500-pound Gorilla

Isn’t it quizzical how you check your America Online news and get all one-sided tripe?  Clearly these are propaganda photos depicting Palestinians throwing stones at the “500-pound gorilla” that Israel has become.  Bloated with self-worshipping pride and American tax dollars, the gorilla has grown into a monster since 1948.  

What riles the ire of Lady Columbia is how this monster is committing war crimes unchecked as our gutless, nutless government stands idly by and watches.   Has America sold her soul to Abaddon?  Is she a deer in the headlights?

What of our name?  Last I checked it is no longer good in the world.  We have been sullied, smeared and tainted by the bloodied hands of one who calls herself our ally — an ally who broke a sweat trying to sink our Navy ship in 1967.   But the USS LIBERTY limped back to port to tell the tale  — isn’t that right, o’ Israel.  I think we’ve got your number.  It feels like three digits.

It is time for a maverick media to report the news in lurid detail.  Let the people see.  Let the people hear.  No more behooving slants for ensanguined Israel.  For the first time since The New York World,  we are getting the news.  Let us have no more of the censored pablum they have been ladling for decades, feeding us lies.

The coverage I just saw from Palestine is a baptism of fire for Middle America.  The time is high for reveille, Maw and Paw Kettle.   Most of us are getting our news online.  It won’t be long before the Kettles get it too.  So yeah, there are some New Yorkers scampering around, doing damage-control.  What else can they do with the looming threat of a “smart mob,” aye Dr. Rheingold?  “General quarters, general quarters!  Our ship is under attack.  This is not a drill.”

Time to stop taking the bad guys to bed, Uncle Sam.  Quit being such a whore.   You have become an embarrassment to those who have risked all for this once great country.  Now it’s a piece of spiraling wreckage.


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