The Preacher Killers

These two murders cover all the bases.  The first strikes fear into the heart of any white man behind an evangelical pulpit.  The second takes care of any black woman who wants to try it.  It is understood that some of the most passionate, spirit-filled preachers are black men.  So they are definitely in the mix.

Christ and Christians must be put down! — seems to be the message.  As though Christians are a threat to the filth, lies and corruption that our world has become.  Imagine that.  We and our Muslim brothers threaten a house of cards.   So our churches and mosques are under seige.

Speaking of domestic terrorism, Menachim Begin and his gang come to mind.  During the early days of modern Israel, according to a lecture I just heard from David Duke, Jewish terrorists were ripping live babies from the wombs of Palestinian women in order to strike fear into the hearts of other Palestinians.  The terrorists took photos of their handiwork as propaganda to encourage their hated neighbors to flee their homes.  Isn’t it quirky how today the Jews call everybody else a terrorist?

Precisely as it is written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, where it states that all you need is a little blood in the streets to get a population to do your bidding — so the method is employed by the preacher killers, random shooters,  and other cover-up jobs all over the world (too numerous for this entry).  My focus is preachers.

“Blood in the streets” has been employed as a psychological operation exactly as lectured by the satanic author of the Protocols.  It was demonstrated in the Bolshevik and Cuban Revolutions to the letter.

The Bolshevik Bloodbath came twenty years after the following text.  A “circle saw” of a read.  Hurricane page-turner.  Eloquence to smart you.  It is the minutes of a conclave that took place in Basle, Switzerland.  The First Zionist Congress of 1897 is 87 pages of hard-ball.  Get your copy soonest,

This Bilderberg of Zionists was leaked to the Britons and translated deftly.  What’s done is done.  All they can do is deny it and hope we buy it.  What else can they do?  Admit it?

To this day the Jews covet Palestinian lands and employ terrorism to expel people from their homes.  In America they just foreclose.

On 8 March 2009, Terry Sedlacek walked into a Maryville, Illinois church and shot Pastor Fred Winters to death.  Sedlacek, based on my interviews with law enforcement and local citizens of Maryville, is a fellow whom few people want to know.  I even offered money to one of his past co-workers to give me a few minutes of her time.  She rapidly declined my offer.  Did somebody already offer her more to keep her mouth shut?  Food for thought.  Boy was she quick to snap a reply, “No!”  And that was the end of it.  That woman was not talking.

Independent thought is the right of everyone. Therefore my mind is a court room.  There I get to be the prosecutor, defense attorney, medical examiner,  and forensic investigator.  In the bright light of examination, I see a diamond from every facet.  Under stereo-scopic acuity, no carbon spot escapes me.  Nor fissure or fingerprint.  I focus and take notes, write-up the report.   But God is the Judge.

Cocky.  Impetuous.  I feel like Seabiscuit before the bell.  No time for filibusters.  Fast-talking ruses can go to hell.  They have no place in my court room.  I decide what holds water.  Only the brass tacks, road-rubber and practical application are worth my time.

So here we have a 61-year-old woman from Oklahoma City who drives sixty miles (one-way) every Sunday to preach to her small congregation in Anadarko.  On 23 August 2009 there is somebody waiting for her in that little church-house.  Somebody who came in through the back door.  A nearby video camera recorded Pastor Carol Daniels’ arrival and entry through the front door.  No surveillance of the back door of course.

Later that morning a pair of congregants tried to get into the church and noticed the door locked with Daniels’ car outside.  They called police and the rest was TV news.

I believe that Daniels’ and Winters’ murders were to intimidate preachers out of the ministry like Palestinians were intimidated out of Palestine.  Pastor Daniels was found naked and cruciform, I think, as a mockery on Christendom by those who hate Jesus Christ and his Church.

Whoever did that stuff, enjoyed it.   Those who play in the blood-bath have their cheerleaders.  Like that sadistic Wikipedia “No-Name” writer who celebrated the lurid details of the Bosnia Massacres in an ocean of charactery (Srebrenica).  Similar freaks wrote about these two preachers in assorted main-stream media.   They read like propaganda mills.

Isn’t it convenient how the authorities removed the back door of Daniels’ church for evidence?  Her killers came in the back door to do her up.  Why remove the back door?  Covering whose tracks?  The killers?  Why?  Broken entries often leave clues.  I wonder what the FBI and their Okey State underlings have unearthed since then?  I wager not a jot.

To me, these murder cases are as transparent (real sense, not buzz-word) as a clean window.

*** Cursory Sources:

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