He had more power than he ever used.  Men respected him.  Women were crazy about him for reasons that women are attracted to dinner dress whites, a 100 watt smile, stellar intellect, dash, guts, balls, flawless enunciation and The Red Badge of Courage.

He predictably riled the ire of lesser men who coveted his throne.  He stood firm.  He was an Oak.  The converse of Marxism with a woman on his arm to knock ‘um dead.  Oh how they hated him.

So they picked him off and wrote lies about him.  Women came out of the woodwork who supposedly were his numerous lovers.  Claiming they visited him at the White House for sex, sex and more sex.  Yeah right.  Why would a man with filet mignon at home send out for hot dogs?

Not that his appeal to women should bear on his ability to lead our nation.  He wrote, like most intellectuals, feverishly in his diaries about what he thought.  He did his own thinking.  With a great fear of God.  My kind o’ boy.

Here’s a taste of what he thought:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JnQiE4q4Lg&feature=player_embedded