locusts, cankerworms, caterpillars and palmerworms –respectively. He claims that the “new heaven and new earth” of Revelation 21 represent “a cleansed land.” I take this to mean cleansed of Arabs, Negroes, Orientals, etc. Much like the way that israelis are “cleansing” Palestine of Arabs currently.


On page 217, Finck writes, “…the Kingdom of Yahweh is meant for the children of Israel exclusively, because it is measured to fit Israel only.” Tribal salvation only for the twelve white tribes of Jacob (named Israel by God after a night of wrestling).


Finck identifies with “Christian Identity.” God help them if they buy his line of mumbo-jumbo. Their late leaders were good and Godly men, unlike Finck. He is a falsifier and distorter. Writes like a double agent working for the enemy of Jesus Christ. Finck is full of ulterior agenda.


The Bible Scholars of Christian Identity simply traced the House of Jacob to modern times. It led them across the Caucasus Mountains to Europe, Saxony, Scandanavia, Britannia and North America. Everybody knows (I hope) that the modern state of israel did not exist before 1948. Being ashkenazim, they have no blood ties to the House of David nor the City of David. So who is the true “Israel?” Plausible question to come from Bible scholars. Yet no man has the right to judge mankind. And no man gets to say who enters into the Kingdom of Heaven. That is God’s purview and His alone.


Throughout the text Finck assigns allegory to much of God’s Word. Finck’s text is generously larded with conjecture, partial descriptions, partial sources, omitted sources and assumptions.


Finck calls our Lord “Jashua Christ” and God the Father he calls “Yahweh.” Dude, we don’t speak Hebrew and neither do you. You could call him Jehovah like Jehovah’s Witlesses and distort our long tradition of a beloved name. But why? If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it.


You address the English-speaking world in a book published in English. So here is advice. Call our Lord Jesus like our Bible does. Because you’ll be screaming out for Him one day.


And call His Father, God Almighty. Sovereign of the Universe. “Indeed.” Because He will judge your soul. Guaranteed.


As for reconstituted Hebrew, modern jews speak it so they can have a language of their own that few others understand. Like why they spray-paint the windows of a mason’s lodge, for example. The communications of israelis are much like the activities of a mason’s lodge. Neither can stand the light of day. How’s that for some “commentary,” Mr. Finck?



November 7, 2015

I deduce that ISIS and their previous iteration, al Qaeda, are a crime laundry. They serve as low-echelon Igor’s to a jewish Dracula. How much of their daring dirt is done consciously — remains to be proven. Money can only buy so much.

ISIS appear to be a collection of misfits. Let us name a few. Unscrupulous knuckle-draggers are common enough. But such men are not always stupid enough to get the job done. So one benefits from employment of the mentally-ill and retarded. All men can be swayed and controlled by drugs. Think of the possibilities of such an assemblage.

If they can get orca delphinidae to do water circus tricks, the sky is the limit of what they can get a man to do. Third world travel proves how this leviathan outranks some homo sapiens in dignity and intelligence. So how difficult would it be to bamboozle an illiterate savage?  Or an ego-driven high school graduate who was raised on pizza, porn and TV?

Using drugs, booze and amnesiacs, there is a bottomless hole of atrocity into which men can be pushed. Given that unwitting victims of medical fraud are tricked into surgeries that they do not need. Insurance money is a lure for greed. But I digress. Back to I-S-I-S.

My finer point smarts. The counterfeit state of israel has been at this dirty work since they invented themselves. Since their early “do-it-yourself” terrorism, they have resorted to contracting out more of the same. The world-stage otherwise would hold them to blame.

Name of the game: false flag.

Blatant and subtle, we have seen much of it since 1948. Things that go boom all over the world. But particularly surrounding israel. America has enjoyed its share of mysterious explosions. Mysterious to most. The only holocaust I know is 9/11.

Since 9/11, the culprits to me are written large. They operate like a collective. On earth no one is in charge. They answer to the devil. Like the boys at the lodge. A swarm of organised locusts. About their organised crime.  They are international like Henry Ford wrote. A tightly woven rug of underground hatred. Imposters and hackers.   Pinko commies and their spies.  I know them from the inside.

I know them from their masons’ lodges. From their student body and professorships. From their positions in government and industry. Like the back of my hand.

Their perfidy precedes them. Hence their long history of ejections and executions. Burned at the stakes in Europe. Beaten to death in the streets of Holy Russia. Lynched in Georgia.

So the virus modifies itself. Now they call it ISIS.

Vladimir Putin, stand by your guns. Hoist an oriflamme over the graves of your Christian martyrs that emblazons “Never Again.”