Vladimir and Pathology

In pathology, there are conditions that lend themselves to opportunistic take-over. When the elderly are lain supine for extended periods in the grip of an illness or injury, it is predictable that an opportunistic disease will attack them while they are down. These diseases can range from minor and annoying to life-threatening. I liken pneumonia to a hyena in the way it will move in to dismember the wounded prey of apex predators.

A stroke, heart-attack, broken hip or whatever knocks a person off his feet, leaving him weak and makes him vulnerable to pathological hyenas. To give a lesser example, cuts and scratches leave the epidermis vulnerable to fungal invasion. Tinea corporis is an opportunistic microbe. Bronchitis, for example, will often ride the coat-tails of an upper respiratory infection (viral or bacterial) into the lungs of a weakened person and assail him for months.

So too with a body politic, there are opportunistic elements lurking in the shadows.  They are as insidious as hypertension and arterial plaque.  Building, mounting —  layer upon layer of their sabotage until one day the corpus sees an “outbreak” of what is happening now in Egypt.  And what they saw during the French, Bolshevik and Cuban revolutions.

In the case of a government like Egypt, Pakistan, Greece, Iraq… or an economy like ours, then similarly, there are opportunistic hyenas seeking whom they may devour.  Your mission:  locate, isolate and identify who the hyenas are.

If you read your history, there is a clear picture of how it has happened in the past. But remember — those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it.