Taj Mahal

To that propaganda-spewing woman in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, I have this to say:  who built the Taj Mahal?  Was it a luke-warm Christian who believes everything he sees on TV and buys the pack of lies about 9/11?  Was it a Talmudic Jew?  Was it a Kali-worshipping Hindu?  Who built that Taj Mahal?  I notice the propaganda writers didn’t put that in their story.  Why not?

Shouldn’t the Faith whose integrity is represented by this obviously God-inspired Wonder of the World be left in peace to build their houses of worship?  Are they not American citizens?  Do they not have First Amendment rights?

Murfreesboro is My Town, USA, Ms. Zelenik.  I studied at Middle Tennessee State University with Muslim students that I found prudent, dignified, decent, honest, pleasant and full of Grace.  Home of the Blue Raiders.  That’s right the Raiders.  Named after the glories of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and don’t you carpet-baggers forget it.  Our mascot logo is a Confederate Raider, not a stylized cartoon of a horse.  That’s our heritage you’re watering down, by the way.  Heritage not hate.  If you want hate, go to Israel.  They had their kids writing messages on warheads destined for their Palestinian neighbors.

And another thing.  Muslims have every right to build their mosques just like Jews have a right to build synagogues.  And Hindus, temples with tinkly bells.  Islam has a right to worship God in their own way just like I cry to Heaven in an aria — surrounded by candles at Westminster.  Make that Mozart.  And I’ll sing it in German.

This article is 100% pure anti-Muslim propaganda written by venomous Zionist Jews and supported by mouth-pieces like Lou Ann Zelenik.  I wager that this Vanderbilt graduate has never cracked the Qur’an like most Americans who buy the 9/11 story.  Why don’t you find a lamp, woman, and “get some read,” as one of my professors used to say.  Instead of riling the ire of my cavalry plume.



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