Swami Says

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson


In studying the Swami’s ocean of digressive lectures, I see the aim of his handlers.  Calm the cattle.  Make the corporate workforce easier-going.  Make them more manageble, pliable, offering less resistance.  Like Eckhart Tolle, Swami says to go inside ourselves for peace and bliss.

Swami says, “You are God.”  There is no sin.  Hell is negated.  Morality is negated.  “Without an ego, we are Christ.”  Be hollow bamboo.  Just focus on your breath.   Drift on the spiritual tide.  Life has no purpose.  But death has the sting of a thousand scorpions. 

His message to the common people is that instead of aspiring to the ring, be grateful for your finger.  This serves as a universal message to the working class.  Just be happy under your yoke, pay your taxes and soldier-on.  No need to worry about what will happen to you.  You can’t do anything about it.

There is a caste system inside the cloud of democracy instead of a silver lining.  Some people are born to be mill horses according to what I see in the bean fields.  There are brown people who can’t speak English bent over fields of tomatoes, beans, strawberries and other pickables, working like slaves for next to no pay.  

All that high-flown myth about Democracy and equality is a lie.  They commission guys like swami here to lecture a schtick to the mill horses and corporate wage-slaves about how they are supposed to be thankful for their fingers and toes (if they still have them).  I wonder what swami tells the guys coming back from the fabricated war who are missing arms and legs?

The swami’s lectures support the Georgia Guidestones.  He laments present world population and says that there are enough babies in the world.  He keeps looking to his left in flitting glances — as though to seek approval  for what he just said.  Sometimes the swami forgets what he said before and contradicts himself — oops. 

Jesus Christ, I read, was a dynamic speaker.  He cast broad his golden seed to an audience so vast that he had to lecture them from a fishing boat — one that had been pushed away from the shore so they could see him.  They came from everywhere to hear Him.  Everywhere.  He didn’t charge a fee.

Democracy seems more every day like a ruse for the ruling Bolsheviks who have commandeered our ship of State.  They did it in Iraq too and look what a mess they made.  They did it in Germany and Russia.  Swami, I’m convinced,  is a Bolshevik.  He bashes Holy Matrimony, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

He says with reptilian demeanor that books are written to confuse people.  So he bashes books too.  Yet he learned most of what he knows from books.  Along with every engineer, scientist, medical doctor and lawyer that ever lived. 

God’s Word is written in books.  Maybe that’s why we are told that books were written to confuse people.  Certainly you will be confused by Zondervan’s offerings.  Avoid them.  Seek rather minimalist copies of  King James Bible (1611) and The Holy Qur’an.  God’s Word is crystal clear and requires no footnotes.  Man cannot improve on it.  That’s how you will know it’s God’s Word.  Because He is a straight-shooter.  Read those two Books and you’ll have legs to stand on.   

There are no wasted words or hot air in Qur’an and King James.  Nor convoluted mumbo-jumbo with 500,000 margin notes.  For that, consult Zondervan Publishing or the recently re-named Biblica (formerly International Bible Society, yeah-right).  First they merged with Send the Light (paa-leez).  Then they changed their name.  But can a leopard change his spots?  Hell no.

Back to Swami.  His message has a pervasive theme:  Worry is bootless.  Be open, receptive and gullibe.  But fear death because it will hurt.  Don’t aspire to a better life because you’ll soon be reincarnated.

Swami never defines enlightenment but claims to be enlightened himself.  He dangles this mystery before his audience like a carrot, a piece of candy or the Holy Grail.  Swami says there are many levels that must be attained before one reaches “the Master” who will lead a seeker to enlightenment.  But he never goes into detail about these levels.  Maybe we should track down Robert Buhlman and Gary Zukav to ask them about it.

Death needs to be feared or else the threat of global terrorism would lose its sting.  Hence the 1000 scorpions.  I get it.  So life is purposeless.  We should give thanks for our slavery.  There is no such thing as right or wrong.  We make our own hell by thinking too much and feeling guilty for our wrong-doings.  Swami says the key to enlightenment is “thoughtless awareness.”

The human mind tends to think that if B is true, then A and C must also be true.  Seems like Swami is banking on this as he mixes his apples.  They come at you fast.  By the time you sort the fruit, you begin to know him.  You cannot pilot the spirit on rotton apples.  I don’t care who is tossing them at you.

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