The Trees

Remember that contagious ditty by RUSH?  The metaphorical rock song from their early days?  It was catchy and had a message.  The oaks were taller than the maples, so naturally they got more sunlight.  The oaks liked how God made them.  They were happy to be oaks.

The maples, however, were disgruntled with their second-fiddle status in the forest.  They wanted to be top tree and coveted the leadership of the oaks.  Like Lucifer coveted the position of his Maker.  So the maples conspired against their betters by writing a new law — that governed by the hatchet, ax and saw.  (

The oaks could have been the Czars of Russia.  Or the Royal Houses of Islam and Christendom that now rule no more.  A Farewell to Kings anyone?  Who hasn’t played those riffs on his electric guitar?

The castrated figure-heads that pass for “crowned heads” today are pathetic.  Let us have an Alfred again.  Someone who can merit the title, “The Great.”  I would love to see an armoured Christian King rule all Britannia from a horse.  By a wave of his gauntlet, all is made or broken.  One man.  One throne.  One Royal House.

In such a government, the idea is to have a King who answers to God.  On his knees.  Devout.  Prayerful and led by moral compass unto death.  There would be no questioning such a man’s integrity.  Not if he defers to God’s Law.  Such a King would strive to give his righteous all.  Immune to corruption.  That’s the idea.

You can see what the maples have done for Great Britain.  Look what they are doing for the USA?  Are we not well on our way in a hand-basket? The Law of God is a win-win recipe for governance.  In the Muslim territories, their glorious past is all the proof you need that the recipe works.

Christendom and Islam are of one spiritual accord.  Their precepts agree across the board.  Let the Muslims rule their own lands.  One of their great Kings after all, built the Taj Mahal.  Let it stand as a testament to the integrity, purity, steadfastness and virtue of the man who built it.

Just like the Bolsheviks were shouting in turn-of-the-century Russia, “liberty, equality, freedom, brotherhood…”  So I seem to hear again today from our politically-correct, politically-sensitive, “promise-you-the-moon” government.  But I take a walk through town and get a different story.

Ever been to Southeast DC?  Southwest?  I’ll show you some equality and brotherhood.  Come on down.  Ever see what happens to DC after 6pm on a week night?  I have.  By the faces on the street and by the trains, you can see how starkly and painfully segregated the city still is.

It appears that Obama’s tour in the White House is in part to assuage black America.  These people have had drugs and pathogens tested on them.  To this day it is why black people prefer to go to black doctors and dentists.  The grocery stores in their parts of town also carry lesser quality produce.  Things from their freezers taste to me like they have been in there since Vietnam.  It’s not like we don’t know who owns and “manages” the grocery store chains.  Shame on them for what they are foisting on black neighborhoods.  Shame on them for passing-off “lesser goods” to black customers.

The ploy seems to be that when people have never known freshness and quality, they cannot discern when it is missing — this, I believe, is the premise of how grocery store chains have been hoodwinking poor black neighborhoods with freezer-burn and wilted produce.  I have studied the issue for years and these are my findings.  But feel free to conduct your own investigations.

As for the maples who own and run the grocery stores:  shame, shame, shame on you.

Equality?  If you want better food and produce, go to the same-name store in the white parts of town.  I have seen the same pattern in other cities.  Black people get the shaft.  I know you see, because I visit their neighborhoods, shop in their stores and sing in their churches.  Let’s get the president on that right away and rub his nose in it.

Our government has motive to keep the brothers peaceful and in the dark.  They are much stronger than white men.  You don’t wanna pissum off.  Ever watch football?  I believe that Obama is there to keep them snowed into thinking that their government really does believe in all that stuff about equality, brotherhood, freedom and justice.  Is he even from America?

If black America knew who owned those slaver fleets that brought their ancestors here in chains they would burn DC down a second time.  Ask Louis Farrakhan.  He will set the record straight.  The same bunch who ran the slave trade now run this country.  How many Americans do not feel like a slave today?  I ask you.  Income tax.  Sales tax.  Property tax.  Capital gains tax.  When are they going to tax the air?

So naturally they want to harness the strength of our black brothers for their lucrative wars.  They did it in Vietnam — and how.  Have a look at the recruiting posters now.  Same pattern.  Same snow-job.  But now they have Obama as a cheerleader and a racial lubricant.  Pushing young men to make war on Muslims who never offended them for the sole benefit of Israel.  Back to the maples.

Like others of this band’s lyrics, I get the feeling that they are advancing the Communist Manifesto.  RUSH sang about globalist philosophies.  In RUSH’s song, “Territories,” Geddy Lee (Gary Weinrib) anthems, “Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world than the pride that divides every time a colorful rag is unfurled.”

The problem with the maples, and I’m quite convinced I’m right, is that they are not happy with one slice.  They want the whole pie.

One big slave plantation.  Speaking one language.  Worshipping Baal.  Tagged like cattle with computer chips.


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