Trading On Guilt

The Reviews

In Philip E. Glidden’s Trading On Guilt:  Holocaust Education in the Public Schools, the reader is taken on a 205-page inculcation that instead bewails the holocaust.  This bewailing is couched in the lame thesis of the book’s title.  Glidden only half-heartedly complains about the Jewish force-feeding of holocaust history in public schools.  What he spends most of his gust on is reenforcing the guilt-trip that everybody has had rammed down their throat since 1945.

The book has little to do with the title.  And even less to do with a court case touched on briefly about how Glidden takes on the State of Florida over this issue.  The case is discussed insipidly on the last 59 pages.  A wearisome slog contains trivial correspondence between the author and state officials quibbling back and forth.  They split hairs about the rules governing the Florida Sunshine Law and how Glidden was slighted by not being informed ahead of time about public meetings.  Nothing about the issue merits a court case.  These 59 pages were filler gibberish.  The copies of “official documents” did not look official.  Rather they looked like fabrications along with many of the names used to populate them.  These “documents” looked inlegible by design.

I wager that the whole book is a fabrication along with Glidden himself.  The aim of such a book is obvious to me:  shill-writing with an ulterior motive, hidden agenda and under-current.  And bad shill-writing at that.  The good writing is focused on how the Jews are the smartest people in the world and have subjugated just about every country.  The author cannot resist bragging, boasting, taunting and grandstanding.  Every other page he slams the reader with Hitler this and Hitler that.  On and on and on about the Nazi’s.  Mitigation hedges and dis-info about the slave trade.  Even bum dope about the origins of words such as “taboo” and “manna.”  This book is not about educating anyone.

Glidden claims to be in his 80’s, yet I spoke with him on the phone recently and he sounded like a man of 35-45.  When I asked him where he went to college, he told me that his alma mater was a secret.  Yet it is published in the back of his book.  So why would he say that it was a secret?  This and many other contradictory statements made by Glidden prompted me to question his identity.

His book, I believe, is the product of a concerted effort.  Researchers gleaned a bunch of sources, gave the stack to a Ph.D. who spun them into a coherent text.  This way the group effort would have one writer’s voice.  I infer many people helped with the book.  There were extensive footnotes, an index and bibliography.  It reads like another ADL job.  They are worried about people questioning the holocaust and veering off the beaten path of their TV/media/text book brain-washing.  Oh the calamity of that.  Imagine people beginning to do their own homework and (gasp) even their own thinking.  Frightening, isn’t it, Mr. Glidden?

The author seemed like a fire-breathing Zionist.  Every few pages he brandished threats about what would happen to people who dared question the sacred cult of the holocaust.  He taunted. He vaunted.  He bragged about the brilliance and dominance of the Jews.  How they had the tiger by the tail, the world under their thumb and the universe was their oyster.  Space is next.  Please, more text.

He listed politicians and academics who were professionally beheaded for making a comment, however slight, that was critical of the Jews.  Pervasive in the text is the pounding drum of atheism and how important it is to keep prayers out of the schools.  As though prayer will surely cause mental retardation or cancer — or something.  He flaunts on page 148 how holocaust education was designed to produce “fawning supplicants.”

Through the lame veneer of his thesis, the author sings the praises of how Jews are the “cognitive elite.”  The book is studded with every Jewish rag and mag across the country.  As if to quote from them will surely put truth on the table.  Every other page it seems there are lurid accounts of Nazi war crimes, atrocities, outrages and post-traumatic stress suffered by the numerous survivors.

On page 158 he taunts how the Israeli Mossad killed an American armament expert at the door of his apartment and there was not so much as “a whimper of outcry” from our government about it.  He brags how the Jews control American government and occupy the most important posts in the Clinton Cabinet.  He rubs the readers nose in how the Jews get America to fight Israel’s enemies.  He brags for pages ad nauseam about this and threatens about what happens to those who “run afoul of the Jewish juggernaut.”  Then on page 173 he blows his wad:  “The irony is that whereas the United States has become the Superpower par excellence whose military might is incontestable anywhere on earth, no amount of guns, tanks and planes can counter the invasion from within…”

This book is a sham thesis used as a platform to beat the dead horse of Nazi Germany and brag brag brag about the brilliance of the Jews, their money, political power, success and wily tricks that infiltrate and usurp governments.

*** If you have any questions for the author, he can be reached at (803) 530-1102.  His sardonic e-mail address is:  Pasquinade means lampoonery.  His book was self-published using the Piscary Press (89-2852 North Powers Drive, Orlando, FL 32818, complete with defunct phone number (407) 297-9246).  Piscary, as said of Law, means the right of fishing in waters owned by another.  How apt.  Appears to be the author’s angle in this book and likewise in our conversation.  All he did was “fish.”  Presently he is in Columbia, SC, in a similar-looking row-house.  The real printing was done at Morris Publishing, 3212 East Highway 30, Kearney, NE 68847 (1-800-650-7888).  If you follow the money I bet it leads you straight to ADL or CIA.  That I would believe.  But I don’t believe Glidden is who he says he is.  Nor that he ever lived at those addresses.  He probably lives at the Villa Diodati on the money ADL pays him for writing their propaganda shills.


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