Rape of the King James

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson

A holy book is a manual of operations.  Without it, we are a people rudderless.  The King James is glorious high impact.  Succinct.  Lyrically-perfect.  Untouchable.  Like Gabriel’s Qur’an.  Beyond the craft of man.

Other versions of the Bible seem to me like gradations of literary corruption.  This was done so moderate Christians can be led astray over time.  It is a gradual process, this negation of God’s Word, but I see that it proceeds without obstruction.  Karl Marx can be proud of how today’s church is not so much a church as it is a social club and dating service.

There reigns supreme today a shadowy hive of linguists, writers and editors whose mission it is to castrate the Word of God.  They have re-written the Christian Bible in convoluted, wearisome gibberish, loosely adhering to and sometimes altering the text.  Their aim to me is a clear one — wear down Christians with bad writing to discourage them from consulting their Bibles.  Casting them spiritually adrift has never been easier.  Just give them a bunch of new world Bibles.  This strategy softens up the lukewarm loam of today’s congregations.  It lays open the furrows for the seeds of a new Sodom.

The writing in today’s “new and improved” version of the Bible is clear as mud to the literature scholar.  I can imagine what it must read like to the average American.  It burdens the mind to decipher all the new, “improved,” modern English that is purposefully anything but easy to understand.  The Wizard’s new world Christians are good and confused.  Now they are more easily  molded to his impending regime as they tap their feet to his contagious, happy-go-lucky pop music and sing along with his vague, bland, politically correct lyrics.

Today’s Christians have no firm foundation text.  Their manual for living has been contaminated by mumbo-jumbo.  A demoralized, mentally-scattered population is more easily seized by an iron hand.  A house divided cannot stand.  Once they lose faith in their Divine Potter, they become easy putty for the Wizard.

There are many different versions of the Bible today.  This is part of a master plan to divide and cripple Christ’s church from the inside.  The Wizard blithely encourages his Christians to study their new world Bibles.  He knows that they will get lost in the labyrinth of his meaningless jabberwocky.  He inundates them with margin citations and weighs them down with footnotes.  These footnotes are loaded with bogus decoys.  He distracts their eyes with fine print, tiny letters and numbers  in super and subscript, hoping this will further weary them.  It mentally exhausts and frustrates any reader.

Bible readers today are bombarded with instructions, details and forked roads of “useful guidance” throughout their texts.  The Wizard knows that most readers will thus give up on Bible-reading altogether — his express aim.  Where knowledge is power, ignorance is a stumbling block.  Without knowledge of God’s Word, Christians are only so by title.

Without knowledge of their Bibles, Christians are like a flock of sheep without a Good Shepherd.  The Wizard is a timeless wolf seeking whom he may devour.  Far be it from their preachers to preach it like Jesus did.  Today’s sermon dares not offend the Wizard of the New World Order.  What do you think got Jesus crucified after all — being politically correct?

It has been my finding that outside of the King James, one is not reading what the holy scribes intended.  Part of the Wizard’s plan for Christendom is to infiltrate their Bible publishers, liberalize their Vatican, cool the passions of believers and render them into tolerant, easy-going cattle.  The Wizard wants a peaceful, acquiescent herd that can be corralled and led without much struggle.  An anxious animal does not bleed-out as fast.  One gets the most out of one’s cattle if he keeps them calm and ignorant of their impending fate.  By the time they smell the blood it will be too late. 

The enemy of God has entered the churches via the Trojan horse of his “new, improved” versions of the Bible.  Now the poor Christians are out in left field, buying the lies and distortions of false prophets and misleading, centrist pastors quoting from these horrendous new world translations.

The King James Bible is considered a great work of English Literature.  As such we are familiar with its poetry.  It is written that all poets channel their verses from external and higher intelligence.  The seculars call this phenomenon “when a poet finds his muse.”  Some believers hold poetry to be the language, aye, the very signature of God.  When the Almighty sends a message through the language of man, it comes in verses.

All beauty expressed in art comes from God.  Whether a symphony, cathedral, song, sculpture or painting — if it’s any good, God had something to do with it.  I theorize that this is why certain cultures and ethnicities cannot make “art.”  They are Godless.  These are the people who invent “better” ways to make war.  They cultivate diseases in petri-dishes and develop faster-killing poisons.  One of them invented the nuclear bomb. 

I have been studying assorted new translations of God’s Word and it reads like no such thing.  What is being done to the Holy Scriptures today is corruption of the original text.  Readers are at the mercy of a committee of translators — faceless, nameless mystery writers who take it upon themselves to undo the work of God-inspired monks.  The translators, in my literary opinion, have thrown a monkey wrench into the Word of God.  They have perverted it with double-talk and gibberish that turns around what a verse is saying.  They strive to be gender-inclusive and politically correct.  These Bible-manglers fail to realize that God is not politically correct.

The new-mangled Bibles read like the work of a Marxist think-tank.  They are re-inventing a wheel that was never broken.  The King James is a pleasurable read.  There is nothing archaic or hard to understand about it.  Conversely it is the clarity of the King James that  threatens the Wizard.  This Bible came along years after William Shakespeare wrote his plays.  I don’t see them re-writing Hamlet or trying to improve on what Shakespeare wrote.  Why then do they dare to improve on the Word of God?

The Bible re-writers are a global outfit.  They read like the enemy of Christ who is working hard to dismantle His churches, confuse and divide his people and lay waste to the Holy Covenant between God and man.  Hold fast to your King James Bibles my friends.  God’s Word requires no footnotes.


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