Come on Mel.  Tellum all to go to hell.

You’ve proven your salt in Sleaze Town.  Become the feverish obsession of every woman I know.  You have run the gamut of quality motion pictures.  Passed the test of time.  Even your marriage was a long and good one, according to the recent words of your lady-wife.

Nobody’s perfect.  Every man falls short of the Glory of God.  But those Hollywood smut-hawkers never managed to pressure you into a role that haunts a big percentage of your peers.  Good on ya, mate.

Here’s to Gallipoli.  And to The Bounty.  And to Tim.  Nobody needs to teach you how to swim.  Hip-hip to Hamlet, baby.  You knocked ‘um dead.  Oh for the cerulean focus that cuts through all eternity and asks, “To be or not to be…”

They hate you because you love Jesus Christ.  They hate Jesus Christ.  They hate the movie you made about Him.  So they throw darts at your character.  Is it not predictable when they take the Lord’s name in vain in most of their films as a signature stamp of their Talmudic creed?

So the Bolshevik Cheka goes on a picture hunt.  How much did they pay people to corrupt or take down their Mel Gibson fan sites?  All so high school kids will not learn about who you are and what you did?  They rabidly removed every glorious movie still from the Internet because they know the power of an image.  And the glamour of your smile.  Not one of them can fill your boots as The Road Warrior.  Let ‘um try.

I witness an organized character assassination of a thespian because he stands for Christendom in Jew-dominated, Jew-defiled Hollywood.  And has the Braveheart-guts to make a movie about how Jesus died.

Despite their calumny.  Despite the concerted siege of their purchased law dogs.  Despite the lies and subterfuge of their rug-weave (far be it from them to stand alone like The Patriot ), you still have a lot of fans, Mr. Gibson.

On Robyn’s lily finger the sun has not set.  You can win her back I bet.  1.5 carat marquise.  Go get your bride.

To the mud-slinging hypocrites and hexagram jackals of the yellow press, I repeat the words of Our Lord, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” at Mel Gibson.

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