A couple of summers ago I went to the base exchange.  It was a few weeks before the 4th of July.  There was a spray of celebratory clothes for sale.  A tee-shirt caught the corner of my eye.  I was in a rush and only noticed Old Glory in a heart-shape when I bought it.


Tossing the tee-shirt in my basket, I thought how inexpensive everything was that day.  The shirt I picked up was aimed for children and teenagers because it was displayed in the junior jeans section of the store.

Not until recently did I come across the shirt folded neatly at the bottom of a drawer.  It had never been worn and was forgotten.  Impulse buy.

Upon having a look at the front of the shirt I saw Old Glory in a heart shape.  But there was more.  Faded subtly in the background were other disturbing images.  A skull and cross bones.  A lightning bolt.  And chaotic debris.


I will let your digestion do the rest.  The shirt “designer” appears to be sending us a message about our Nation.  What do you think?