Tarring the Feathers

Mon Bayou Bleu, break your fast on this ocean of photography.  Get a load of their jeering digs.  

Birds with no place to land.  Ad nauseam brown pelicans “mired” by a muck-sea.  Dead hermit crabs.  Dead fish.  Mississippi’s “First Lady Marsha Barbour examines a tar ball…”  A humiliating, unflattering photo of somebody’s young son they were sure to name.  An oil-stained toe of a man who was “collecting oil balls” on an Alabama beach.  Empty crab pots stacked high in Mississippi.

Salting wounds has always been their specialty.  Let us continue with Patrick Shay’s Louisiana front yard.  A congregation of white crosses.  Each one lists a loss.  Sand, oyster boats, swimming, yellow fin tuna, walks on the beach, sand between my toes… 

On and on it goes.  With pictures of our black brothers busting their asses building tiger dams not far from where their people were left to welter in their own filth.  Hurricane Katrina just blew into town — a hurricane that is here being used to tweak the noses of oil spill victims.  Haughty audacity goeth before a fall.

Pictures of Katrina ruins with captions about how the oil spill will add more weight to the brow-beaten little burro of the Panhandle.  His house gone.  And now his meager livelihood.  More difficulties lie ahead for this humble beast of burden.  What an ordeal.  Let’s make fun of him. 

So they lampoon Louisiana’s Catholic solemnity with unflattering down-shots of parishioners like they jeer at our sons coming back in boxes from their instigated, fabricated wars — this slime of a media that is best mirrored by the crude sludge creeping into our marshes.  

Poisoning estuaries like their news print poisons minds.  Liars.  Calumniators.  Lip-service politicians.  Enough is enough.

U.S. Attorney General Holder says, “A full criminal and civil investigation is underway…”  What does that mean?  Since when has the Justice Department had anything to do with justice?  There was an investigation into the murder of President Kennedy too.  And so?


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