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Reads Like a Rig

March 26, 2015

Today’s German plane crash reads like a big fat rig.  John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s plane crash read like one too.  Sudden rapid descent.  No distress signal.  Unlikely and untenable turn of events.  John-John was one shoe in the White House.  So was his uncle when Sirhan Sirhan supposedly shot him in the head with no motive.  The adored Princess Diana was on a glide-track to marrying an Egyptian Arab.  She was going to make a Muslim prince charming out of him.  Plane crash, car crash….

Why is it that the news hounds do not identify their sources these days?  Isn’t that what we were taught in journalism school?

The news report says that one of the Lufthansa (Germanwings) pilots was locked out of the cockpit?  What kind of cock and bull story is that?  I would have to hear the recording myself.  It smacks of the same baloney we read about the 9/11 victims who supposedly called their loved ones while airborne from out-of-range cell phones.

Here is a pair that may have downed the plane in my opinion:  “Two Iranian journalists who covered the “El Clasico” soccer match between Barcelona and Real Madrid on Sunday were among the crash victims.”  Journalism is dangerous today if you publish truth or hail from a Muslim Middle Eastern State, particularly Iran.  

Planes, cars, boats, name it — can be operated via remote control.  I believe this is how Princess Diana and John Kennedy, Jr. were killed.  Sabotage is old hat.  But today’s sabotage has gotten sophisticated.  Computers make things easy to lie about and withhold from the public.

I believe that German plane was sabotaged.  Everything they do is “two-bird.”  Who do they hate harder than Germany and Iran?  And who has enough money to bottleneck every industry and bribe just about everyone?  What has happened to the FAA?  What has happened to every rural airport?  What has happened to the three letter guys?  What has happened to those who claim they are there to “protect and serve?”  Why did they confiscate all the video footage from 9/11’s Pentagon kamikaze jet?  Why did they spirit away the forensic evidence of 9/11?

Think about other passenger jets in recent years who met similar fates.  With similar untenable “news” stories that followed.  What pilot suddenly dives into the ocean or into a mountain?  Ask yourself who was on the passenger list and to what country the jet belonged.

In the case of hated journalists and German/Austrian politicians, car explosions have been popular.  If my investigations had not borne out so many other “rigs” over the last seven years, perhaps I would be less jaded by what to me reads like a template.

I invite “the authorities” to share their black box findings with us.  Slap it up on YouTube and the six o’clock news.


The Pope Defined

March 9, 2015

It is not only the half-baked offshoots of what once was — who are getting dive-bombed by the father of lies.  Not only they are threatened with “my way or the highway.”  This fungus is universal.

The current “pope” is clearly a sold-out installation whose task it is  to lead astray the Faithful.  God helps us, don’t you worry.  Here is what a true priest had to say about it back in 1976:

“People ask me what I think of the Pope [Paul VI]…  The true Pope is the unity of the Church, inspired by the Holy Ghost, and protected by the promise of Our Lord in upholding the Faith.  But in the aftermath of Vatican II, Paul VI is systematically destroying the Church.  Nothing is spared: catechism, universities, Congregations, seminaries, schools.  Everything Catholic is being destroyed.  One looks for a solution.”  — Arch Bishop Lefebvre  (Source for quote:  Bishop Richard Williamson)