American Industry Gone to Hell

To my experience American industry has gone to hell.  Most prominently over the last three years I have noticed an across-the-board retrenching.  The pity of it is how this retrenching bears the signature of the boys at the top.

A signature so glaring that it all but identifies them.  A stamp so loud that it may as well be writ large upon interstate billboards.  Let me count the ways.

The following “places” is where you will find underhanded swindling.  Your home and garden stores, hardware stores, well-known grocery store chains, shampoos, big name breweries and wineries bottling dregs, beware of “pressure-treated lumber -‘cause it ain’t – kinda lumber,” and on it goes.

To wit, a certain shampoo company is bottling a mishmash of “bottom of the vat” conditioners and slapping a label on it that tries to pass it off as “cream shampoo.”  That one ain’t gettin’ off the ground.

To wit, a top brand company recently bottled water and passed it off as white vinegar.  Are you feeling the drift?

To wit, well-known brands of frozen corn hit you with a 50/50 split of “soured rotten” and mediocre.  Never buy this stuff again.  Grow your own.  Compare the frozen corn you grew yourself to this rotten crap and get the wake-up call.

To wit, grocery stores purvey abominations of apples that have been radiated into the next century.  Apples radiated so hard that they don’t taste like apples any more — nor much of anything.  Browning cores, rotting from the inside, these freakish things.  Stripped of all tang and fragrance from high energy radiation that they have been using since the 80’s to kill bacteria and prolong “shelf life.”  The apples that come in bags truly are a grab-bag.  Positively a 50/50 split of old, weary warehouse leftovers and a more recent crop.

To wit, a big name home improvement store sold ancient seeds to unsuspecting gardeners this summer.  The swindle could be seen all over the countryside where only 1/8 of this corn had sprouted.  Old seeds do not germinate.

To wit, the same home improvement store sold false-labeled seedlings in their garden section.  Bitter, disease-prone green bell pepper plants were labeled as yellow, orange and red sweet bell peppers.  The fleshy and delicious peppers sought by gardeners never sprouted at this place either.  They ripped off the consumer big time.  And played neatly into the hand of crooked grocery store chains that charge a mint for red/orange/yellow bell peppers.

To wit, lock and key companies are cutting back on metal.  The keys are so small you can barely turn them in the lock.  Big name brands.

To wit, candle wax has not gone down in price yet you get 1/3 less wax in your candle.

To wit, former high-quality athletic gear is now made of cheap, flimsy fabric you expect to find at low-income stores.

To wit, can you find a pair of 100% cotton jeans for women?  They are made of cheap synthetics.  Dig those rhinestone pockets.  Good thing that boys don’t like “stretch” jeans.  Cotton is God’s gift to clothing.  Ask a pharaoh in pleated linen.  Or a Briton in King Cotton.

Bottom line?  They are ripping you off, America.  Picking your pockets and selling you rotten apples.