Burma — Breaking News

ToastOh Dalai Lama!

Call off your dogs.

All my life I have been taught that you Buddhists are peace-loving, universal justice types.  I see that was a lie.

Last night one of my keenest sources for world news sent me the following photographs from Arakan, Burma.


You people are Godless butchers and murderers.  You are no better than Menachim Begin, Leon Trotsky and Fidel Castro.

I saw photographs of babies hacked to death with an ax who still had their mother’s umbilical cords attached, strewn upon a rusty tin roof.

I saw photos of poverty-stricken Burmese Muslims with machete wounds so deep that their brains lay beside them.

Your saffron-robed, bald “monks” appear to be “from the devil.”   That Kung-Fu TV show from the 70’s was just another jewish lie.  Glass-hoppa…


Like the hollow cost and 9/11 are lies.

Buddhists and Hindus are apparently aligned with criminal zionist jews.  Zionist jews seek to wipe out Muslims before they finish doing to the Christians what they started in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Armenia, Russia and Cuba.  “Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat history.”  Put it in stone.

The only reason American Christians are not in communist jew death camps presently is because, to use the Words of Christ, “The Synagogue of Satan” needs duped Christians to help them kill off Muslims.  (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9)

As my ironclad source here says, “The war on terror is really a war on Muslims.”


For my Christian brethren who actually know a verse or two — dude — we have crossed the threshold of Matthew 24.

As for you 70-something, cowering Baptist preachers, how long do you think you have to worship jewish money ?


How long do you think you have before your Maker calls your number?  Think about it, son.  Eternity is longer than the 75 years allotted to your purchased walk.  Which by my recent witness is anything but straight and narrow.  Your falsified sermons spit in the Face of the Lord.  If you had God in you, the mettle would be a given.

It’s wake-up time.