Back Door Pass

Lately I noticed how my Internet Explorer browser had taken on a life of its own.  There were annoying new bells, whistles and monkey wrenches in many programs.  Like a concerted siege of changes.  My blog software, AOL, and other programs had all “suffered a sea-change” but not “into something rich and strange,” as Edward Trelawny wrote of Shelley.

These software “updates” seemed intrinsic to one IP Address.  Because as I logged into other computers, none of the software “changes and updates” existed.  I deduced that they were tailor-made for one IP address.  And smelled a story.  So I investigated.

Since I had not loaded any new software, I was curious why Explorer 7 was  moving things around on me.  The location and format of things had suddenly changed.  There was an extensive browsing history that was listed below the web address window.  It reminded me how stringently MicroSoft Corporation was tracking our Internet activity.

I didn’t like that.  So I changed settings, moved bookmarks and began routinely deleting browser history.  A few days later Internet Explorer 7 had a whole new lay-out.  The “browser history watch-dog” disappeared from its original location under the web address window and was now located under the “yellow star favorites tab” in the upper-left corner.  It was subtley-placed and tucked away where few would think to look for it.  I stumbled onto it and realised that somebody else was making changes to my computer.

I learned how MicroSoft Corporation had a 24/7 back door pass into my computer.  I was not aware how they downloaded “free updates” into it nightly.  In a world where nothing is free, this got my attention.  Why would MicroSoft give you something for free?  Why would they care what happens to your computer after you drive it off the lot?  You need an active warranty for 20 seconds with one of their geeks on the phone.  So now they are pumping free software into your computer?  Why is MicroSoft suddenly concerned about how well your computer works?

This prompted some questions.  What’s in it for them?  What’s in it for the government?  What’s in it for their global partners?

I think that these “free updates” have a corporate agenda.  There is an undercurrent.  Isn’t there?  Should not a profit-driven corporation have a motive for giving away free software?   Why would a corporation give you something for free?  When was the last time you checked the price on a piece of software?

The sanctioned trojan horses that sail into your computer nightly are not something MicroSoft Corporation and their global partners want you to know about.  What they rather want you to know about is the mainstream propaganda that they pump and pipe into every mode of media.  Like right now at the top of my screen there is a distracting scroll of mainstream “news headlines” designed expressly to thwart concentration on the task at hand.  Bloggers are a thorn in their side and they are doing everything they can to distract, confuse, muddle and block our progress.  It only proves our point.  And drives our spike deeper into the vampire — while honing mental disciplines like those of a Buddhist monk.

If you download Internet Explorer 8, expect all these monkey wrenches and more.  The corporate over-lords of cyber space are frantic.  They are on a mission to rein in a runaway horse of free speech, free thought, free press and freedom to choose what software we use.  Is MicroSoft a monopoly?

Notice how they are pushing “free downloads” of all kinds in every aspect of your cyber life.  There is an agenda in “updating” your software.  If you want to find out what it is, just download their freebies and watch your cyber freedom disappear.

Much of our lives are stored on our hard drives.  The rest happens on the information super highway.  It would behoove a draconian police state to get inside your computer.  That way he has an inorganic informant who lives inside your house.  One whom you cannot punish for sending daily reports on your activities.  How convenient.  There’s your agenda for free software.

If you like your computer and it isn’t malfunctioning  — then why would they want to fix it?  Some of the software they sneak onto your computer is a one-way ticket.  You cannot un-install it.  Why would a corporation override your control over your own computer?  Why would they take away your freedom to choose how your computer works and what software it runs?  Why so many interfaces and remote controls?

Back to my investigation.  So MicroSoft Corporation automatically downloads whatever they want  into your computer without your consent or knowledge — unless you are one of the people who actually read those 50 pages of fine print that explains the “privacy statement” of your computer’s operating system.  I just read it.  They should re-name this fine print to “Privacy Invasion Statement.”

I advise everyone to hold on to what you have.  If you have Internet Explorer 7, hang on to it.  Explorer 8 is a nightmare of dodge & parry.  They use every trick in the book to keep you from concentrating on your task unless you are just out to “look at the pictures and chat with pals.”  Internet navigation, search engines and composition is attacked by a new wave of anti-mind engineering.  The last thing they want you to do is your own homework.  In other words, nothing is new and improved.  It’s just new.

The control panel of your new lap-top is dumbed-down to an insulting degree.  New computers are engineered to keep their owners from knowing much about them.  The hardware on a new lap-top is sophisticated beyond your wildest dreams.  Webcams and microphones are standard.  These are part of the new interface biometrics that identify the user to Host Computers that monitor your every move in cyber space.  They have software that analyses your voice and handwriting.  Webcams do the rest.

In the MicroSoft Windows Update Services Privacy Statement, ( they list volumes of data that is collected by their broadband interface.  Their Host Computer extracts from your computer daily reports.  These reports are entered into a database.  If you ever wondered how AOL, AT&T and Google all seem to know exactly what advertisements to insult you with, well, wonder no more.

They have your Internet Protocol Address which locates your computer geographically.  They have serial numbers, model numbers, tracking numbers on every piece of hardware and software on your computer.  This is linked to your registration information that you had to give them upon purchase.  Bottom line:  they have your dossier.

They track your printer activity, faxes, vocabulary and grammar, shopping preferences, spending habits, and just about anything you do in cyber-space.  Ever notice how when you call a 1-(800) number these days, they ask you to speak your choices into the phone instead of pressing numbers on your keypad?  They are recording and assessing your diction, enunciation, ethnic accent and every other organic aspect of your voice.  Biometric?  You bet.

IP Addresses are vague identifiers compared with your Peer Name.  A Peer Name is a 40-character string of alphanumeric.  It is unique to your computer and listed under MicroSoft’s “Peer Name Resolution Service.”  Nebulously-named you say?  Precisely.  They don’t want you to know what they are talking or writing about.  It’s just code for the insiders to know what “they” are talking about.  But feel free to look it up.  Their lawyers had to put it in writing somewhere.

So your “name, address and shoe-size” is just the tip of MicroSoft’s ice berg.  If you own a PC, they got you down, Bruh.  Since the Patriot Act, Bill Gates and Company have gone into over-drive and override.  There are many things on your computer that you cannot control.  Choices that are made for you by Host computers who decide what you can and cannot learn.

Remember that a corporation has no soul.  So you cannot point out any one person.  They are Borg.  They are MicroSoft.  The corporation has taken on, like my computer, a life of its own.

If you value freedom and privacy, make your next computer a Macintosh.


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