Brother Foggy Mountain Breakdown

The only green mountain party boy I ever knew —  sat beside me on a pew.  He was too young for the kind of damage Daddy worried about.  Still fighting his way out of Momma’s Kool-Aid kitchen when we met.  Barely out of diapers yet.  Shaking off the baby fat from her biscuits and Rice Krispy squares.  Puberty caught us unawares.

We made music together from the Broadman Hymnal.  Our great pleasure while holding hands.  His new pipes were velvet.  We sung good music don’t y’know.  The flight of it still haunts me whither I go.

His father preached at us every Sunday from a righteous place.  Back when preachers were not monitored by Bolshevik Jesus-haters.  Nor stigmatized and shunned by their “Baptist Associations” who now abjectly bow to the Abaddon of Revelation 9:11.

Back before preachers were gunned down or threatened with financial ruin for preaching The Word of God.  When men were not afraid to shout the words that Jesus spoke.  From the pulpits.  From the mountain-tops.

Back when fiery sermons kept young people straight.  Lest truth be too little seen and known — and known too late.  The King James word-for-word.  Poetry like you never heard.  It’s English Literature after all.  Not “living sent,” you demon-spawn.  Answering the Call.

Apollion always reverses the meaning of a word.  It’s a calling, not a sending.  Get the bumper sticker right.

Notice how any precept of God is negated, rebelled against, defiled, mocked and trampled under foot by the people of Revelation 9:11.  You feel their sting daily.  The minions of Abaddon move among us.  In city traffic, they drive against you, thwart your every move.  They do the same in bureaucracy.  Government.  School boards.  Corporate regime.

They are international bankers.  Aerosol tankers.  Small town usurers, descendants of carpet-baggers.  Morticians who do sloppy jobs on Christian girls.  Muslims know better than hand over their dead to the priests of Anubis.

They brew poison and cook disease.  Manufacture bombs.  Rape children in snuff films.  Slaughter race horses for spite.  Pit dogs, cocks and soldiers against each other.  Then watch the fight.

They instigate wars under your noses and blame it on their enemies — who are always the good guys.  They have to be.  Anybody in their cross-hairs deserves to be your best friend.  Rule of thumb.

They rape and torture nuns.  Of course they will torture confessions out of Muslims and call them terrorists to keep the wars going.

They are the architects of strife.  Pitting women against men.  Blacks against whites.  Southern States against Northern States.  Christians against Muslims.  Homosexuals against heterosexuals.  But they always stick together like a tightly-woven rug, working in unison across all borders, speaking every language.  Mapping every road.  Sitting like trolls at every bridge.  Guarding every bottle-neck, bank account and gate.

They are the swindlers, hackers, tax-collectors, name-changers, tricksters, oppressive law-makers, calumniators, fine-print-writers, sophists for hire, pants on fire, assassins, show trial lawyers, pornographers, drug traffickers, the slave fleet owners of history, trafficking slaves both black and white.  They are the slum lords, foreclosure lawyers, the perverters of vegetation — destroyers of the seed so that cultivation of future food is in their control.

With bull-dozers they uproot orchards.  They are bribery and extortion.  Blackmail.  The string-pullers of corrupt governments, propaganda mills and publishing houses that keep the truth out of print.

They fabricate authors and write composite yarns aimed at the middle class.  Their goal is to distract, confuse, discredit and muddle.  Inundation and exclamation (!!!!!) are their hallmark.  They cannot resist bragging.

Their signature appears on decoys and propaganda to divert the masses from low-orbit surveillance, un-manned warfare systems, psychotropic drugs, amnesiacs, witchcraft, hypnotism, and other items of concern.  Many of which are being used tactically at the moment.  It’s not a gremlin.  There “is” a ghost in your machine.  That’s where witchcraft enters computer systems.  Not that bigga stretch, energy-wise.

Why do you think they are trying to get the Book of Revelation outlawed as “hate speech?”  Two verses will shed big light on that.  See Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9.

I just listed their fruits.  And by these you shall know them.

Read the Bible and the Qur’an.  It’s all in there, man.

Now you have a few words that today’s preacher is afraid to speak.  A dose of blue lightning from Brother Foggy Mountain Breakdown.


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