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Solving 9-11

September 26, 2012

(  T h e     R e v i e w s )


Christopher Bollyn delivers the goods in his hot-off-the-press

Solving 9-11 (The Deception that Changed the World).

In two volumes, the book and its supporting articles — tell all.


Bollyn names names and exposes the men behind curtains.  He answers the questions of “who, where, when, what and how.”  Bollyn embodies the hypothetical journalist from our college texts.  The beau ideal.  The one we are all supposed to write like but better not if we value our jobs, unbroken arms and professional reputations.


In the oceans of text about 9/11 that we have read since 2002, I posit that 80% of it has been culprit-funded disinformation.  Bollyn’s adroitly written work lifts the veil of criminal perjury.


Bravely exposing the heinous hag of false flag terrorism, Bollyn’s book contains not one wasted word.  I could not put it down until my eyes burned.  With each morning’s coffee, eagerly did I grasp his body of work, anxious for more of his knowledge squarely owned.  Knowledge squarely earned.  This is the best journalist of my life.


We often hear the adage “when men were men” alluding to what manhood should mean in a day of cowards, sycophants and purchased politicians.  After turning the last page of this book, I knew that I was holding the work of a man.  A real man who had the guts to stand at the podium.


A man from the land of George Patton, Mike Delaney, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Zaid Hamid, Patrick Cleburne, John F. Kennedy and all their glorious class.  They stand out for a reason.  So lesser men can follow them in the right direction.


Over the last several years I have read the dive-bomb of Bollyn’s character assassination by disinfo agents.  Some of whom wrote for the same newspaper we all did.  It was not until I hit the same “controlled opposition” wall that I began to question what I believed about Christopher Bollyn.


He was their star journalist, fluent in Hebrew and Middle Eastern scholarship.  A great photographer and public speaker.  What’s not to like?  How did he get suddenly fired from a rag that now purveys panic ads, lurid, dead-end fear mongering and only so much real news?


As my polished professors put it, “A journalist is in the business of truth telling.”  He is to be a watch-dog over the government, reporting what he observes to his countrymen and to the world.  As journalists we are not supposed to make it up as we go along.  Nor fabricate headlines.


News happens.  Then we write about it.  That was how they taught me at the big school.  But after graduation, I learned that it was only lip service.


Bollyn makes this clear in his book.  He calls it “the controlled media.”  And I shall add — a bound and gagged, arm-twisted media that writes lies to mislead a gullible public.   Negating all the good rules of conduct we learned in journalism school.  Rendering them null.  Be a hack.  Be a whore.  Get a pay check.


Bollyn is the antithesis of today’s news writer.  The signature of his work is how he goes straight to the horse for everything.  His research is ever clear and properly sourced.  Each word holds its own water.


As I have written before, the truth has a flavour.


Bollyn has it.


Get the clarion call of his book.    The sobering answer to “The 9/11 Commission Report” — a pack of lies published by Norton for the government with no copyright date on the back of its title page – nor anywhere.  567 pages of hogwash.  A flaming whopper of a tale.  Authorized edition indeed.  Replete with undated signatories, an eagle seal and “sick’um” photo of a turbin-headed scapegoat.  Laughable, this doozy.  “Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.”  So official sounding I suppose they thunk.


Christopher Bollyn’s book is a slam-dunk.




2 + 2

September 1, 2012

After an April without a drop of rain, one might wonder what was going on in the most verdant part of America.  Lawn care services and farmers noticed the “phenomenon” because their livelihood is attached to it.  Any backyard gardener noticed it because now he had to water his garden.

They noticed the unnatural heat and lack of rain.  But were placated by television “weather reports” and other jewish news.  As usual.

Like the hook, line and sinker people swallowed about the second World War, the first World War and every instigated, fomented case of perfidy that has cost them sons and husbands ever since.

May saw some rain, but then summer came.  With a cloak of haze that seemed to magnify the sun.  It was 109 degrees fahrenheit amid what appeared to be a chemically-induced draught.

The corn shut down.

According to the jewish news rags, The Big Muddy is running 55 feet below necessary levels.  Barges are running aground.  Producers cannot get their goods to Gulf ports.

There’s your    2 + 2 = 4 .

The same “synagogue of satan” that dropped 9/11 on us — is financing the weather — part of the covert economic subversion designed to destroy our independent nation state.

If you think that I am incorrect — then prove it.

All you have to do is look up — into the sky — to see their chemical tanker jets spraying a large assortment of weather manipulators.  As follows:  a sun-amplifying haze, fake nimbus clouds used as decoys to placate concern while rain cloud dehydrators work super fast to “disappear” the real rain clouds (nimbus).

Note how in winter, the same gang uses artificial clouds to block solar benefits, conversely.  Solar heat cuts down on winter heating costs.  It’s free vitamin D, improves the mood and feels good on your skin.  So let’s block it.  2 + 2.

They make an early nightfall with an asphalt curtain from the west.  This has been going on for three years.  They need cover for their wingless drones that creep up from the west each night.  Get some binoculars and see for yourself.

I have seen them hold back a monsoon in the sub-tropics.  Been studying their frankenstein weather for three years.

After the commie take-over of Christian Russia, the bolsheviks created an artificial famine by seizing everybody’s crops before the winter.  In a few months the people and their animals starved to death.  Easy math.  2+2.

Likewise with a weather “take-over.”  One can create an artificial famine.   All our food starts with rain.

Currently the “synagogue of satan” (Team 666, Mister 9:11) has taken a wrecking ball to American agriculture by way of the weather.  If I’m wrong, then prove it.

Low water levels in lakes, rivers and creeks should speak to that.  Also you will note the disappearance of some creeks altogether.  Just dry creek beds now.

Expect grocery prices to soar even higher than gasoline.  If you own a horse, what I am writing will dawn on you when it’s time to buy horse feed.

I will say it again:  it’s wake-up time.