The Holy Qur’an

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From the first line of The Holy Qur’an I was gripped by the acerbic Voice of superhuman rank –  words smote me from a General Officer in God’s Army who had no time for pleasantries or political correctitude.  He knew my guts.  He knew my soul.  Turn the page.

I couldn’t put it down, The Qur’an.  I’m only sorry that I have waited this long to read another of God’s great books.  A fiercely-written manual of operations.  Orders from the top.    No minced words.  No split hairs.  Just a rapid succession of clarion blasts from the High Ground that blow anti-Muslim propaganda out of the water.

The clarity of Gabriel’s message is 20/20 acuity on a sunny day.

There is no ambiguity, contradiction, double-talk or gibberish in the pure and literal translations of the Qur’an.  For such roads to Chicago, you can go to the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible (Fifth Improved Edition) published by B.B. Kirkbride Bible Company.  What a rip-off.  They advertise this “Bible” as a large print version.  That is a lie.  I have a standard print version of the text that is twice the size of the font in Thompson’s “large letter” version.  Thompson’s dead wood is a falsely-advertised tome of reference gibberish designed to discourage Bible reading.  This cumbersome load of wearying twaddle boasts 80+% of superfluous microscopic print that smothers the King James text.  God’s Word is reduced to 50% of each page, flanked by distracting margin notes (forked roads to nowhere leading the reader away from the text and dropping him off down a dirt road).  What a burdensome load of wasted paper, this thing.  They made sure to weigh you down with useless words and the dead wood they are written on.  Most of this text is a burden to the mind and body.  They want to make sure that you will only pick it up once. 

Gabriel has a few words for the B.B. Kirkbride Corporation and all those with whom they have set up partners.  His pert words can be found in The Holy Qur’an.  Read them, o’ Biblica, and be afraid.  They were written for you expressly.  Compliments of God Almighty.   Known to the Muslims as Allah.  Jesus called Him, “The Father who sent me.”

Throughout the text of The Holy Qur’an, one is overwhelmed by hurricane-force, minimalist eloquence.  Gabriel explicitly points out how his message is written to be clear and direct.  He uses few words with high impact, God’s hallmark – always.  The verses are lain out, boldly, clearly, bulletized, itemized.  Bam, bam, bam.  In tandem.  The antithesis of Lucifer’s rambling deltas of rubbish.

The Qur’an is brazen, beautiful, forceful, over-powering.  Wanted.  Needed.  Hungered-after.  Any seeker stops here in his tracks, falls to his knees and knows that this is the Word of God.  Gabriel pistol-whips you with it.  He punches you in the kisser and knocks you off your feet.  There’s nothing else you can say.  You are breathless.  Speechless.  On your knees.  Listening in humility and belief to his Voice. 

Doubt me?  Read it and find out.  I dare you.

What Voice is that you ask?  The brash Voice of a warrior angel, Mr. War College.  That’s who.  He of the tri-pinions.  The Messenger of the Annunciation.  Force Multiplied beyond anything you guys can envision for 2025.  The Voice of Archangel.  One to reckon with Mr. Battle Ax, God’s Business End.  Is he your foe?  Or is he your friend? 

Better check that IFF.

Throughout the Qur’an, Gabriel speaks from the Collective.  Often he uses the pronoun, “We” in reference to The Host to which he belongs.  He speaks in a Commander fashion.  Like a leading General who answers directly to God.  A Voice that belts out The Law with punch, pluck, saucy wit and superhuman charisma.  A chest jutting out firm against all Eternity.  Woe unto the fool who dares to meet him on the field.

There is nothing in this brilliant book that demeans or demoralizes women.  All that propaganda about how Islam abuses women based on the Qur’an is a lie.  Her place in God’s design is clearly stated.  But it is nothing that human anatomy has not already borne out.  Fight city hall if you want to, lady, but Gabriel will only smirk.  He knows who you are.  And how God made you.  You are by design, sister.

Gabriel says that God made the angels out of smokeless fire.  And that they were not made in the image of women — “Why would God make angels like women who are no good in a fight?”

Everyone should read this Book.  Especially Christians.  If every Christian read the Qur’an, they would never take up arms against a Muslim.    Because we’re on the same team.


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