Disappearance #2

I notice how WordPress edit mode has been gnarled-up.  They disabled full screen mode and other composition and editing functions.  They took away the image import icon by covering it with bogus, redundant “new functions.”  On blogspot, I have no copy/paste functions.   Strange co-incidence?  I doubt it.

Hence, this entry looks unprofessional.  But the content sure is there.  And so are the pictures.  Beyond my ken how I managed to post them, given the monkey wrenches.  Ever heard of the term, “let’s wing it?”  I do that a lot.

On a wing and a prayer.   

Shortly before 6:00pm I noticed small, round, sporadically-spaced clouds drifting in from the Bay.  Some were uncommonly low and did not seem natural.  They looked like cotton balls.

A small, white, twin-engine jet came from behind me.  It was noiseless and flew through a small cloud.  I watched, expecting to see the jet come out of the other side of the cloud in three seconds or less.  It never did. 

There was no place for it to have gone.  There were no other clouds near the one it had just skewered.  The trajectory of the plane was horizontal when it entered the cloud.  Unless it rocketed at a hard angle and pierced a veil that was at once illusory and obscuring — I can think of no other way for the jet to have disappeared.  Could it have been a hologram?  A projected image?  Like perhaps the moon?

The sky was an opague-blue colour.  Pastel.  A half-moon was visible directly overhead in broad daylight.  The sun was still high in the western sky and shooting bright rays over the rooves of houses when the jet disappeared.

The plane looked like it had been spray-painted white.  I snapped a photograph just before it entered the cloud.

A few months ago I saw the exact same thing happen not far from here.  It was a similar looking jet that flew into a cloud and never came out.  It entered a small cloud at good speed.  The altitude was eye-friendly.  I felt confident about what I had seen.

And phoned my home-town airport where Daddy used to keep his planes, imparting to the man there what I had seen.  He never got back to me.  I didn’t think he would.  There seems a black pall of secrecy that has been cast over all aviation.  Nobody’s talking.  Like they all had their lives threatened or something.  Air traffic controllers of every stripe are petrified with fear.  Their throats dry up and they get scared when I ask them questions.

Here is a strange drone-looking thing I saw only seconds before the jet disappeared: 

The FAA recently removed the N-Number Look-up Page from their web site.  I wonder why?  Could it be because recently I published the names of agencies to whom aircraft in my photography is registered? 

As for the disappearing jets, if over the course of my life it only happened once, then I could call it an isolated incident.  But now it has happened twice.  So that makes it a topic. 

Once again, I encourage all of you to invest in a good binocular if you have not already.  There are things going on overhead that bear considerable watching.  Some of them you can see with 20/20 naked eye.

 By these planes, it looks like a lot of contractors are cashing in on the aerosol tanker frenzy.  I have even seen old, modified prop-jobs on the band-wagon.  Anything for money.     

 (Steiner, Bushnell, Nikon, Pentax, Eagle Optics, Orion, Celestron, you get the idea)


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