The Weather

The weather in South Florida has been off-kilter for three summers.  Bombay latitude.  Subtropical biome.

Every year after the 7th of June, the monsoons begin.  They roar in like a lion and clock-work.  You can set your watch by them.  Every day between noon and 2pm, there is a cloud burst heralded by rolling thunder.  A quenching torrent falls, followed by sun.  Plants and animals rejoice.  The land smiles in rainbow satiety.  Thence, a golden evening saunters in, dragging her long slow train till sunset vermilion.

My six years here have been enough to study the weather.  Three years ago there was a stark change in monsoon season.  Likewise in hurricane season.  What has been natural to this biome for centuries is now on lock-down.  As I write, my neighbors water thirsting grass.

Bastardized, sooty-looking clouds are counterfeited from aerosol tanker jets.  Natural nimbus are dehydrated in minutes by powders from aircraft “strato-casters.”  A white bed sheet of aerosol spreads above the clouds.  What would have been our daily monsoon vanishes in less than five minutes.  The powder is particulate, water-absorbing, rain-raping, drought-making chemical warfare. It can spell famine where rain = food.

I deduce that weather modification is being tested in the Miami area because South Florida is a monsoon zone.  My inference is that they (the wire-pullers who planned WWI, WWII, killed John Kennedy and schemed 9/11) plan on using chemicals to “modify” the weather of Israel’s enemies. And certain 3rd world places. If aviation aerosols can make a drought happen in the monsoon zone, they can do so anywhere on earth.

The Air Force wrote a paper back in the 90’s touting how they were gonna own the weather by 2025.  Check it out:

From what I see down here, they are ahead of schedule.  We have hardly had a drop of rain.  And none during the time of day we are supposed to have it.  Last summer it was “push button” rain.  Man-made weather every day.  And of course, nobody’s talking.  Taboo subject for our military control towers and all commercial air.  It appears that pilots and informed aviation personnel have been briefed and threatened.  Knowledge is carefully and strictly tiered.

The text above is from an e-mail broadcast I sent yesterday.


Cut to new scene:  24 hours later.  Wouldn’t you know it that today at 6pm, here comes the rain.  But 6pm is the wrong time for it to fall.  The daily rain at this time of year is supposed to fall between noon and 2pm.  By 6pm, the steam has risen and been evaporated by the evening sun.  A sun that does not set till 9pm.

Today after the down-pour, I went walking at land’s end.  Steam rose from the hot pavement by the mangroves.  A danger-orange chopper hovered just above the trees near the marina.  As I took what passed for air, I caught the acrid smell of iodine.  The humid air was pregnant with it.  It hung suspended in a diseased, concocted atmosphere.

Break-break.  Nothing about the air is supposed to smell like iodine after a rain.  This is Florida near Key Elliot.  After a rain it is supposed to smell like flowers and South Atlantic.