Remember that defenseless, little kid on the school bus?  The one who got picked on every day by the same bully?  The rest of the kids feared and respected the bully because his parents paid everybody’s salaries in the town.  They were afraid of the bully’s anger not just because of his physical might, but because he could tell his parents to punish their parents financially.  The bully thus intimidated the other kids and the bus driver too.  So the bus driver did nothing to stop the bully’s attacks on his little passenger.

The little kid got a label.  He became the accepted victim in the minds of all the gutless, fence-straddling observers.  Some of them owed the bully lunch-money at high interest rates.  They all knew that the bully’s parents were the richest folks in town and thought more of money than about standing up for what was right.

So every day, predictably the little victim got kicked around by this bully in plain sight of many witnesses who did nothing.  Their fear of the bully outweighed empathy for his victim, so they just sat there and watched. 

The little kid is Gaza and Israel is the bully.  Who are you?


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