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New Age Versions

October 11, 2010

The Reviews

G. A. Riplinger’s New Age Versions is aimed at Christian Middle America.  The hook is baited with how Riplinger has ferreted out the diseased new versions of the Bible — in hopes, it seems, of bamboozling readers into thinking that the King James Bible is impossible to understand.

This book suggests that the last thing they want you to do is pick up a copy of the 1611 King James Bible.  Because in it, Jesus calls a spade a spade.  He pistol-whips the Jews of His day with the same invectives that ADL is trying to excise from our Holy Scriptures as “hate speech.”

The only hate speech I see today are the character-assassinations, smears and lies written by Jews in the Jew-owned media and their Wikipedia.  If the truth was all they were publishing, why would the lobbies of their news paper headquarters require maximum security?  I ask you?  Visit one near you any time and see for yourself.  But I digress.

In Riplinger’s woozy sea of superfluous minutiae, one finally hits the mother lode of “Hitler, Hitler, Hitler” that seals the signature of ADL’s witch-hunting campaign.  As though there’s a Hitler under every rock ready to kick them out of another country with shiny jack-boots.  Pow!  “Aus mit dir!”  Isn’t blaming Hitler for literary corruptions of the Bible a long reach?  Didn’t he have enough on his plate?

Readers may recall that Hitler has been dead since 1945.  Yet ADL still uses his name to beat a dead horse.  Oh for the atrocities upon atrocities that was evil Nazi Germany.  Let them count the ways for you.  The dam breaks on page 593.  The author just couldn’t hold back any longer.  Here comes the standard ranting about the Nazi’s.  But what do they have to do with New Age Bible Versions?  Beats me, man.

The ploy of this book is to inundate, inculcate and confuse.  While throwing in lots of German-bashing and Catholic-bashing.  They even sacrifice their beloved Hindus, Buddhists and Theosophists in this mega-load of rocky road.

On page 467 they have the audacity to name their dupes, “The arena of the average Christian rarely borders the sphere of the scholar.”  Hint-hint.  This makes the statement that selling this load of manure is easy enough because Christian Middle America is un-schooled and has no way of proving or disproving what is in this book.

Seeing as how the text is larded with falsehoods, the Middle American reader needs to be both gullible and ignorant to buy it.  Don’t buy this book with your money or your mind.  They will then have two fronts on which to laugh their butts off:  (1) feeding you more lies, and (2) getting you to pay for them.

During the Hitler/Kittel-bashing orgasm, Hitler is made to stand in the ranks of Aleister Crowley instead of those of the Holy Roman Catholic Church — wherein stood some of Hitler’s biggest fans in the 1930’s.  The Pope and American priest Fr. Charles Coughlin were only two of them.  He had plenty more in Spain and Italy.  Both stronghold’s of the Church of St. Peter the Rock.  Does that sound like Hitler was an occultist — with that many Catholics in his camp?

The crappy alliterations of the author give you a train of S’s to hint at the sound of a hissing snake.  This is a sardonic clue from a Jew who hates our Lord.  A snake in the grass under your nose who feels hidden enough to not capitalize the B in “bible.”  Bible in this context is a proper noun.  A bible and “the” Bible are two different things.

On page 600, ADL’s biggest fear is delineated, “Perhaps you will hear some this week from the pulpit, the radio or television preachers, or as you read a ‘New’ version.”  This admission is followed up on page 635 with, “God tells us man’s inability to understand the bible has a number of causes, none of which is a limitation in his vocabulary.  The bible is not difficult to understand — it is impossible …”

The standard ADL propaganda-writing modus operandi is put to work here as usual.  Telling the Christian that he no longer has a Biblical text that he can trust.  And the King James Bible (a great work of English Literature that is studied at universities) is supposedly full of literary corruption due to the intrigues of Satanic translators.

The author of this book reads like a male Ph.D. who is an English linguist with academic focus in history and theology.  It may have been a standard treatment of composite effort with one finishing writer.  There is the usual ocean of end-notes in the back.  No real index whatsoever, just a long, long list of Bible verses that mean nothing and lead to nowhere.

The last thing these jokers can afford is the scrutiny of a scholar.  The chapters are written in long-form, not numbers.  In addition to chapters, there are redundant partitions of the text like “parts, trends and tests.”  These partitions act as decoys for the eye to confuse and mislead, should someone try to look up an end-note.  They use every trick in “their” book in this book to keep you from ferreting out their sham.

Along the rambling bramble-trail of this apparently fictive author’s 700-page load of baloney, the manure gets deep.  If you dare crack this hum-dinger you better wear tall mucking boots.  In the stable droppings you will see a lot of names dropped also.  They pepper the book with Texe Marrs, Madame Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme, Westcott and Hort ad nauseam and every name under the sun that they think will prop up their drivel.  They either bought off Texe Marrs and other Christian sages or just libeled them with impunity.  CIA appears to back them in everything they do.  So they do a lot.

King James Version (1611),  is all you need.  Get some read.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  GOD’S WORD REQUIRES NO FOOT NOTES.  Nor end-notes.  Nor margin notes.  Nor how-to guides.  Nor any Zondervan/Biblica garbage of the kind.  It was written beautifully and expressly for the easy grasping of your mind.

Gail A. Riplinger’s by-line does not appear on the front cover of her book.  Isn’t that odd?  The back-cover is chock full of “bogus.”  See for yourself.  Look it up on

The author (G. A. Riplinger) does not seem to exist per my investigations.  I invite readers to see for themselves by phoning A.V. Publications’ toll-free number at:   (800) 435-4535,  or (276) 251-1734.

This book reads like another offering from the ADL propaganda mill.  Their front for this falsehood-studded rubbish is:

A.V. Publications, P.O. Box 280, Ararat, VA 24053

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